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Patricia Reichardt
Submit XXX Maxim, Book 1 (Club XXX) “Submit XXX Maxim, Book 1 (Club XXX) By: Lana Sky Narrated by: Zara Eden I love when an author can take me out of my comfort zone and keep me riveted. Lana Sky does it every time with her dark romances. Each has a component that just makes me cringe, but I have to know what is going to happen! This is the first in her Club XXX series, and Frankie and Maxim are featured. Frankie takes care of her siblings while her mother is out, searching for her next fix and husband. She resorts to prostitution and is offered a contract that will set her up for the next year. But is it a contract she can keep? Maxim is a dark soul. Very demanding, super alpha, and a dom like no other. Will Frankie find the strength to fulfill the contract? This book is dark and at times made me cringe. It's addicting and had my curiosity. Both Frankie and Maxim are broken, and with their fetishes are well matched. I can't wait to see where Sky takes these two next. Zara Eden is amazing with this narration. She is spot on for each character, her Russian accent fantastic. I enjoyed her performance and look forward to book 2!”
Standstill “There are events that happen in life that shape who we are. Nicole Dykes has written a beautiful love story of a mutual loss, incredible heartache, love and healing. Ashlyn and Garrett both have experienced a tragedy at an impressionable age that has both locked them together and is tearing them apart. Their feelings for each other are evident, but the memories and guilt keep them apart. Will they ever let go of the past to move on to the future? This is my first Nicole Dykes book, and it definitely will not be my last. Romance stories like this, written with relevant issues, compassion and healing are one of my favorites. I love that it makes me feel and I learn and grow with the characters. This is an emotional story and Dykes truly had me, tears and all. I loved the journey Ashlyn and Garrett had, and it's a book that will stay with me. Verla Bond narrates this gem. She immerses herself in the characters so we get all of their pain and grief, and at the same time fell their bond. She has tuned into each character and enhances the story with each line. I enjoyed her interpretation of the story and will be watching for more of her releases.”
Hard Justice “Fast and action packed, this romantic suspense will keep you on your toes. Bliss is a psychic who after being beaten by her boyfriend, sees a ghost with important information. Seeking help, she is taken in by Justice WIld, an officer who has an unexplained draw to Bliss. But will he believe her when she tells him about the ghost? Will their attraction get in the way of the investigation? This is the perfect listen for my walk, and had me captivated. I love the psychic twist, the passionate build and the characters are just enjoyable. It's a great listen, narrated by Miranda Mendius, and just leaves you wanting more.”
Masters File (The Rider Files Book 2) “Masters File The Rider Files, Book 2 By: CB Samet Narrated by: Tim Shafer Romantic suspense is just so much fun to listen to. You get the thrilling action with a side of romance to make a wonderful story! CM Samet is fantastic at writing just this kind of book, and this second book in her Rider Files series is amazing. Jenna is a critical care doctor, divorced and finds herself as the payment for her ex-husband gambling debts. Who better to come to her aid but a man she met at her parents' resort in Antigua. There was definite chemistry then, but not with Ryan employed by Rider's Security, the two have a slow burn that ignites to full on passion. High suspense, thrilling action and a plot that is not only believable but kept my interest straight through. I love this series and will be watching for the next release. Tim Shafer narrates this book. The level of his voice for me at times was hard to hear. I am not sure if it is the recording or the decibel that my ear just has difficulty with. He has a good pace and his voices are easy to distinguish from male to female.”
Venom “Venom Dixie Reapers MC, Book 1 By: Harley Wylde Narrated by: Ada Sinclair What do you do when you find out your mother and stepdad are sending you into the worst situation that there could ever be? You run as fast as you can to your father, which is exactly what Ridley does. Protected by his motorcycle club, Dixie Reapers, she finds herself in the company of Venom. These two have had a connection since Ridley was little and now when she needs him most, he is there to keep her safe. But what happens when trouble comes to them? This is my first Harley Wylde book, and I love her style. She writes not only steamy stories, with an abundance of chemistry, but she is no nonsense! When it comes to taking care of business, it's done! Loved this story, the slight taboo, and will be watching for the next audio release! Ada Sinclair nails this narration. She does a fantastic job with the voices, each easy to distinguish. I loved her voice for Venom, a little gritty giving him an edge. She is new to me, and I will be watching for more from her.”
Cain (Bones MC 1) “Marteeka Karland is a new to me author, and I will be watching for more from her. This is a quick introduction to the Bones MC club, and it features their President, Cain. Cain has allowed the club to take in 3 children and has hired a teacher to aid them with their schooling. Not really understanding why the kids showed up on their doorstep, he still feels the need to protect them. He does have his eye on their teacher, Angel. She is extremely protective of the 3, and will do what she needs to do to keep them safe. But what danger are they in? And what drew her to the club? Is she attracted to Cain? So much packed into this novella, and the suspense is thrilling! I enjoyed this start, the meeting of the club members, the way they took the children in and Cain! It may be fast, but it's a steamy, exciting listen. Ada Sinclair brings it all to life with a wonderful performance. She too is new to me, and her voices are clear and distinctive. Her pacing is perfect and she is in tune with the story. I will be looking for more of her narrations in the future.”
McMillan File (The Rider Files Book 3) “Book 3 of the Rider Files had me on the edge of my seat as I listened. Each book in the series a standalone, I was pleased to listen and find a few crossover characters I recognized from book 1. Samet gives us Mica and David for this story. An extremely strong female heroine, Mica is a PI who doesn't have time for relationships. David is a doctor who's life entangles with Mica, not only medically. These two find themselves intertwined as Mica protects David from a hit, but they find there is more to their relationship than just work. It's fast pace, thrilling action with a fantastic plot and romantic. Quentin Hudspeth is a new narrator to me, and I really enjoyed his interpretation of the story. Easy dialogue, voices matching the character and good pacing made for hours of entertainment.”
Stay for Me “his is a quick one, sure to whet your appetite! Owen and Addy have instant chemistry. But should they act on that? Owen doesn't get involved with co-workers. Now that things are a little hot and heavy and the project is over, Owen can go off with no remorse. But he can't get Addy out of his mind! What will happen next? You have to listen. It's a well developed short, hot and passionate and well worth the listen. Randi Johnson brings it to life with his ability to do dual narration. He has a raspiness giving Owen a sexy tinge as you listen, and easily flows into Addy with a softer tone. He makes the listen passionate and entertaining.”
His Imperfect Mistake “LC Taylor is a master at the novella, each one packing it's own punch. Hank is working on the ranch, and is taken with the live-in vet. But he has baggage that just won't allow him to love. Meghan has come to the ranch and settled in, she too feeling the chemistry between them. One night is all it takes for Hank and Meghan. Now running from his truth, and unable to face the future, Hank has to come to terms with his imperfect mistake. This may be short, but the story is full! The characters are great and the setting is just my speed. Growing up on a farm, it was reminiscent for me as Meghan took care of the animals. I love a book that takes me through the feels, and this one had me excited and passion filled, frustrated and thrilled. It's a fun, quick listen! Narrated by Logan McAllister, he brings it all to life.”
Benjamin “There is nothing better than a good love story. This insta-love novella has is just that! Jeremy and Benjamin are off duty at a concert. Sarah is there as a journalist, and when things get out of hand, Benjamin is there to save the day. The sparks fly immediately and the two are inseparable. I will tell you what I truly love about this book. Mary Potter makes curvy woman desirable! I love that Ben is taken with her and that Sarah is a strong, confident woman. This story is sensual, and holds a wonderful message! D Paul Faulkner is a new narrator for me and I enjoyed his performance. He has good voices, both male and female and has good pacing. I will be watching for more of his narrations in the future.”
A Taste Like Sin “A Taste Like Sin Painted Sin, Book 2 By: Lana Sky Narrated by: Amber Bray After listening to the first book in this series, I was excited to start this one. I needed to know what was going to happen between Juliana and Damien. Their story continues as Juliana is trying to figure out if Simon is still stalking her, and what her father has gotten himself into. Is Damien involved? Why can't she seem to resist him? Is he really the dangerous man he appears? Can she trust him? There are so many instances where I really just didn't like Damien, but still felt that pull to him that I could completely understand Juliana's attraction to him. He is charming, demanding and dangerous. And the twists and turns, revelations and confessions that come out of this one kept me so interested in the outcome. It's a fantastic story, make sure you grab both. It is dark and seductive with suspense to keep you guessing. Amber Bray finishes out the duet with an incredible narration. She outdoes herself with her insight of the characters, giving them the perfect voices and inflections. She kept the suspense high and the passion hot. A fantastic performance!”
Sweet Temptation “What happens when you go to visit an old hookup only to be left at his house with his brother and niece? Maisey is finding out first hand that giving herself to a man does not always get the attention she is seeking. Now left with Brayden and his daughter Fiona, she is about to get a whole new look at what life could be like with the right man. Trumbo has done it again. Given me hours of an entertaining story with wonderful characters. We all know a Maisey, the girl that thinks she knows how to get a man's attention. I love her because she is so broken, and how she heals. Brayden is the man we all want to find. He sees the good in people, knows how to cultivate it and bring it to life. He is amazing with Fiona, and he can see exactly who Maisey is. This is a beautiful story and one you do not want to miss. This is my first narration by Melie Williams and she was a very enjoyable narrator. She has good voices, easy to distinguish and her pace is easy to listen to. She is wonderful at portraying these characters bringing their hearts to life.”
Rainstorm “Rainstorm The Perfect Storm, Book 1 By: Susana Mohel Narrated by: Isla Blackthorne, Gregory Salinas If you love feeling every emotion during a book, Susana Mohel's Rainstorm is for you. I was pulled in from the beginning as we got to know this couple. Roselynn and Chase are the happy couple. Until one day, Roselynn is taken by surprise and given divorce papers. Her whole life, she never expected it, but now she has taken charge of her life, only to be "chased" again. Will she give up her new independence for a second chance? I love the way this story is written. In dual points of view, flipping from past to present so we get a good understanding of the couple. Their back story is so important, and gives such a good understanding of their foundation. While I spent most of the time trying to figure things out, I was intrigued by the change in Roselynn. She is a force, and I love a story with a strong woman! It definitely has a lot of angst and emotions in this one, and it pulls on your heart. Be ready to enjoy this one! The narration of this book was amazing. Chase needed a strong, passionate man to play his role and Gregory Salinas is perfectly cast. He plays him so well, the indifference, the confusion and the love all come through. Isla Blackthorne is new to me, and she comes out strong as Roselynn. Full of all the emotions, we get a feeling of love, despair, forgiveness and compassion all in her voice. This was a team well cast and very enjoyable.”
Playing To Win “I love hockey romances, so when I saw this coming out, I knew I had to listen. Jude and Katie had a brief college fling but never got over each other. Now years later, Jude finds himself in physical therapy where Kate works, and the sparks are flying. The question is, will they ignite? Second chance romances are so much fun! The history behind the couple really enriches the story and I love rooting for the couple to find their groove. Stacey Lynn gets it. She writes with fun, flirty lines, but also captures the vulnerability of both Jude and Katie.It's a feel good romance, including family teasing, witty banter and a romance that makes your heart warm. I can't wait to meet more of the team! Liam DiCosimo and Stella Hunter are fabulous together. These up and coming narrators have their voices in sync and emulate the characters perfectly. They are great at story telling and I really enjoyed their performance.”
Signal 69: Holding Jenna “LC Taylor can do know wrong with this series. Book 4 of 5, this book had me fro the first chapter until the very end. Jenna has settled in to her teaching position and a new life after a horrible marriage. Looking forward to finding her new normal, she bumps into good looking policeman, Finn Hudson. Neither is willing to start a relationship, but the pull is there. Now with a series of threatening circumstances, Finn finds himself protecting Jenna. Will these two give into their passion? Will the threat continue? High action, incredible chemistry and fantastic characters move this story along at a fast pace. I loved it! Right down to the dog! Craig A Hart narrates this installment, and I thoroughly enjoyed his interpretation of the story. He has great voices and his pace is perfect. I can't wait to hear the last one in this series!”
Getting Lei’d (Island rom-com) “What a fun listen this is! Take me to Hawaii! Roxy is jilted at the alter when her fiance and best friend run off together. To help with her situation, her grandmother takes her on her honeymoon to Hawaii, and our story begins! Roxy is a great character. While a little hesitant, she truly just want to get back on the saddle again. Kai is the bartender, and he seems to appear everywhere. Good looking, Roxy assumes he can have any woman, but his attraction is for her. These two are so entertaining as they trip over each other and try to find their way together. But the real break out in this book is Roxy's grandmother. What a hoot that woman is! Spunky and unashamed of anything she does, she is willing to live life and enjoy it. It's a great story of family, love, second chances,and living and enjoying life! I loved it. Ann Omasta not only writes this amazing story, but she narrates it with all the humor, passion and fun. Not all authors can narrate, but she brings her characters to life as they are meant to be. Love her stories and keep looking for more!”
Cruising for Love (A second chance romantic comedy) “I cannot even begin to say how much I enjoyed this book. It could be the nostalgia I feel for the TV show the Love Boat, and how I always dreamed of love matches being made with Captain Steubing running the ship. But I think in this case, it's the story Ann Omasta has crafted around an internet reality show with characters you love and love to hate! Ruthie takes the contract of being on the show without reading the fine print. What she encounters on the ship is surprising, humiliating, fascinating,you name it and it's there! The story is funny, fast paced, full of twists and turns, and of course love. I could not stop listening, waiting to see what would happen next and loved the way it all ended. And it set me up to want to hear the next episode of this story! I can't wait! Ann Omasta narrates the book too, so we get to hear it all exactly as she intended. She is quite the talent and I look for her releases!”
Island Hopping (An opposites attract island romance) “I can always count on Ann Omasta to take me away and entertain me. This series is fun and flirty and brings us Lizzie's story. After the first book, and how things went down with her best friend Roxy, I am glad to see how things played out. The producers from the reality show have asked Lizzie to come and help with Roxy's sister's wedding, and Lizzie sees this as a chance fro redemption. After the fiasco that broke ties with her best friend, she has missed that feeling of family. She is consumed with work, and now on the island is doing her best to pull off the best wedding possible. But things are not always easy, and the show is definitely making the job a lot harder than necessary. With no reservation, Lizzie is taken in by a worker, Shay and while there are sparks, he is not ambitious enough to have for the long term. So why not a fling? There is so much going on in this one, full of funny lines, bantering grandmothers, compromising weather and a budding relationship that is fun and flirty. I loved coming back to all of these characters and seeing just how reality can be interpreted! Ann Omasta narrates her story, with fantastic voices and that spark of fun! I was totally immersed in this, had some chuckles and fell in love with Shay and Lizzie!”
Shining Pearls: A small-town Maine romance series “This series has me on the edge of my seat! It picks up where Shattered Diamonds leaves off, and we have Claire who has been missing for a year arrive home to find her husband and daughter involved with Josie! Omasta has masterfully woven this series, letting us both love and hate characters, feel frustration, compassion and love. It's full of drama as both women love Alex, yet he has to choose one, and it may not be the one we expect. Emotions run high, Josie and Claire both have things to work through. And we have to love Hannah and her innocence. Loving her mother and Josie as the drama unfolds around her. It's so good, and it leaves us with a we wait for book 3!!!! Ann Omasta also narrates this book. I really enjoy her performances, as she can not only write, but has a talent to bring her own stories to life as she meant them to be. Her voices are wonderful and I look forward to her next release!”
Shimmering Emeralds: A small-town Maine second chance romance “What does it take to find your second chance? Levi has come home after going to Nashville to try his chance at country music fame. Now as a school bus driver, he is involved in an accident. One of the children injured is the daughter of his old flame, Meg. Leaving her several years ago to pursue his dream, she is the last person he wants to see. But fate has a way of changing things up. Meg is a strong, capable mother, but she needs as much support as she can get. Will she and Levi find their strength together? Ann Omasta has a gift when she writes, She pulls us in and tugs on our heart strings. This story had me as soon as the bus tilted. That worry as a mom had me with Meg at the hospital as she was getting the diagnosis of her daughter, and was with the Meg and Levi as they navigated through their past to now. With a few cameos of characters from books one and two and the birth of babies we were expecting, this series just keeps getting better! Omasta also treats us with her narration of the story, so we get to hear the book exactly as she wants us to. I love her performance and can't wait to see what she has in store for us in book 4!”
Goofy Newfies: A sweet romance novella, plus puppies! “Lily, a recent widow moves into a new place to start her new life.. Her neighbor's dog keeps breaking in, and from there we meet Donovan, the Newfoundland puppies and an array of quirky characters.The dogs certainly wind their way into our hearts as this couple gets to know each other. Van had his hands full with Lily, but those dogs kept things light. Audra Cook gives a great performance as usual with her wonderful voices. A quick, fun listen!”
The Keys to my Diary: Fern (Island rom-com) “This is a fun listen! Read to us directly from Fern's diary, we get to hear her inner most thoughts on her daily life. From her job, and friends to her love life, we have an inside look at her most precious thoughts and serious worries. I loved getting to know Fern. Omasta writes the book as if she is talking to her diary,and the one way conversations were leaving me laughing out loud and giving real thought to some of her questions. It's an interesting way to get to know a character.I have to say, I loved her budding relationship with her "black card" member, Mac and their crazy excursions. In true diary fashion, we get to hear all the judgemental, worries, loves, secrets and hopes that Fern has figuring no one is every going to read it. And the epilogue is just a huge plus! Omasta narrates the book too, so we get the full feel of Fern. It's a blast.”
The Keys to my Diary: Marina “Have you ever read someone's diary? This book is a peek inside Marina's life as she begins a new chapter. Freshly divorced and making decisions, her friend Fern gives her the diary to help her write down thoughts, dreams, anything that may help her clear her head. What we get is that glimpse of her, the feelings she has, the changes she is making, and how it all effects her life. It's a wonderful perspective of a woman coming into her own and finding her peace. I love this story, as Marina has her transformation. From her divorce from Frank to her new relationship with Gus, to a new career and mom to the cutest puppy I could feel her emotional change. It's an interesting look, all from Marina's point of view and an amazing listen. Narrated by the author, she is able to give it the exact feels that are intended. I love Ann Omasta and keep watching for her books!”
Saved by Grace “There are authors I turn to that reset my mind, and Kari Trumbo is one of them. She always writes a beautiful story, and Saved by Grace is wonderful. Grace, her father and brothers come to Belle Fourche to mend a rift with her uncle. Her father is ill, and he is hoping to find a place where his children can flourish. Grace meets Cody, a disgruntled, unhappy man from England who has lost part of his leg. With her skills in prosthetic building, she is immediately drawn to help him. But is it just his leg she wants to help his with? Trumbo continues to let us join in the community at Belle Fourche, know it's people and feel comfort and love. Her characters of Grace and Cody have so many traits we all deal with. Grace is loving, responsible and trying to find her place in a new situation. Cody is cranky, frustrated and unwilling to bend. Together, will they find their new normal? Love this addition to the series, loved that Grace was persistent and did the job a man would normally do, and loved their growing faith. J Scott Bennett continues to bring this series to life with his comforting narration. He has a calming effect when he tells a story, brings each character their own nature and lets us live it right along with them. He is the perfect fit for this series, and I have enjoyed each one of his performances.”
No Time For Goodbyes “This is my first Christina Butrum story, and I really enjoyed it. It's a sweet, second chance romance that also gives Brooke a second chance at her life. Not that her life in Manhattan isn't a good one. Brooke is a pediatric oncology nurse, and though she loves her job, it definitely takes an emotional toll on her. When she receives a phone call that her mother has suffered from a stroke, she is on the next plane home to be by her side. Now there, holding her hand, and being with her ex-boyfriend Austin, she is able to re-evaluate her life, her values and what she wants to do. I love small town stories, and Brooke is the perfect character to come back from the big city and enter back into the no secrets, everyone knows everything world. She is a great character, slightly flawed, and confused, and I love how she works through her life plan to figure out what is best for her. Austin is the perfect book boyfriend, always present and up front.The support from her No Brides Club friends just is icing on the cake! Carrie Coello is a wonderful narrator and I love how she brought this to life. She gave Brooke a slightly jaded, yet very worried attitude when she first arrives, We can feel the push-pull of her very different lives and Coello lets us feel her conflict. I also love her many voices. It's a great performance.”
The Prince’s Baby “Sebastian is soon to be the King and if his father has anything to do with it, his bride will be chosen for him. But he does find his soulmate, when she stands up to him at a conference in Wyvernbank. Alison is his equal in so many ways, and they are immediately attracted to each other. It's that push pull effect that makes their meeting so genuine. Now pregnant with his child and in hiding, she does what she can to remain under his radar. But why? And what will happen when his finds her? Sebastian is a swooney prince, very accommodating and you can't help but love him(well, there are a few scenes he was not so lovable). Alison is a strong willed, woman, but I for the life of me wanted to shake her a couple of times! I think that is what makes this book good. I was invested in the characters as they found their happiness. It's an emotional ride, a few bumps and curves, but the story is beautiful. I have to make a shout out to Klaus, her assistant whom I loved. What a character! Holly Holt has a fantastic voice and I loved her narration of this. She found that dignitary sound, with a great accent and made Sebastian come alive. Each voice is specific and easy to hear and she made the story flow. A great performance for my ears!”
Shattered Diamonds (A small-town Maine romance series) “The perfect mix of romance and mystery, Ann Omasta has woven a story of two people trying to find their new normal. Josie Michaels had her dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer shattered. Coming to work att her aunt's diner, she found her place was better suited working the summer as a nanny for Hannah. Hannah has been having a tough time since her mother went missing. Alex, her father has been accused of her murder, and in this small town, both are treated cruelly. Now with Josie there, a new sense of warmth is being shared, not only with Hannah, but a slow burning passion with Alex. Will these two be able to find love and live in this small town? I love this start to the series. Omasta has delivered a story with broken characters, and I really liked that while a healing has begun, it's a very slow process. There is nothing easy, it feels realistic and at times the brutal honesty is heart wrenching. And the twist is a surprise and leaves me wanting book two! Narrated by the author, Ann Omasta brings the story to life just as she has written it. I enjoyed her voice and found her portrayal a great escape!”
Inheritance Reversal “When I started this book, I didn't know what to expect. I like going in cold and seeing what a story brings. Well, it brought me Kerwin, the boss who was not a nice guy. Amber is trying to get herself promoted, and working tirelessly at the side of Kerwin is not only making her love him, but is holding her back. Until her life changes. All of a sudden, she is promoted above him, and now her reports to her. And talk about a change! Can she trust him? Does he just want to get on her good side? How will she handle her new role? I loved this role reversal for a couple of reasons, but I won't bore you with that! I will say loved the way Amber jumped in to help Ed, not realizing how it would effect her. I loved the interesting characters, It was easy to invest my heart in Amber and Kerwin and I love the the outcome. And I felt happy. When a story can do that for you, you know it's a good listen. Addison Barnes is amazing, and I loved her performance. She always brings out the best voices and finds the qualities in each portrayal of the characters. She has a soothing tone and it's a comfortable listen. The best kind!”
The Keys to my Diary: Trixie “Lily, a recent widow moves into a new place to start her new life.. Her neighbor's dog keeps breaking in, and from there we meet Donovan, the Newfoundland puppies and an array of quirky characters.The dogs certainly wind their way into our hearts as this couple gets to know each other. Van had his hands full with Lily, but those dogs kept things light. Audra Cook gives a great performance as usual with her wonderful voices. A quick, fun listen!”
Shadowed Rubies: A small-town romance featuring a doctor and a firefighter “Who thought a walk in the woods in your home town would change your life? Dani is back home dealing with the death of her father and getting some quiet time goes for a hike. But is it safe in Brunswick Bay Harbor? Dani's life is completely different after this jaunt through the woods. Not only is there danger lurking, but her old crush, Max, from high school will be there to help her out. And what she doesn't know is his crush on her! Ann Omasta has crafted a suspenseful episode with characters from the past and romance you can't help but fall for. Dani is an interesting character. She is pretty and smart, yet being tormented as a teen has left scars and effects her relationships. Max has a great personality, and I love how he is patient and loving with Dani. And it's a lot of fun having the characters from the first books come and make their cameos. It's like being part of the town. Ann Omasta continues her wonderful narration bringing it all to life! She truly gives it the sound and voices perfect for the story. It's a great addition to this series!”
Daring the Judge: A steamy and forbidden opposites attract romance “Daring the Judge is the perfect mix of steamy passion and suspense. Sienna is so confident in her job as a judge but when it comes to a personal life, she hides. Maddie, her best friend gives her a challenge and as a result they end up at a sex club. Totally out of her comfort zone, Sienna hooks up with ever so self assured owner of the club, Jake. Their one night ends up to be the best and worst night. Now the only way out their dilemmas is up to the two of them. Or is it? Ann Omasta writes such good stories. She makes Sienna very real, with her ease of what she knows and her fear of the unknown. I love that she gives us Maddie adding that comic relief and Jake is just a swoon worthy man! The suspense is high, the passion heated and it’s an all around good story. Omasta narrated the book so we get to hear it exactly as she intends. I love it!”
Watching Willow “Ann Omasta is a master at writing books with pets! I fell in love with Buddy the Golden Retriever! Willow’s talk show has had declining ratings and as a result the station is moving Willow to a game show. Feeling depressed and like she is taking a step down, she decides to get a mascot like her colleague Dash, and takes in Buddy the dog. Now on TV, these two are working to be successful together when death threats come in. Caleb, Willow’s bodyguard is there to protect the two of them, but there is a definite pull between Caleb and Willow. Will he keep her safe? Will Buddy make the show a success? Who is behind the threats? It’s a fast, fun and great story, with a little suspense and lot of romance. When I listen to Omasta, I always am filled with a heartwarming story and find myself smiling. Sarah L Colton delivers a wonderful narration of this series. She is a fantastic storyteller and her voice has a warm quality that gives this listen that contented feeling while listening. I enjoy her performances and look forward to more.”
Guarding Grace “Dogs are my Achilles heel and this book won my heart! From the very start, Ann Omasta had my attention with her wonderful characters. Grace is a single mother raising her daughter Clover. When they are approached to have their charismatic puppy, Star, be the co-host of a popular talk show with the pompous Dash Diamond, Grace is hesitant. With the decision made, will Dash and Star get along? When danger strikes, we will see what happens! I loved this feel good story. It has a very homey feel and some unexpected twists and turns. Omasta works in humor, family and love into this wonderfully written romance and you surely will not want to miss it. Sarah L. Colton's performance compliments this book! I love her warm voice and array of voices. She brings all the emotions in, from Grace's frustration to Dash's arrogance and even includes a bark or two. It's a great narration!”
The Broke Billionaire, Book 1 “Did you ever have one of those days where you just know fate steps in? Emma is the proud owner of her town bakery, and on her way to work, she hits a pedestrian. Trey, the victim, is a billionaire, consumed with working. Now that he has come to know Emma, even though it was in an unusual way, he realizes there is more to life. But can these two find love? They are completely different. I loved these two. Emma is quirky, but her baked goods are to die for. I love authors that feature food! Trey is complicated, yet so easy to know. There is just something about him that makes you fall for his wiles.It's a quick listen, but the story is sweet and on target with such a great message. I really enjoyed this quickie, and can't wait to hear the next one featuring Trey's brother! Narrated by Ann Omasta, we have a great story and wonderful listen!”
The Pet Set Duet: Goofy Newfies & Itty Bitty Kitties “If you like furry friends, this book is for you! It's two couples in one, giving us those that love dogs and those that love cats. We start with Lily, who's husband just died. Her neighbor's dog keeps breaking in, and from there we meet Donovan, the Newfoundland puppies and an array of quirky characters.It's a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Next we have Julia and Derek. These two are centered around kittens, though the story is more about the people. Julia is hard to warm up to, but I think her character is meant to be that way. Derek is sweet and if you love cats, you will love this one. The tie between the two books is connected with Julia and Donovan and gives the combination some cohesiveness. It's a sweet, fun and furry listen. Audra Cook gives a great performance for this duet. She is very talented, and I love to listen to her. She has a great array of voices, and adds a lot to the stories with her ability to connect to the characters. It was a joy to hear her.”
A Bride for Travis “There is something about the way Barbara Goss writes that soothes my soul. I know when I pick up one of her books, I will find a calm, loving story and it will leave me with a warm feeling and good message. Lydia is a Bible School teacher wanting to adopt a child, but is unable to because she is not married. Travis is a man who has been scorned twice by mail order brides. By proxy, these two marry, and Lydia is able to adopt Molly. With no intention of every meeting, life goes on as normal. But when Travis now comes to town, everything is about to change! Will these two hit it off or dislike each other? These two are meant to be together, and I love the plot that surrounds their story. But, I do believe the standout character is Molly! She is adorable, playing with the kittens, settling down with Momma and Poppa and playing with her dolls. With Lili Dubuque's warm voice, she gives the story the elements of the times and wonderful voices for all the characters. Their story left me feeling happy and the cover is absolutely gorgeous!”
A Touch of Dark “Lana Sky is fast moving to the top as one of my favorite dark listens. She can bring a story to life, at times make me cringe but I just love it! This story is not only thrilling, but its extremely sensual. Julianne has had a tough life, and now things are coming to a head. Wandering into an art show, she is taken with some horrific yet beautiful art. And when she meets Damien, the artist she finds she is unsure of whether to like him or run! This story had me from the first line. Julianne is broken, and as we get to know her, things only get worse. Damien is charismatic, alluring and dangerous and the chemistry between these two is palpable. The offer he makes is almost impossible to resist! But the secrets and the uncertainty are so think and the revelations unbelievable. Leaving us with a cliffhanger, make sure to have book 2 ready and queued to find out what happens next! Amber Bray gives an incredible performance. It's passionate, and her inflections bring out the brokenness of Julianne. She pulls in the feeling of suspense with ease, giving Damien an accent with that dangerous feeling. It's a wonderful listen!”
A Faithful Bride For The Wounded Sheriff (Bear Creek Brides, Book 2) “A Faithful Bride for the Wounded Sheriff Bear Creek Brides, Book 2 By: Amelia Rose Narrated by: Alan Taylor Sheriff Jacob Bennings has sent for a mail order bride. Rosa answers his letter and they hit it off. He sends for her sooner than expected, but she goes from Boston to Montana to help out with the local restaurant. The two have a sweet, budding relationship and Rosa begins to fit in her new life. What isn’t expected is Jacob’s broken arm and the amount it damages his confidence. Will he be able to defend Rosa from the dangers of the frontier? And what he doesn’t expect is an enemy that can’t be physically fought! This story is a clean, loving listen, with an interesting twist with the aid of Sioux Indians. It’s always fun to see our friends from the first book in the series come giving continuity in the story line and a sense of community in the small town. Narrated by the talents of Alan Taylor, he brings the town to life with his warm baritone voice giving us an entertaining listen.”
Nasty Bet: The Anti-Hero Chronicles Book 2 “Nasty Bet The Anti-Hero Chronicles, Book 2 By: Mika Lane Narrated by: Laurie West Book 2 of the Anti-Hero Chronicles proves to be as much fun as the first! I thought Luca was going to be the one of the twins that I love, but Leo shows his warm, passionate side in his story, Nasty Bet. Maray is an ordinary girl, trying to make her way through college. She belongs to a sorority whose members are upscale and snooty. To keep up with them, she attempts to steal an expensive hand bag and Leo catches her. And our fun begins. He and his friends make a bet of things she will do, but in the midst of it all, she spends the most time with Leo. What I really love about this book is the transformation of Maray. She starts out a little mousey, and with a little guidance finds her inner self and confidence. Leo is the perfect match, with his over protectiveness and ability to see what she can become. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series. It's exciting, the couples are easy to become invested in and the action just makes this romantic suspense shine. Laurie West continues her narration of the series and brings it all to life. She is a fantastic storyteller with a variety of voices that are easy on the ears and can be distinguished effortlessly. Loved this one too!”
The Rescued Bride’s Savior (Bear Creek Brides, Book 1) “After the death of her father, Jenny Phillips is faced with an arranged marriage for money by her uncle. Not willing to settle for this, Jenny and her mother Margaret embark on a journey to Montana in answer to a mail order bride ad placed by Matthew Jenkins. Matthew is lonely and after hearing Jenny's plight is willing to have her come to live with him. And then our fun begins. While there is definite chemistry between Jenny and Matthew, their class difference is evident. It's a blast listening to the adjustments Jenny and Margaret have to go through to become part of the ranchers. I liked Matthew with his patience and loving manner too. The growing love between Matthew and Jenny is slow and sweet. It's an easy listen, full of fun, memorable scenes and characters and gives that warm feeling to your heart. Alan Taylor has the perfect voice for western historical romance. He holds a slight twang to his voice, and the warm baritone is very soothing to the ears. Easily switching between characters, there is no problem distinguishing who is speaking. He always makes a listen enjoyable.”
Dirty Game: The Anti-Hero Chronicles Book 1 “Have you ever been to Vegas? This book is just how I can see it happening in that pressure cooker of a city! Echo Duncan is trying to make ends meet and put some money away to bring her sister to live with her. Working in a strip club, she makes more than the average waitress. But one day when sent on an errand, she returns to work finding nothing but devastation and a debt to pay to her bosses, Luca and Leo for saving her life. Let the Dirty Game begin! This story is fun and steamy, with some action packed suspense to boot! Mika Lane crafts a story of deceit, power and greed with a side of love and passion. Once started, I could not get enough! It's fast and furious and a blast to listen to! Laurie West is fantastic! I love her as a narrator and she brought this story to life. She has such a great catalog of voices and she finds the best ones to suit the characters. Easy to distinguish, the twins each held that alpha male tone and Echo was a strong, independent woman, all easily heard in the inflections of West's voices. It's a great listen.”
DragonLord “Bridget, the former mistress of Dundalk and wolf shifter decides to explore outside it's borders. Awakened by her scent, Gideon leaves home to find Bridget. He does find her, and their connection is immediate. One night of steamy passion leaves them sated, but when Gideon awakes, he finds Bridget gone. She doesn't realize she is his now. And with their coupling, she finds herself changing, and not into a wolf. They are true soulmates and now life will be different. Gideon is a strong alpha male, and takes what he wants. He has no problem punishing Bridget if her behavior does not suit him. Bridget is feisty though, and while she takes her punishment, it does not make her back down. I love that about her. She tells him exactly as it is! But she does hold a secret that may ruin them. What will happen when he finds out? I loved the ending of this one. It's hot, steamy , and if you enjoy shifter romance with a touch of darkness, this one is for you With a character like Gideon, you need a narrator that can be both strong and tender. Jack Calihan's voice fits him perfectly. He has a deep, slightly raspy voice that holds that commanding tone. It's seductive and alluring! He easily falls into Bridget with a slight accent and he brings this shifter romance to life!”
Out On A Limb: A Smoky Mountain Mystery “Give me a story that is full of twists and turns and I am a happy listener. Carolyn Jourdan’s Out On a Limb is full of them! It starts with a woman climbing a tree in a national park when someone tries to shoot her down. Definitely caught me up from there, wanting to know who she is, will she survive, who shot her and why! Phoebe has just moved back to White Oak, and she is our local nurse and is interested in her old boyfriend, Henry. Henry is a wildlife ranger and just when these two begin their second chance at love, they are now frantically searching for the stranded tree climber! Not only do we have this mystery, but the driving force behind the shooting of the woman is incredibly interesting. This book is one that will keep you guessing and the results surprising! I love these kinds of stories, the quirky characters, the hometown feel, trying to decide who to trust, and the creepy woods, all bring out the suspense. Jourdan’s descriptive visuals take us right there in the park and let us enjoy the ride to the answers. Jodi Gaylord gives it her all with the narration of this book. She has a great variety of voices and her storytelling is on mark. Each character has a distinct voice and personality and she brings it all to life.”
Her Royal Physician “The heart wants what the heart wants. When Giselle and Leo meet, they know they are only in for the short haul. Leo is a military doctor and Giselle a princess, soon to become Queen. But they didn't realize the depth of their feelings. A year after their short encounters, they have the chance to solidify their love. But will it be allowed? Leo is not royal blood! Will love prevail? This is a fun listen, with wonderful characters. Giselle is spunky, lovable and smart. Her loyalty to the throne is commendable, but I love that she thinks for herself and isn't afraid to speak up. Leo is the perfect man, if there is one. He's got the conscience that will always do what he can to help, and his love of Giselle is uncompromising. It's a beautiful story with some humor, some steam and lovable characters. Addison Barnes adds to the story with her variety of voices and ability to let us in on the feelings of the characters. She uses her voices and inflections to give us the frustration, loneliness and love. I enjoyed her performance.”
Twisted Crown “There are some books that are a great escape, others that are just fun to listen to. This one is more than both. This is the intense, heart wrenching, heart lifting type of listen that stays with you. It’s a story of a woman that finds herself in an abusive relationship and does what it takes to find her way out. EL DuBois is so creative with her style, giving this gut wrenching story the feel of a dark fairy tale. Each character with names from our favorites, like Beauty, Princess, Queen, Knight and Beast, we follow the life of Beauty as she enter into her unhappy life, and does everything she can to protect her little princess. She struggles, battered and broken and pulls herself up to find her happiness. DuBois has me right there in each scene, feeling the pain, the unhappiness, the longing to find a way out and makes me root for her. It’s an incredible listen and inspiring story. This kind of book needs a narrator that can give you all the feelings. Sarah Sampino gives a performance you will remember. She finds the inner core of Beauty, lets us fall to rock bottom with her and climb her way back up. I could feel the hurt, the pain, the fear, the love, the anger and finally the happiness. It’s one of my favorite listens of the year.”
Cocky Players: An Enemies to Lovers Menage Sports Romance “What happens when you reject the two most popular men in football? Lola blew these two off in college, and now they are the most famous players in the league. She needs a good story, so with a little intuitive planning, she thinks she knows how to get it. But Walter and Chris have their own agenda. These two do everything together, and including Lola into the mix now is the perfect opportunity for a little revenge. These three have no idea what they are in for. This is my first Shae Sullivan book, and it won’t be my last. She writes smart stories with hot, passionate scenes that will heat your blood. This book has steam coming off it as we see how it all plays out. I love Lola. She thinks she knows it all, and I love watching her views change. The dynamics of Walter and Chris is exciting to watch as they each form bonds and feelings. It’s a fun listen, perfect for an afternoon escape into their lives. Jack Calihan and Vivian Bradford make my ears happy as they bring this book to life. Calihan has that edgy, alpha voice, each man a different sound, but perfect for the character. This is my first listen by Vivian Bradford and I thought she pulled the essence of Lola right into voice. Together they blend and form a superb listening experience.”
Murder at Mistletoe Manor “Do you like the game of Clue? That is what this book reminded me of. It's a fast past who is doing it story leaving a bread crumb trail of clues. Clarinda owns Mistletoe Manor and gets 7 unexpected, annoying guests along with an anonymous package. Most of the guests have a common thread, but slowly over the course of the night they are each being having a fatal accident! But are they really accidents? I loved this quick listen. It's full of sarcasm and humor, quirky characters and it's just a blast trying to put some semblance to the disorder. Narrated by Christopher Lane, you will enjoy an array of voices, some with attitude and a delivery to keep you both laughing and on your toes. Give this one a listen and see what you think!”
Baby I’m In “This series continues on with Joe our Angel! This time, we encounter Kyle Stader, training race horses on the Purcell ranch. Along comes Liz Redgate, the only person who can seem to tame the wild "Kings Landing". No one knows that she is really the horse's original owner and trainer. Liz is trying to get out from under her father's thumb, following her dreams of being Landing's jockey and winning with him. Of course, the Purcell's and Liz's family have a long competitive history both in racing and business. Kyle and Liz have instant chemistry, and finally come to the realization that they cannot live without each other. The children of these families, (Liz, her brother Cooper and Wes Purcell) band together, and we learn how really far Liz's dad will go to win. Joe remains the ultimate, elusive man of the day! Ciana Stone has another winner! J Scott Bennett continues to bring this story to life for me. I love his voice with this western series, perfect pace and fits the storyline.”
Finding Justice “I began this with the Whisperer series which was extremely fun to listen to. The Nash family always brought fun, controversy and a little paranormal to the mix to be totally entertaining. Ciana Stone is not letting us down with this series. This is book two, though it can stand alone. A little background is seen from previous books, but you can follow if you have not read the others. Justice Weathers, a widow with teen twin boys finds his fling of 3 days showing up in his town to do a tv show about his family. He has real issue with this, as he blames Jolene for the death of his wife(you will have to read to find out why!). Through several twists and turns, Justice realizes how much Jo means to him, but will it be enough to keep her in Cotton Creek? I love the appearance of Joe again, he is full of love and comfort. J Scott Bennett is the perfect fit to narrate this series. His voice is soft, smooth, emotional, angry..fits every scene and character. Looking foward to book 3!”
Southern Comfort “Let me start by saying I love Riley. There isn't a bad thing to say about that he could have been married 3 times before, those women must have been stupid to let him get away. This was a feel good romance, has a little suspense in it and was very enjoyable. The characters were interesting, pretty well developed(would have loved a little more evil Gina..she seemed pretty wild) and the plot was good. I especially loved the Joe. I believe we all have guardian angels, and he certainly pulled through at the most opportune time. Annie developed well into her own. I think the break from Rick into the western girl she became was well thought out, bringing out the best qualities in her. Loved the fierce momma bear she was protecting her son. J Scott Bennett has a great voice for the western romance. His performance was spot on and kept me going!”
Grady Judd “When an author is able to create multiple series and correspond the characters into each, it makes the listen like a family visit! I didn't think I was going to go back to Cotton Creek after the conclusion of the Honky Tonk Angel series, but to my happy surprise, I am back at the bar with my friends and meeting new people! This story introduces Grady Judd as a love interest for our deputy, Charley! Charley is not looking for a relationship, and when Grady comes back to Cotton Creek with his reputation of love them and leave them, he fits her bill perfectly! Stone always provides a good back story for her characters and these two are interesting to get to know. There is always a hint of paranormal as well, giving a little spark to the story. I love the suspense featured in this one, Charley does get herself into a pretty scary predicament, and the results were not guaranteed to get us the happy ending! And what an ending! SURPRISE!! Love it! As well as getting to see Cody and Jackson, this book was a great listen! Scott Bennett is the voice of Cotton Creek for me, and I love his narrations. He brings these characters to life, with the warmth of the hometown. He has a comfortable pacing that makes the listen very enjoyable.”
The Heart of a Hero “I have a soft spot for war hero stories. This story starts out in Afghanistan with Michel seeing his best friend killed. Once coming home, he needs to learn to cope with what he has seen and his PTSD.This disorder has to be one of the hardest for me to read about, it is so horrible hearing what the cause is. Michel is dealing with his own demons, and I found in this story, that the process was somewhat simplified. He is a strong man, but overcomes a lot of his issues a little to easily and quickly for me to find believable, but that did not take away from the premise of the story. Annabelle, the woman walking the beach each day, has her own fears to overcome. When these two meet, it is magic and the healing process for both begins. There were a lot of fun things that happen among the issues that are faced, love the French based names, especially for Armand the kitten, he stole my heart! DC Cole contributes a performance that is emotional from the start. He voiced the feelings Michel had from the beginning of what he experienced all the way to falling in love with Annabelle. This one is different than the previous narrations I have heard, he had a calming effect throughout the book which is what Annabelle required from Michel. Definitely a good listen.”
All I Know “Take Paradise Beach to a sunny day at the beach and you will not be disappointed! This is my first Tamara Lush story, and I really enjoyed it. Kate and Damien went to school together. After a rumor went viral, things looked down, but even years later, their unrequited attraction still lingers. Now Damien sees his second chance, and he is not going to let it slip by. This is a great second chance romance. I love that they have a history and it comes full circle years later. I love the secondary characters too, especially the mothers! What a great jolt of humor! It's sweet, fun and sexy and we all should have a Damien! The narration of this flows so well with Avie Paige and Paul Stefano. Each have great voices and give the characters that realistic feel. Paige definitely has a vulnerability in her voice for Kate, but is able to have that love shine through. Stefano has a protective vibe, very sensual and gives you all the feels. I think they compliment each other well and made the listen very enjoyable.”
Manhandled “What would you do if an alpha male alien kidnapped you? Cara has found out when Bane has taken her saving her from slavery. But what she gets is a dominant male, ready to dish out the discipline if she doesn't behave! Fields has begun to create a new world, with strong willed women and powerful men. This story may be short, but it's action packed, full of passion, spankings and loyalty. Bane at first began to rub me the wrong way, but as we got to see the different sides of him, I definitely softened to him. I love Cara, the spunkiness she has, and her will to survive is amazing. Cara and Bane will surely keep your heart pounding and looking for more. Fields has done it again, brought me a sci fi book I can love. Meghan Kelly enhances this story with her performance. She fine tunes herself into the personality of each character. I love her Bane, as she finds his inner most difficulty as well as his emotional side. With Cara, she creates that woman with attitude who adjusts to her mate. It's a great interpretation of this book, and I loved it!”
Conquered “When I was asked to listen to a sci fi romance, I was hesitant. Will it be cheesy aliens and spaceships? Not sure I was ready for that, I dug into my first book by Sara Fields and fell in love. Not only does she capture the essence of sci fi in this reverse harem, but she writes the eroticism with class and true feeling. The Vakarran have taken over earth, and are taking human women as their breeders. Kyra is a human female, taking care of her sisters, and is a true fighter. She is a warrior the Vakarran want to stop, but she has alluded their capture. When she is tricked though, seizing her is not only a surprise, but she has the necessity to escape. The four men have another plan for her. Zaavyr, Jax, Coltan, & Aedan are going to break her down and make her theirs. She will submit! Each man with his own traits, slowly breaks her down. But what isn't expected is the depth of their feelings for her. When danger does comes to her, will these men save her? Will they let her go? The story is full of passion, steam, and an underlying plot to keep the Vakarran on top. It's told in 5 points of view and will keep you entranced the entire time. Heather Firth is amazing at storytelling. This book with it's 5 points of view, 4 of them being male was easy to listen to, we knew who was speaking and flowed effortlessly. I really enjoyed her narration of the story and can't wait for the next in the series.”
Shattered Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 3) “I was waiting to see how this was going to end, but all I can say is WOW! Once Adrien got Camilla in his clutches, he became completely unglued. Used to getting everything he wanted, this challenge left him obsessed with keeping Camilla as his own. Little did he know how hard Samuel would search to find her. This story was intense, passionate, gut wrenching and just all around fantastic romantic suspense. I loved all the characters, especially Camilla.She proves to be a worthy opponent, smart, cunning and willing to play to get what she wants. Adrien I loved to hate and Samuel was almost too good to be true. It's a love triangle that I became obsessed with.And let's not forget Brianna! What a turnaround! So glad I came along for the ride! Amber Bray finishes out the trilogy with her incredible narration. Full of the emotions, she takes us in the devilish mind of Adrien and the fast thinking of Camilla just with her emphasis on their voices.She brings the panic into Samuel and we get to feel it all with her ability to give the perfect inflections, each character with their own voice. I loved it!”
Tangled Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 2) “Roxy Sinclaire has me completely invested in this series! After book one, I wanted to see where Adrian, Samuel and Camila would end up, and this had me reeling! After an altercation with Adrian, Camila presses charges and he is put in jail. Now, just when we think Samuel and Camila can find their happily ever after, Adrian wreaks havoc and Camila is now in a fight for her life! Talk about edge of your seat! I kept listening, trying to figure out what would happen next, what the cause of the obsession is, is it really Adrian or is it Samuel(wondering if anyone else thinks about that too!) and will there be a happily ever after? I love getting to know more of the characters, like Brianna and Camila's mother. It's adding another layer of depth and I can't wait to see where it all ends. Grabbing Shattered Obsession now! Amber Bray continues her narration of the series, capturing the essence of the story with her voice. I am loving her as she grabs us with thrilling suspense just with the evil inflections of her voice. And then in the next scene, she can create a feeling of love and passion.It's great performances like this that keep my interest and I am happy to have listened to her!”
Buried Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 1) “Roxy Sinclaire writes a highly intriguing story of obsession and jealousy with this first book in her Dark Obsession series. Camilla has done an interview with a high profile businessman. Little does she know how this interview will change her life! Caught up in their lives, it's a fast paced story including a family dynamic, a high powered obsession and a woman caught up in the middle. Sinclaire always gives a great story line, and I especially enjoyed this one. The balance between brothers is so interesting and how she has the story play out only left me wanting more! I can't wait to get book two and see how Samuel and Camilla's relationship evolves! Narrated by Amber Bray, the story flows so easily, I became lost in it. She has a very good variety of voices and gives the story that edginess necessary to give it a little evil, but leaves it passionate. She is in the heads of the characters, so you feel their emotions, uneasiness and infatuation. It's a good performance and I enjoyed it.”
Goals for a Sinner “Listening to sports romances are always entertaining, but I have to say that the twists and turns in this one are particularly gratifying. Unlike most where the player is just that, a player, we have Conner, the up and rising football player that is finally getting together with the woman he has been pining over for years. The ex-girlfriend of his brother, Stevie gets tackled during a game while taking pictures for Sports Illustrated. The two are destined to be together after that. But can it really be that easy? Instead of women being the issue though, Lynn Shurr puts a couple of different twists and turns in this story that keep these two apart. Along with a supporting cast of hilarious people, this book will keep your earbuds on just so you find out if they can find their way to happiness. This is my first narration by Ashley Holt, and it is very good. She has voice that fits these characters well, and a pace that is well suited for narration. I enjoyed her ability to switch between the many characters and still give each a unique voice.”
The Rebels of Cordovia “Sometimes I need to sit back and enjoy a good romantic adventure. This spin on Robin Hood was just the medicine I needed! Robin is the leader of the group of rebels, looking to secure the freedom of their country. Daniel too is the in charge of a larger group, and he would like to merge the two. A wager is set for the merger, and lo and behold, when the two are up against each other, Daniel recognizes Robin to be the woman, yes I said woman he met the other day. Robin is a wonderful character. I love her spunk, her independence and ability not only to out perform many of the men, but at the same time be a woman. It's refreshing to have a character like her. I fell fast for Daniel. He has his goals set, his heart in the right place and will do anything to make right the wrongs that are in place. There are a few twists and turns in this story, meeting characters of ill repute as well as finding out true identities. It's a fun, romantic listen and shoots all those good feelings straight to your heart. Carolyn Kashner does a wonderful job with the many voices and brings this exciting adventure to life.”
The Highwayman of Cordovia “There is something about this series that has truly captured my attention. I do enjoy a historical story, but I think the main thing I love about this series is the lead female character. This story focuses on Christine. She is the daughter of the pastor and a friend of Robin we previously met in the first installment. When she is coming home, she encounters a highwayman. Little does she know that this is her childhood crush Austin Knight! She is very vocal with her views and finds herself as a target of Amalick, one trying to take control of Cordovia. Austin finds himself not only falling for Christine, but protecting her and the new regime that is currently in place. Will Christine fall for Austin again once she knows his secrets? Will her pastor father give his blessing for the non-churchgoer? This story is full of fun and adventure. I love Christine and her strength. She is not afraid of voicing her opinion. I loved Austin too. You could feel the conflict building in him as their feelings grew stronger. It also brings in Robin and Daniel, giving us that sense of community from book to book. A little mystery and suspense added to the adventure and romance and it's an enjoyable listen. Carolyn Kashner continues her narration with great voices and pace. I love her accents for some, and enjoy her ability to discern the voices from male to female. She adds some flare during the high paced scenes and great emotion in others. Another wonderful performance.”
The Fox of Cordovia “What an adventure this one is! I started this and couldn't stop listening. First, I needed to find out what a Fox was in history! Linda Weaver Clarke masterfully weaves together the story of Caroline and Jessie. Caroline is set to marry the man who will be the new mayor in Laketown. When she overhears a compromising situation, her safety comes into question, and her father gets her protection. Who better to take care of her than the Fox of Cordovia? I loved the listening to this story. It's written with a lot of imagery, humor and just all around fun. From the fantastic costuming to the pirate ship, we enjoy a story of deceit and love. Like the other two in the series, Caroline is strong, female lead and shows how even though women are supposed to be quiet during this time in history, she is quite capable and full of spunk. Jessie is the perfect compliment to her, and is just so easy to fall for. Their adventure together and what they find on their way will knock your socks off. It's a great ending to this trilogy! Carolyn Kashner concludes her narration with her many voices and great emotions. She has a way of giving the story lots of energy and that feeling of adventure. I think she gives wonderful performance.”
Searching for True Happiness “Are you searching for true happiness? In this book, we get a quick, comprehensive look at how to find your way to your happiness. Linda Weaver Clarke gives us distinct points to think about in each chapter, letting us listen to and digest. While some I know is common sense, we tend to take for granted the little things that make us the happiest every day. Clarke brings this to light, with well versed chapters and experiences from her own life to let us see how life and actions can effect our paths. There are times that I do like to be reminded of things, how our interconnecting lives, and specific instances all affect our views. It's a great, quick listen to help refresh your life and hope to give you pointers to find your happiness. Carolyn Kushner does a fantastic job with the narration of this book. She adds emotion to the stories and gives a good pace to her performance.”
The Sincere Billionaire’s Forever Love “This is my first Kristen Iten book, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It features Raul, the billionaire, realizing there is more to life than just being alone. When he is with Marie, he is happy and finds life is better. Marie is a school administrator and the one thing she wants to do is be a mother. Adding her name to the foster care system, she unexpectedly gets a child right away, and now Sam is part of her package. Will Raul take to this change? Will their relationship be able to include Sam? There is a lot to be said about this book. Iten gives us characters with depth and maturity, in their 30's that truly care about each other. Raul and Marie's issue is not because of his wealth, or because of her desire to be a parent. But they need to figure it all out, and their path is not easy. I love this about the book, as life does not always have quick solutions. And with the addition of Sam in the story, my heart was captured and I was in love! Lorana Hoopes brings this story to life with her voices. She has a remarkable way of finding the essence of the characters and bringing their personalities out. I enjoy her performances and this one was exceptional.”
Jameson Wilde “What do you do when the love of your life has died? Jameson has been mourning for several years now and can't seem to let Lyla go. Everything he does reminds him of her. Until he works with Reese. No wanting to get work with her, he takes the plunge. And when I say that, it's not only for work. There is something about Reese that intrigues him. Will she be the one to bring him back to life? Will he be able to let Lyla go? Will Reese wait around to see? Kelly Moore has a distinct style, and I love it. She can take the broken and slowly, piece them back together. Her stories are raw and gritty, not your typical contemporary romance. They make you feel that gut wrenching pain and that heart warming love. This one is perfectly balanced and she gives you realistic characters and situations. I love her writing and am anxiously awaiting more. Adam Riley continues his narration of the series. His voice is matched to the characters, inflections and emotions evident in his storytelling. He is the perfect pick for Jameson, as we can feel his conflict, his grief and his love. It's a beautiful narration.”
Gypsy “Kelly Moore has a way of pulling you into her story and making you feel right down to your core. It's not easily accomplished, but each time I listen to one of her books, I know my heart will ache and be warmed. This story about Gypsy does just that. Jameson is a record producer and sees Gypsy on the stage. She is beautiful and her talent unending, but that is not what he sees in her. When they meet, there is an inexplicable draw between them that just keeps growing. But Gypsy holds secrets, and pain like no other. Will Jameson be able to break through and win her love? This story was easy to become invested in, and my heart held so much emotion, it almost burst. These two are so well matched and their chemistry intense, you can't help but root for them. It's raw and emotionally gritty and will definitely leave you with so many thoughts and feelings. This is my first listen by Adam Riley and I thought he was perfect for this role. He has a good array of voices, but more importantly, he is able to instinctively give the emotional punch this story has. I really enjoyed his performance.”
The Biker and The Bride: A Contemporary Suspense Erotic Romance “Totally fun, hot and suspenseful, this short novella brings a little of everything to the table. Avery and Mason, divorced, Avery at the alter getting remarried, Mason kidnapping her. But why do you ask, would he do this? Well, love is the main reason. Mason is in love with his ex-wife and plans on stopping her from making the worst mistake of her life. There are things the two of them have to work through, but sex is not one of them. There are some really hot scenes. enough to keep you hooked and listening! The death of their son, and Avery's need for revenge has caused some danger, making his book from start to finish full of action, whether fistfight, gunfight or bedroom there is always something going on. Jan Springer is a new author for me and I plan on looking for other books she has out. Teri Clark Linden is the narrator of this book. She always brings her A game to her narrations, incredibly talented with her ability to separate her characters with believable voices. She is able to give the inflections and emotions necessary to draw you in and keep you in the story right along with her.”
The Right Direction (Sweet Sins Series) “Kathy Coopmans is fast becoming one of my favorite listens. This second chance romance is gritty, emotional, a little suspenseful and all around fun. Growing up together in foster care, Joslyn and Roman have that unbreakable bond. When life circumstances kick in, they separate and even though they are apart, their hearts are always together. As life is always throwing curve balls, these two are thrown back together and their second chance is given to them, but with life threats coming at them, it is unsure how things will turn out. Coopmans has woven together just the right amount of suspense into this story, and I loved that no matter what I was concluding, the actual outcome was a surprise! The well developed characters are easy to fall in love with and their connection is hot! Roman is such the over protective male, and while his match is definitely Joslyn, she has incredible spunk. This is a great start to this new series. Narration by this seasoned team was perfect. Logan McAllister give that growlie rockstar sound to Roman. You can feel his possessiveness as he is telling the story. Voicing Joslyn, Lacy Laurel gives this character such confidence and at the same time, you can feel her vulnerability, a task not easily portrayed in narration. It is a great listen.”
Too Distracting: The Lewis Cousins, Book 3 “Be careful of your sister's best friend! She is the one to steal your heart! Laurel has been Jasmine's best friend forever and has been in love with Jazz's twin brother Dillon for as long. Now adults, their paths cross when Laurel needs a business plan for her party planning ideas. I never get tired of this trope, the story is always heart warming and I love when couples have a long history. But in this case, it's even better. Dillon, a successful businessman does not have time for relationships, though envies his cousins who have found their soulmates. When Laurel finally does get his attention, there is nothing stopping him from going after her...or is there? Throw an obstacle or two in the way, this friends to lovers/sister's best friend story is sure to have you rooting for a happy ending. Being the third book of the series did concern me a little, but it is a standalone, and is easy to pick up without reading the previous books. This book has a lot of characters, which for a narrator can be challenging, but Lacy Laurel rises to it and nails the performance. Each character has a distinctive voice, and with Laurel's emotional portrayal takes you through the many facets of the story. I also love the way she can switch from true emotion between Dillon and Laurel to teasing between the Dillon and his cousins. She made this book a joy to listen to.”
Allegra’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 3) “Allegra is the only sister that is not married yet, so she has written for a husband. Karl comes to town and the two are immediately married without any of Allegra’s family around. They work well together and get along beautifully. But Allegra harbors a secret that is sure to destroy their marriage. What will happen when Karl finds out? Will he leave her? Wil there be an annulment? And what will her sisters think? This is a fun, family filled story. I love being in the house with the sisters, husbands and babies, but I really enjoyed Allegra. She is a spitfire. Determined and loving, she knows what needs to be done. This is my first book of the series and can definitely be listened to as a standalone. John E Rose narrates with his deep baritone voice. He is perfect for historical western, giving warmth to the story just with his storytelling. I enjoy his voices and pacing, giving us a wonderful performance.”
Town Without Mercy “Sometimes you listen to a book, and are completely caught up in it. This story by Joanne Simon Tailele had me listening in shock, frustration and compassion as I heard the story of Mercedes. "Mercy" went to a fireworks show, and instead of enjoying the display, created her own with a mass shooting. Adele and Jodi, her parents were distraught over the shooting, and shocked to find out the shooter was their daughter. Now with their daughter in a coma, the questions as to how and why need to be answered. This story so powerful and current in today's society. We all watch the news and are horrified by such tragedy. But we never take into account the family of the shooter, and what would have driven them to such a decision. Tailele takes us through twists and turns, the effects it has on relationships and communities and the victim themselves. It will stay with you and give you a different perspective. Cecilia Marie narrates this dramatic story, letting us live through the characters. We feel Adele and Jodi's pain and insecurity as parents. Marie draws us in with her inflections and emotions, giving us a minute part of the experience these families go through. She gives a powerful performance for this well written book.”
Lip Smacker “Lip Smacker By: Alison G. Bailey Narrated by: Kelli Tager I love Alison G. Bailey. If you haven't listened to her books before, I suggest you go get one! But this one is a little different from the previous books I have heard. This one had me laughing out loud! Lip has a cupcake bakery in the neighborhood that she and her grandmother, Wavey have loved forever. Now Logan, Lip's crush from high school comes in and wants to buy the real estate from her! No way is she going to sell, but fall all over again for Logan? Now that is another story. Logan is smitten but is in a tough spot. Will he save the bakery or his job? And in the process will he lose Lip? This is a slow burn story, with hysterical lines and a grandmother that we all fall in love with. Bailey has a knack for hitting all the buttons, and I fell in love with this story! Kelli Tager is amazing. She delivers every character, perfect voices from Wavey's warmth and knowledge to Lip's crazy run on hysteria. I fell in love with her narrations with Bailey's The Dance and will continue to watch for more of her performances!”
Better Than First “Beautiful story! This may be a Christmas romance, but the moral of the story is throughout all time! Duncan and Isla have been best friends for years. Isla is determined to follow her dream, but Duncan poses a different plan. Let's do 12 things you want on your bucket list in the next 12 days. I loved this idea, think out of the box and not place all of your hopes in one place. All through the story, we feel their love for each other, but each is hesitant to say anything. But with a major twist, and some planning, we do have a wonderful ending to this inspirational romance. I want to say that I love Kari Trumbo's writings. She is a master at including messages in her stories that are somewhat forgotten in today's rushed world. Duncan's character is full of hope and love, helping kids who need attention is a trait that I love to see. Emmalyn Miles narrates the story beautifully and it's a listen good for any time of year!”
Dante’s Gift “What a perfect book to start off the holiday season with. Aubrey Wynn has created a story with so much love and heart that it is easy to get caught up in it. Dominic and Katie are in love, but when Dom tells Katie he is bringing he grandmother back from Italy to live with him, Katie has to re-evalutate her thoughts on where the relationship will take them. Antonia comes to Chicago with a story of true love and destiny that will capture your heart and make you believe in that one true love. And the cooking!! I would love to have her come into my house, make Italian Thanksgiving and enrapture me with family history. Loving dogs like I do, the inclusion of the collie was perfect. This is my first Aubrey Wynne book, and I can't wait to listen to more. With Tom Jordan's narration of this story, it is easy to listen to. His voice is so calm and warm, bringing the characters to life in a way that it's like you are in the kitchen hearing Antonia tell her story of meeting her soldier and falling in love. The richness in his tones will bring that family feel right to your ears.”
Dreams in Deadwood “This is a wonderful surprise, not the typical historical I am used to. So many are the woman arriving as a mail order bride and fall for the prospective husband. Kari Trumbo gives this time period a little twist by having a family of sisters relocating to Deadwood, South Dakota and on the way meet Aidan, a young man also heading towards Deadwood in search of gold. Little does Aidan know, that Jennie, one of the girls will be his nugget! Guilt drags Aidan home to Kansas, leaving Jennie behind with her sisters. Will their love be enough to bring him back? I have to say, although it's a sweet romance, there are a few scenes that are so romantic, it's heartwarming. It will be fun to get to know the other 6 brides in this series! Meghan Kelly truly brings this story to life. Her portrayal of each character is wonderful, each with a distinctive voice and definite personality. Her voicing of Jennie for me is particularly good, as you can hear Jennie's hesitation, indecision and love all at war with just the sound of Meghan's voice. It's a pleasure to listen to it.”
Teach Me to Love “This is a great beginning to this series, I couldn't stop listening! Izzy Lawson has arrived at the home of her best friend after her horribly abusive husband has died. After living with a man who verbally abused her, she comes with no confidence and feels she will never love again. Conrad Oleson runs the ranch, but his inability to read has made him insecure. When these two meet, there is a spark and from there the story begins. I love the way Kari Trumbo writes. It's a refreshing listen, with a story developing the characters and giving us a sense of warmth and comfort as it goes on. Her thread of healing through the story is evident and as Izzy and Conrad grow closer, you can feel their love grow and their spirits restore. There are a few twists and turns with ranch business, and Izzy gets caught up in the action. With J. Scott Bennett narrating, this story has a calm and soothing effect. His performance is spot on for these spiritually fulfilling stories, and has give us a beautiful listen.”
Claimed by the Mountain Man “Amelia Smarts does it again! If I lived in the woods, I would want my own Trapper Jack! I had heard about this book before it's audio release, but was unsure it would live up to it's reputation. It did and more. From beginning to end, Amelia Smarts has a way of drawing you in with her spunky, independent women and alpha men. Then, just when you think you have a favorite hero, Trapper Jack comes along! Nettie who is trying as hard as she can to escape her past of being a prostitute steals Trapper Jack's chickens for food. When he in turn catches her, the fun begins. He definitely believes he is in control of their relationship and has no problem taking it. But as in all of Amelia's heroes, he also has the nurturing, tender side. His aftercare is what makes you fall for him every time. Nettie and Jack have a bumpy road together, but you know they are meant to be! This book was just too short! I would have loved more!!!! Kenneth Solin pleasantly surprised me with his performance of this book. I did speed up the narration, it was way too slow for me, but with the slight increase was much better. He did give Trapper Jack a good alpha voice which was definitely necessary to make his character bigger than life. Amelia Smarts does it again!”
Corralling Callie “This book from the start was so good, I couldn't stop listening. Amelia Smarts can take a naive girl and a dominant man can create the hottest stories while keeping the storyline enjoyable and believable. Callie, an 18 year old orphan has been corresponding with her soon to be husband and has to get to Sacremento to marry him. Jude, a coach driver, is convinced to take her on his wagon while he is making the trip. Through her naïveté, spunk and bravery, she creates all kinds of havoc during this trip while trying to keep his paying customers happy. Her misbehaving results in blistering spankings and Jude's feelings developing to love. The slow burn between these two is hot it has to end once Callie reaches her fiancé. Or does it? Gideon Welles has an incredibly low voice, that rasps perfectly for an old west character. His portrayal of this book is nothing less than perfection.”
Fetching Charlotte Rose “First, can I just say, I love Amelia Smarts? She writes the most fun loving, intimate, personal books for us to enjoy. This book brings us Max and Charlotte. Charlotte is the new school marm and Max is sent to pick her up. Immediately, the banter back and forth between the two is instant chemistry. And oh, the first spanking! I love the way Max is with "Charlie". He is so gentle, yet so domineering. Charlotte is completely smitten, yet she just loves to push the limit. Whether an argument or a secret, show knows what the consequence will be, yet she still does it.We also meet Tim, Max's apprentice. What a kid! Learning where he came from, meeting his father and their relationship and what Max has offered this young man, you can't help but be in awe. The three are quite a family, and the obvious love they all have for each other is shown throughout all the plot twists and turns(yes, there are several!). The Ken Solin narrates this story. His voice is perfect for the historical western romance, a better narrator could not be chosen. I can picture each of the characters as he is performing. This book brought a smile to my face, a definite must listen!”
Life Goes On “Book hangover. That is what this book will give you. From the very start, we are pulled into Olivia's life. Happily married to Silas, she has a wonderful life. When the unexpected and unimaginable changes her life completely, she has to learn to deal wit grief and loss. With the help of her best friends and her husband, we take a journey that is both heart wrenching and heart warming. I felt every emotion as I listened to this, the feelings so raw and emotional, it made my heart ache. I celebrated Olivia's wins and cried with her falls. I loved the support from her friends, how she clung to the past and looked to the future. This truly is one of the most romantic books I have listened to and it left me full of love, hope and continues to stick with me. Narrated by Sarah Puckett, the intensity and emotion is brought to the forefront of the story. She gives it every feel, every love, hope and dream, every sadness, and tear all with the ebb and flow of her voice. Her performance is incredibly strong, powerfully soft and left me breathless.”
Until We Are Gone “WOW, what a ride! I went into this book blindly as I love Gia Riley and was completely surprised. Not exactly suspense, but the build up was incredible. Meadow is in a terrible car crash and when she comes to, has no recollection of her life. Her husband Cash is there to help her, and does his best to get her back on track, but something doesn't seem right. And from there we get a story like no other. I can't imagine having no inkling as to who I am, what I like, and who I know, let alone not recognize my husband. Riley portrays Meadow in a way that sometimes I like her and sometimes I am frustrated with her, exactly as she is going through the motions of her life. I love her dreams, and when the new man pops in them, can't wait to see where they will lead. Written from 3 points of view, the story is full of angst, exasperation, suffering, and finally some closure. I was caught up in the story and had to keep listening to find out what really happened, and would Meadow get her memory back. A great addition to the story is Mimi too, though I think I am just soft when it comes to the grandmother type characters. Full of good advice and that warmth we love, Mimi is awesome. Sarah Puckett recounts this story in such a way that I was drawn in from the start. She had me feeling sorry for Cash, then frustrated and so invested in Meadow's recovery that I couldn't stop listening. She brings it all, full of emotion and voices so clear and passionate, it's like I know these people. She brings out the best in this story and kept me on the edge.”
Night at Key West “This is my first Craig A Hart book, and I loved it! A mixture of historical fact and fiction, this whodunnit had me guessing until the very end. Simon Wolfe, an aspiring author and detective, is hired to investigate the murder of his classmate's wife. Everyone becomes a suspect, and Simon is checking all possible people out, even the one who hired him! When the body goes missing, there is even more to evaluate, and the plot thickens. Ernest Hemingway makes an appearance, guiding Wolfe through his writing and his investigation giving us a glimpse into their lives and the times. I loved this story for the sheer fact that Wolfe is a normal guy giving it his best shot at figuring out this puzzle. We get to be right there with him, searching for the clues and trying our best to find the murderer. And what a surprise! Narration by Tom Jordan is always good, but I love him as he does the suspenseful mysteries. His inflection in the story is just as I would assume Simon would have and gives it that edginess to keep you guessing. Including an accent or two as well, he is a talent that gives the story total enjoyment for me and I loved listening to him.”
Rebel’s Retribution “I absolutely love Kelly Moore. She had me hooked with her Epic Love series, but I have to say, I am in love with her romantic suspense writing too! Rebel's Retribution is a series of stories as Derrick Rebel goes through a difficult period. It doesn't start out that way though! Derrick was a happy Naval Seal, in love and ready to take on the next mission. When the mission fails, he comes home with only one of his team, Theo. Theo is so interesting. He has a tough childhood, but with good direction finds himself entering the Seals as a sniper. On the way to the first mission, he meets Fallon. What a woman. She is tough, strong and hoping to give a kidney to her dying sister. How do these three meld into an amazing story? You have to listen to this! It's action packed, with surprises at every turn. It's fast paced, tragic at times, has some steamy passion and even sneaks in the happiness. I enjoyed this series of books and can't wait to hear more about Theo. Brad Gilliam is a new to me narrator. He is quite the storyteller, giving the book all the action and emotions necessary to bring this series to life. He has great voices and some heart wrenching screams that just add to the dramatic scenes.I enjoyed his performance and will be watching for more from him.”
Scarred “Motorcycle Club books can be very dark, and this one is dark, heartbreaking and suspenseful. Tex and Rage were childhood friends and fell for the same woman. Roxy marries Rage and Tex distances himself, watching the destruction Rage causes. Rage is the perfect name for him, as his temper and personality is full of anger. Roxy's last beating has her escaping with Tex and their story begins. This is not for the faint of heart. There is graphic violence, rape and MFMFM scenes. It's very well written, giving us the realism of Roxy's life before she left as well as the constant fear of being discovered. There are moments of light and happiness, but that underlying fear is always there. The book leaves us with an cliffhanger that does make me want to continue, needing to see where it will all lead. Amber Bray gives a wonderful performance of this. With all it's triggers, she gives us the all the emotions. We feel fear and pain, utter despair and heartache, love and hope all with her voices. It's not an easy narration with the many characters and vast personality changes and she nails them. A great portrayal of this story.”
The Billionaire’s Impromptu Bet: A Sweet Billionaires Opposites Attract Romance “A new to me author and narrator, I took a chance on this novella and fell in love! Brie is the daughter in a wealthy family and takes a bet with her best friend to try to get Jessie, a SWAT officer to propose to her. In the mean time, her father cuts her off from her funds and tells her to get a job and become more responsible. Now as part of the working class, she and Jessie take the time to get to know each other, and Brie learns there is more than being spoiled and selfish. I loved this story for a couple of reasons. Lorana Hoopes wove the thread of helping others into her romance. Seeing how Jessie took time to go spend time with kids who were sick, and how just being there made their lives better gives us that feeling of hope and love. I also liked how Brie was able to realize there is so much more to life than her little bubble. It is a fun, loving listen. Sarah Sampino does a wonderful narration of this story. It's my first listen of hers, and I enjoyed her pace and voices. I am looking forward to more.”
Colorado Sunset “Colorado Sunset is not your usual romance. This story let us live through June and her chance at finding love the second time around. She is divorced, was cheated on and not looking for a relationship. Traveling cross country to visit her son, her car breaks down and she is taken to a ranch where she meets Jeff. Jeff, a widower vowed never to love again after the death of his wife, but now somehow these two find their second chance at love. They come with histories, baggage and all those things that being married before, having kids and living a life bring. It's sweet, the visual imagery of Colorado is beautiful and it's a story that will leave you knowing there is always hope and love out there. The choice of narrator for a book like this is important.You need someone that can voice kids and middle aged characters, and Sarah Sampino brings it. She has such a wide variety of voices and each one tailored to the character she is portraying. I loved her performance of this!”
Valentine “My second Michelle Hughes book, and this was nothing like the first! Valentine is a billionaire sadist. Grace is young, fresh out of college and his new employee. There is a spark of recognition between them after first seeing each other before, but is it enough to ignite? I was expecting a regular contemporary romance, but this took me completely by surprise. It's very well written, a plot that is full of steam, passion and suspense. The characters are smart and the plot takes a turn I didn't see coming. Some BDSM, a terrorist attack and a love that borders on real, we get to take this journey and see if the rich, dangerous man can get the stubborn, beautiful girl to submit. Hughes has a winner with this book. Melissa Stiletto gives another great performance. She has good, concise voicing for her characters and she is able to emote every feeling precisely. I love her narration and it kept me hanging til the very end.”
Rx for Love “My first Michelle Hughes book and I was swept in and caught up in the story. Alexa is a cardiopulmonary manager that catches her husband in bed with her sister. Eric, an emergency room doctor and one of the catches of the staff, makes a move on her and the instant heat is rising. But is this a rebound? There are a few things in this book that kept my interest piqued. The cheating husband and story with Beth, Alexa's sister was one I wanted to hear more of, and the results were not only surprising, but resulted in sadness and fear. The newly formed relationship with Eric was also on the radar, though at times I couldn't understand where they were going. There are a few twists and turns that made me question decisions being made, but that is what kept the book interesting! With some steamy passion and a surprise to make you feel warm and good. Melissa Stiletto does a wonderful job with the narration. This book is complicated with the different emotions mixed into it and she nails each character and each emotion. She makes the story flow and kept the interest level high.”
The OCD Games: A Christmas Romance Novella “This little gem was the perfect listen for my quiet time! Kayla Krantz has taken a problem many people have and compassionately woven it into a Christmas romance. Erica is a woman, very self conscious of her OCD and thinks she will never find someone who will understand her. When Blaine begins working with her though, things change. Could he be the one for her? I loved this short listen, full of love and hope, but more importantly the daily struggles people have with OCD. It's told in caring way, and lets us know just how hard some things can be for people, and how the common person would never realize it. I commend Krantz, love the romance of Blaine and Erica and hope there may be a little more of their story in the future! Raine Barrett does a great job narrating the eccentricities of this pair!”
Pieced Together “I love novellas, they fill those gaps between long angsty listens. This short is full of romance and healing. Garrett is ready to deploy with his troop when a knee injury prevents him from going. Now in the hospital, he finds himself attracted to his nurse. Karly finds him very appealing, but can she date a patient? Can she trust him after all that has happened to her? This is a great story. I love Karly, she is spunky and independent. I also love that she just doesn't jump at the chances she is given. I think this makes the story more realistic. I have great sympathy for Garrett. He had quite a blow when he could not deploy, but he is using the advantage he has. He is definitely the kind of man you want for the long term! Another great story by Lori King. This series is very entertaining. Blair Seibert enhances this story with her narration. She has great voices for her characters. There is a richness to her tone, so we can hear and feel that warmth of Karly, the kind of voice you would like to hear from a nurse. She easily transitions to male voices and gives Garrett a sexy voice that is impossible not to fall for. Another wonderful performance.”
A Bride for Adam “When Greta marries, she thinks it will be forever. When her husband Seth dies soon after their wedding, she finds herself alone and pregnant, and being proxy married to Seth's brother Adam. Adam loves the sea, and does this deed to keep the baby in the family for his parents. This marriage of convenience goes on for several years, and Greta wants to start her life! Right as she files an annulment, Adam comes home. Should they continue to separate or will they find love? I really enjoyed this story. First, Greta is an interesting woman. The story of how her relationship with Seth began and her attraction to Adam is one we can all understand. I loved how she evolved and became her own woman, strong with her feelings and not afraid to voice her opinion. Adam is easy to like. His personality it warm, and his perseverance admirable. This series is entertaining, warms my heart and cleanses my tired mind. Keep them coming Barbara Goss! I am loving them! J Scott Bennett is the voice of proxy brides for me. He has a soothing tone and really understands the time period. He makes the listens so enjoyable that I can see the story as it is playing out. Another wonderful performance!”
Carolyn Finds Love Ruby Springs Brides, Book 3 “Karla Gracey continues her Ruby Springs series with the correspondence between Winston and Carolyn. Winston is the doctor in Ruby Springs and is looking for a companion. Carolyn is looking for a way to get her family out of the tenament of NY. When tragedy strike Carolyn, Winston comes to see if he can help, but will it be enough to help and win her heart? I really enjoyed this installment, it was a little different in the content, not the usual storyline. Karla Gracey really gives a well developed plot with her short books creating a happy listen, J. Scott Bennett continues the narration of this series with his calm and warm voice. He is perfect for this book.”
Georgina Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides, Book 2) “There is nothing better than a story, especially a historical western that portrays the woman with a strong will and personality. I loved this story about Georgie and Martin. From the very start, you can sense that Georgie is unhappy with her situation at home, so when she begins to correspond with Martin, a banker in Ruby Springs, her future may be on the way to change. There is a twist in this story when she gets to Martin, and their wedding may be on the it enough to prevent the nuptials? These short novellas are so well thought out and the characters well developed that it's easy to forget that they are so quick. The story will stick in your head and you become part of the town of Ruby Springs! J Scott Bennett is an incredible narrator, love his performance of this series. He is able to give the life to the characters and make you fall in love with them.”
Bernadette Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides, Book 4) “A new spin on this Mail Order Bride book found me smiling right through. This is the first of a new series and Karla Gracey gave it a little twist. Catherine is a maid and begins her correspondence with Dylan, a widower living in Texas. Dylan is looking for companionship for himself, but more importantly a woman who will love his son as her own. As their letters go back and forth, their feelings grow, but as we all know, text is not always the easiest way of communication. This to me is where the surprise comes in. Arriving at her house, Catherine is shocked to find Dylan there ready to take her to dinner! Not your usual ticket to Texas to see if you suit! He came to her! I love this story, it is so fun and heart warming, and Dylan's son is so adorable. This is a great start to this series! J Scott Bennett is the narrator of this historical western. He is so perfect for a series like this, his voice and cadence lend a soothing tone to your ears and really make the story enjoyable.”
When Hearts Collide “Amanda is starting college. She didn’t date in high school, so when she met Caleb and he took a liking to her, she was smitten. Caleb is that one guy that everyone flocks to, good looking, popular and says he is a man of faith. Jared is part of Amanda’s prayer group and has his suspicions about Caleb. This is a fantastic story of coming of age. Amanda and Caleb are both people we all know. Amanda is naïve, and wants to trust, but knows Caleb may not be the one. Caleb is that stuck up, self-indulgent brat we love to hate. It’s real, and gritty and lets us feel how faith can help you live your life and get through the worst of times and celebrate the best. Narrated by Ariel Troutman, it will shoot you back to that time and remind you of what is important with just an inflection in her voice. She is a wonderful narrator.”
Tamed On The Ranch “Delta James does it again, this time making me fall for the French horse trainer! Melody is running away from an abusive relationship. She finds a home at Crooked Creek Ranch, immediately melding into the family of Ryder and Sierra. With this comes a handsome, strong horse trainer with a French accent! Luc Girard is suave, protective and dominant. Melody is attracted to him, but there is some hesitation. She is hiding a secret, but will he be able to get it out of her? I enjoyed this story. It has spice, and passion as well as some fun life as found on a ranch. Luc is tough character, knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Melody was a little tougher for me to like. She has a past, and her secret was not as relationship dependent as I anticipated! A little bit of a let down, but the couple themselves are fun and frisky. I also love seeing Ryder and Sierra again, always fun to check in with old friends. The best part of this story is the narration for me. Jack Calihan nails this one with a variety of voices. He has a deep, rich inflection in his voice that is alluring and keeps Luc's character very possessive. He easily steps into women's voices and gives us a consistency from book 1 with Ryder and Sierra, so it's like coming home. Loved his performance.”
Rebound “What do you do when you find your fiance in bed with your best friend? Angelina, a rather spoiled woman, decides the best revenge is rebounding with good sex. What she didn't know is she would find on her road to her rebound. This book is full of hot men, multiple partners and erotic scenes, but this book really was so much more. Angelina wasn't looking for love, but found she has strong feelings for her bodyguard Gray. Gray is a dom and knows Angelina needs to experience life, and learn his world before anything can happen between them. The slow burn between these two is incendiary, the love is real and the relationship growing. I love Gray, his character is strong and potent. Aidy Award writes him with a fierce passion and it's easy to feel his strong emotions without him actually showing them. His protectiveness over Angelina is solid and she will be safe as long as she is under his care. Angelina is a little more difficult for me to connect to. She truly does have a bratty side, but as the story progresses, there is some growth in her perception of what love is and where she wants to be. This installment will leave you wanting to see what happens next to this couple. Lacy Laurel delivers a performance that kept me listening from start to finish. Having multiple male characters with this, she is able to give each one a specific voice and personality. The thing that really impressed me with this story is her ability infuse the lust and passion in the scenes. Her portrayal of Angelina is spot on, giving her the fire in her temperament. I love this narration and can't wait for the book 2!”
War of the Gods Box Set “What a series! This is my first listen of Meg Xuemei X's and it had me captivated the entire time! A Court of Blood and Void: I tend to shy away from reverse harem stories, one man is plenty for me! But when I read the teaser for this book, I wanted to dive in and see where it would take me. The premise of trying to take down the Gods to save the world is what caught my eye, and this sucked me in and kept me going. Cass is a direct descendant of the God of death and is thought to be so powerful that even her own mother had her caged for the last 13 years of her life. Though only 16, she is mature beyond her years, and though not have experienced much since she has been captive all this time, she is quite capable. Now broken out by 4 formidable men who want to hone her skills to destroy the Gods,she is less than tame. I love this girl. Her spunk and vigor is not only fun and frustrating to those around her, but thoroughly refreshing. She doesn't even realize the power she holds, and I am not talking about her as a weapon, but the sexual pull an attraction. A vampire lord, a demigod and twin faes are here to help her and keep her in line. The attraction to all four is so strong, but what they propose is crazy, right? Give this a listen, you too will want to see what happens to Cass in the next installment of this fantasy. It's fast paced, full of action and battles and totally hot and sexy. A Court of Fire and Metal This book is so busy, and has so much packed into it! I couldn't stop listening. Picking up where book 1 left off, (Yes, you must listen to all of them to get the full story), Cass and her four soulmates begin to get her ready for war. Going to the Academy is one step and Cass meets several new and intriguing characters there. Noah is one that we just aren't sure of. Full of charm and charisma, she is watching out for him. And her new good friend, the soothsayer Amber. She is a good influence and so far I am really liking her. Cass's relationships grow and the love between her four men and her keeps growing. I did find Cass a little overbearing at times, but with her impending responsibility and her past, I can understand her attitude and frustrations! She is a force to be reckoned with. If you like reverse harems, action packed scenes, strong females and just a really good story, this series is one you will enjoy! It will keep you on your toes, wondering what will happen next and your steam meter high! A Court of Ice & Fire This series really brings everything together! A little Greek mythology history, a little action packed fighting, some unexpected enemies and a lot of love! Meg Xuemei X continues this series with so much going on, it's important to pay attention. We pick up where book 2 left off, and get a huge surprise with Noah! People are not always who they appear to be, so Cass is in a predicament that she is not sure she can get out of. She keeps her snarky attitude, almost careless at times, but that is what has become endearing to me about her. No matter the circumstance, she keeps the energy high. Her four men are always looking out for her, and the steam factor is extremely high! It has come to the point where decisions have to be made and Cass has seen what she needs to do. The question now is can it all be done? We won't know until the concluding story! I enjoyed this book with Hades, Apollo, Ares and Demeter, each having a part that helps mold the finale. I can't wait to see how it all plays out. A Court of Earth & Aether This has been a whirlwind of a series! There is so much happening! It's fun, complex, romantic, sexy, all the elements of an incredible story. Book 4 picks up where we left off, and we get to see what Cass is going to do with the information she has learned. She proves to be a force you don't want to reckon with! The Gods have their hands full, and not one is safe. The fight scenes are action packed and are so vivid, you can picture it all in your mind. Zeus, Hades, Ares, Apollo, you name it and they are there! There are some surprising allies, and the love meter remains off the charts for Cass and her four mates. You will love how it all turns out! Victoria Mei narrates the series with an amazing performance. Not only does she shine in this series, but it just shows that with a challenge of so many characters and so many different types of scenes that she can narrate anything! I loved her portrayal of characters, she has so much vibrancy and emotion that you could feel the story. Loved every minute!”
Chosen: Their Vampire Princess, Book 1 “This serial will grab you from the start and leave you wanting more! Felicity, a vampire princess needs to choose her human consort out of four men. When given the opportunity to get to know each one, the choice becomes impossible! This start to an erotic reverse harem series will invest you in the outcome and make it hard for you to pick the right choice..if there is one! The scenes are hot and make you fall for each of the four consorts. Looking forward to the next installment.(I do have a favorite...I can't wait to see how this turns out and if forced to choose one, will it be him!) Lacy Laurel has the perfect voice for this series. Her sultry voice gives each character their own sexy sound. Loved her performance.”
Young Love Lost “This is the first book I have listened to by Doug Burris, and I am so glad that I now have found him. At first, I thought this was going to be a sweet romance, a couple of teenagers at the beach, summer love, a little mystery...boy was I wrong! While the romance between David and Mary was the focus, the underlying current of David's parents and Mary's family were just as important. Learning the happy family is not always as it appears in Mary's case was reassuring that all families carry their own baggage. But David's parents...just when you think his dad while at times tender is just very controlling, you find his mom...and that is all I will say! Total plot twist holding you til the very end! The narration of this book by Anna Starr was very good, consistent with voices and her inflection as the suspense grew made you want to keep listening. This was a great book, highly recommended.”
Winter Watch “I love romance, and I love suspense. This book gave me the hometown feel of a cozy mystery with just enough romance to keep it interesting. Winter Watch is about Claudia, a woman trying to fulfill the request of returning a watch to it's rightful owner. Little did she know the value of this watch, the history and the danger it would bring to her. She ends up in the town of Barley where she meets Ezra..what a wonderful man, you cannot help but love him. This town just brings warmth to your heart as you listen to it. With Peter, her original love interest following her, and the watch, Claudia ends up in bringing craziness and suspense all around her. You will love this book if you enjoy historical romantic suspense, Anita Klumpers has a winner. Laura Jennings as always brings her A+ performance. I love her narrations, her voice being warm and comforting throughout this book. Narrators that make their characters easily distinguishable are a pleasure to listen to, and Laura always delivers.”
The Unkind Hours “Get ready to listen to this one, you will not be able to put it down once you start. Masterfully written, Dwayne Alexander Smith has fabricated a story to keep you on the edge of your seat, high in suspense and anticipation. Steven and Nicole's daughter has been abducted, and when found buried, the two must find a way to come to terms with their lives. Steven cannot let it go and when given the opportunity to meet his daughter's murderer, he takes it. Little does he know how this will change his life. From the very first scene, I was riveted to the book, each one adding more excitement and mystery as it continues. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, something would change and my mind would race leaving more questions unanswered. So much happens, and Smith leaves you asking the questions of what you would do in this case. Would you go as far as murder to get justice for your child? Would you put the future of your family at risk? How far would you go to find the peace you are seeking? I could fully understand the journey Steven was on, wrenching with his own guilt,as he is trying to seek the justice for his daughter. Each step he made is one I could understand, which is what made this book so much more powerful. It's heart-stopping tension and a book you will not want to miss. With so many twists and turns you will want to listen til you have the answers he seeks. The question is, will it be enough? Tom Jordan masterfully narrates this story with gut wrenching emotion. He becomes Steven, taking the book to it's full potential and creating each scene so you can see it as a movie in your mind. It's one of the best of the year, and a narration I will listen to again.”
A Lifetime to Share “Bring me back to the old west! Kathleen Ball has taken me across the country to find a new life. This installment of her Oregon Trail Dreamin' series has us get to know Eli and Amy(Amelia). Amy has had a horrible childhood, and has some handicaps. Due to her upbringing, she has very low self esteem and does not believe anyone would ever love her. When her family is packed up and ready to go west, they are led by their guide Eli. Eli is drawn to Amy, and as time goes on, he sees the mistreatment of her. When things get really bad, Eli makes a life changing decision for both of them. And as their story continues, they are faced with bigotry, racism, violence and greed. The story has a lot of controversial topics that are evident, yet not overpowering the true love story that this is. Tom Jordan emotes this story with his smooth, soothing baritone voice. I love his cadence and ability to really bring the feelings of a story to the forefront. He made this a very enjoyable listen.”
The Kissing Bridge: Cassie’s Story “This book held a little bit of everything for me. I love a book that isn't all fluff and love, but has a some meat to the plot. Barbara Goss has given this to us with Cassie and Silas's story. The two have been in love for several years, and through some old baggage of Silas's and some unfortunate events that take place, this couple perseveres. There is suspense, love, angst, faith, sadness and even some real worry about health throughout the book, bringing all emotions as you are reading it. It is a definite must if you enjoy books that are real and completely believable. I was enthralled and had to see how things would turn out. Signs of a good book! Garrett L Whitehead is a new narrator for me, and I think he did a great job with this story. He sounds young, perfect for the age group of the characters and the western twang was fitting”
The Guilty Proposal “The first in a series, The Guilty Proposal is a sweet, western romance. This is my first Barbara Goss book, and really enjoyed the story. Leonor A Woodworth, a favorite narrator of mine, performs this feature of Travis, a single man who has gotten himself in an unfortunate circumstance. As a result of an accident that he feels responsible for, he proposes to his friend Libby. Just as this is happening, who should walk in? The love of his life. Now being betrothed to a woman whom he doesn't love and wanting a woman he can't have leaves Travis in a terrible situation. There is a cast of supporting characters that make this adventure he has gotten himself into fun to listen to. Between arranged marriages, kidnappings, roving doctors and best friends in love with your fiance, this book is sure to keep you entertained and wanting more. Leonor A Woodworth provides a wonderfully warm performance. She is one of my favorite narrators and find her faith based narrations to be the perfect remedy for my busy mind.”
Sarah’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 9) “Karla Gracey continues her sweet mail order bride series with Sarah! Sarah is a seamstress taken under the wing of Maeve and is lonely. After seeing the success of others in town, answers an ad in the paper, and anxiously waits for a reply. Little does she know, the ad she answered is a man that Maeve had corresponded with. Wilbur is looking for a change, but is the type of man that is very conservative. Will he be willing to come to Faith Creek and settle down? Is he really still in love with Maeve? This story has some fun little twists and the characters are charming. With the story voiced by Alan Taylor, you will be in for a treat when you give this a listen.”
Maeve’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 8) “These nuggets that Karla Gracey provides are so much fun to listen to. Perfect length for a walk and it gives a warm satisfying feeling when it's over. This book introduces Maeve, a woman from Ireland trying to find her way in America. She is a seamstress(with a sewing machine!) and enjoys her craft, but is looking for more. Rather than find an ad for a mail-order bride, she places one herself for a husband. And here she finds Jesse in Faith Creek. Jesse is a carpenter with a secret. He is looking for love and has Maeve come to Faith Creek to see if they will suit. Will their match be one made to last? The secret may be too grave for a happily ever after, but you will need to listen and find out! Alan Taylor will lend you his wonderful voice to see what what will happen!”
Frances’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 11) “Frances is a different personality than we have seen go to Faith Creek in the past, and she is fun and refreshing. Traveling with her father all of her life to destinations for his work, Frances ends up corresponding with the new Dr, Marlon Carter. He has settled in Faith Creek as the medical practice grows and is longing to have the happiness he sees his colleagues have found. When Frances ends up in Faith Creek, the two are attracted to each other. Marlon holds a secret close to his heart that he is afraid no woman will ever be able to forgive, so is not sure about marrying Frances. Will their love be strong enough to see past it? Will Frances want to return home to her stepmother and pretentious stepsister? Life in Faith Creek is never boring! This story is heartwarming and loving. I have enjoyed Alan Taylor again with this story. Warm and rich, his voice is perfect for historical westerns.”
Clara’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 7) “Smart women always make for a good listen, and I love that these women moving to Faith Creek are just that. This story introduces us to Clara, who is a graduating senior from Stanford University. Women just do not go to college in 1894. Clara's parents in Philadelphia are ready for her to come home now and get married...yes an arranged marriage. How things have changed in the 21st century! Clara does not want to go, so she writes to the mail order bride section of the paper, and we get to meet her future husband...but will he be the one to win her heart? He is a surprise when she realizes who he is. Will her parents let her marry him? So many things are up for grabs, you will need to listen to find out how it ends! Another fun novella listen with Alan Taylor's warm baritone voice.”
Harriet’s Destiny Faith Creek Brides, Book 6 “These two sisters will sure to bring a smile to your face from the beginning. Their complete opposite natures are so apparent, it will make you wonder why Harriet is so good to Annalise. Annalise is the socialite, being married off to a man she has no interest in. As a result, a letter to a man in Faith Creek to marry Annalise to is sent with the condition that Harriet goes along too. When the two meet Brandon, there is chemistry but is it with the right sister? I really enjoyed this one, the banter between the sisters is amusing, and the story is very entertaining. Gracey is able to take each of the couples in this series and give them their own personalities, each one completely different from the previous, but just as fun to listen to. With narration by Alan Taylor, you are sure to enjoy it!”
Marietta’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 5) “Faith Creek continues to have their men find the love of their lives through mail order brides. The spunky, smart Marietta is not accepted as the book worm and curious woman that she is and finds companionship with her grandmother. Their friend, Byron who loved to banter with these two moves back to Faith Creek to take care of his ill father. Now that these two women make the choice to find a new life where they will be accepted, and decide to do this through the mail order bride letters. Little do they know who they are going to meet up with when they get there! Gracey continues to give well developed characters and good, clean fun in her novellas. They are wonderful nuggets to enjoy. With Alan Taylor continuing the narration of this series, there is a down home feeling when his warm, baritone voice begins. He brings a sense of comfort as you listen.”
Anna’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 4) “What a pleasure it is to read this book! It's a true American story of Anna, who has come to America for the American dream. Her story does not start out that way though. After the untimely death of her husband, she finds herself with her young son in a position of poverty. She overhears talk of mail order brides and begins a correspondence with Ryan, who is looking for a partner. But will this match end up in a marriage? Will going to Faith Creek resolve her problems? Will she find her second chance at happiness? I loved this story. I loved Ryan and the way he was, getting his life and farm together and the realization he wanted more. I love Anna and her bravery to take the chance and move with her son. This is a story that makes history what it is. Alan Taylor continually gives a beautiful rendition to this series. His voice has come to be the Faith Creek characters for me, and I look forward to his narration.”
Wild Mountain Desire “Shawna goes to visit her childhood friend Bev. But this visit is nothing as she expects it! Bev is not home, but Shawna is allowed to stay with the live in help. She meets Bev's brother Gerard who in not allowed at the house, and a mystery unravels. Not only do we have a romance between Gerard and Bev, but there is a story of deceit, lies and murder. It is not what I was expecting at all, and I love that! Maura Burd craftily wove it all together with surprising suspects, interesting characters and burning love story. It's exciting, thrilling and steamy! I love being kept on the edge til the very end. A big surprise! Ashley Taylor's talent gives this story the edge. She uses her voices to add the element of suspense with the inflections of her voice, but more importantly, she had a way of using her acting ability to keep me guessing. Narration is tough since we can't see who the suspects are, and she was able to keep me wondering the entire time. I love her male and female voices, seamless transitions and all around pacing. A great performance.”
Blinded: A second chance romance “I can't believe this is Lyz Kelley's debut novel, it is just so good! I have been on a romantic suspense binge, and this satisfied every point I love about the genre. Joey comes home to his brother's funeral only to find his brother's death may not have been the accident he thought it was. With his skills as a detective, his father and the town commission him(without his consent!) to find the true answers, Coming back to his hometown, he gets the chance to see Mara, a girl he had a crush on in high school Due to a tragic accident, Mara has lost her sight....or has she? With her other heightened senses, Mara and Joey combine their talents and are on a mission for the truth. And if love kicks in, it can't hurt, right? Kelley has the perfect second chance romance combined with a thrilling murder case all wrapped up into one! It's fast paced, hot and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Plus I fell in love with this small town, it's florist and community! I can't wait to hear book 2! Meghan Kelly is amazing! She is able to bring this thriller to life. She adds suspense just with the inflections of her voice.I love her ability to make Joey annoyed in one breath and on the trail the next. She can voice a drunk old man, then turn and give us kids. Mara has attitude and strength, and we can hear it all. Kelly's performance is A+++!”
Mail Order Bride: Isabelle’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 2) “Another sweet and fun romance for this series, Karla Gracey brings us Isabelle and John. Isabelle is a woman from a privileged background that is not happy with the suitors her family is trying to have her wed. John is the new sheriff in Faith Creek trying to rebuild his life after the death of his wife. The two correspond and Isabelle sets off to meet John. Little does she know, she is traveling directly into harms way, and who better to save her? A little suspense, a little romance and the perfect story is born! A wonderful narration by Danielle O'Farrell is given for this story, her performance is perfect for this series.”
Carolynne’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 3) “Karla Gracey continues this series and I really enjoyed this book. Carolynne is a woman with an incredible musical talent. The times do not warrant women in the field, but she is encouraged by Elliot, a gentleman she met one night as he heard her play. After conversing with him, he encouraged her to follow her passion, and also write for a mail order groom. This romance between the two was fun from the start, but will Elliot's responses to her land him alone? This book was a lot of fun for me for several reasons. I love that Carolynne is an independent woman and while she would love to have a husband, she doesn't want her music to take a backseat to his wishes. It is refreshing to have a woman in this time period really pursue her dreams. I also liked the way she encouraged her suitor to also go after his own dreams. Continuing to narrate this series, Alan Taylor lends his rich baritone voice to the story. His voice is so warm, you immediately fall for the potential groom. He has a vast array of voices, making the performance very pleasing to the ear.”
Mail Order Bride: Bryony’s Destiny “Karla Gracey begins this new adventure with a new cast of characters in a new part of the country! Bryony is woman working in the kitchen of a wealthy homeowner, and temporarily becomes their son's nanny. Discontented with her life, she randomly reads the mail order bride ads. Cody, a gentleman beginning his dairy farm in Faith Creek, Texas is looking for a partner to become his bride. Love the letters they exchange, falling in love with both of them! These short novellas are packed with well developed characters, each having their own personalities. It is heartwarming to have the beginning of this new series having Edwin, the young boy, coming front and center with his energetic personality and the interaction between Bryony and Cody with him. Danielle O'Farrell performs this book to perfection. Love her voice and is well suited for historical westerns.”
Matchbox Girls “Matchbox Girls Senyaza Series, Book 1 By: Chrysoula Tzavelas Narrated by: Sarah Sampino Urban fantasy is not my normal listen, so this was a little eye opening for me. It caught my attention,and I became invested in the outcome! After a phone call that her uncle was missing, Marley became the caretaker for her twin cousins. The next hing you know, they are shifted into a world of angels and demons, and many other celestial beings where Marley's sole purpose it to keep the twins safe. Chrysoula Tzavelas weaves a web where we see good vs. evil, live through the trials and flaws of being human and sit on the edge through all the action and suspense. It's one you have to pay attention through to really get the feel for it and it was a great change for me. Sarah Sampino stretches herself in this narration. So many characters and so many voices, and she seamlessly flows through the story. Her performance kept me interested and engaged. Looking forward to more of her work.”
The Marshall’s Mission “A mystery to solve and a romance blossoms with this latest release by Barbara Goss. This faith based story lets us get to know Spense, a man sent to go undercover and find out why people,are being forced off their land. By infiltrating the McKay ranch, he is hoping to find the answer. What he wasn't expecting was his attraction to Glenna McKay. Glenna is promised to another, despite her wishes. But with Spense on the job and love blooming, we will have to see who she ends up with. Goss always promises a book for me that not only has a good message, but has some suspense and action. This one is full of it all, with unexpected twists and turns changing the pace of the story. I love how she weaves faith and love as the basis of her books and gives a message worth hearing. To go along with this wonderful story, she has a wonderful narrator. J. Scott Bennett comes through again with the perfect performance. He is able to dial in to these characters and give us all the feels and emotions of the book. I love this match of Goss and Bennett.”
A Reason to Breathe “There are times I listen to a book and am so captivated by the story line that I forget what is around me. This story is one of those. It features Trevor who has autism and Jasmine who has Asperger. Katy is Trevor's sister and when she see these two meet, there is an immediate connection between them. She realized that like any person, these two need that feeling of love and companionship and does what she can to help them build a relationship. It's realistic and beautiful. I love Lorhainne Eckhart's style of writing, always finding her stories to be very true to life, and this one is by far my favorite. Teri Clark Linden brings this story to life. She really does the story justice, tuning in to each character, their speech characteristics and personalities. You can feel all the emotional frustration and love pour out of her as she tells the story and gives a commendable performance.”
Warrant “If you enjoy romantic suspense, this book is for you! Kathy Coopman's Vindicator series is amazing, and this installment is wonderful. Chaz has one thing on his mind, to get revenge for the death of his sister. And what better way than to use a sister to seek it? Jillian is that sister, but what comes out of chaos and tragedy is not the revenge he seeks. Coopmans's has woven a dark and gritty story, with death and hope. It shows how light can be found and life is good. Chaz and Jillian are complex characters and the amount of hurt and emotional baggage is woven intricately into their personalities. But with all of their devastation, they find solace and love. It's a dark, violent ride in one breath and passion and tenderness in the next. The love story rises up and leaves us wanting more of this series. Sarah Puckett gives this performance her all. She is amazing with the voicing of all the characters, but I especially loved her as Chaz. Not only does she have a great male voice, but she gives him a lot of color, from the darkest part of him to the most intimate. I loved her ability to give this story the full emotional charge that it has and loved the listen.”
What Would It Take “I love it when a book has characters that I can relate to. This is my first EL Dubois story and she pulled me in from the start! Sailor is a girl the invisible girl in high school that has the crush on the popular boy, in this case Saxton. Thinking your invisible and actually being under the radar are two different things though as we all know. Years later, the two are thrown together when Saxton is in need of public relations coverage, and Sailor is the woman to do it. Now matured and more confident, she is ready to take on life. But does that include Sax? This second chance at love is a sweet story with a suspenseful twist. I love Sailor. Her personality is one easily related to, just trying to get by and move on with life. I love her tenacity and how she has gotten to know herself. Sax is a great book boyfriend. He is sweet, protective and attentive. Their chemistry is strong and I love how their relationship progresses. The twist in this is not necessarily surprising to me, but I love how it all played out. The strong survived and it was a very satisfying ending! I really enjoyed this story! A story like this needs a narrator that can provide a younger version of characters and show the maturity as they grow. I love Sarah Sampino, and she gives us that in this story. I love how she can take Sailor from the teenage girl to the adult. With her voice, you can hear how she has matured, gained confidence and grown! I also love her flawless ability to go between characters and her male voices are wonderful. She nails this narration!”
Shadow of Shame “I love a good, sweet romance, and every time I am in the mood for one, I look for Barbara Goss. She writes with good messages, faith and hope and always leaves my heart full. This one had me from the beginning. All people make mistakes, but the one Jonas makes haunts him. When Ivy sets his sights on him, and he finally begins to show interest, she thinks she may have broken through his barriers, But things are not always as they seem. I love this story for several reasons. First, I love that Jonas owns up to his mistakes and tries to make retribution. I love Ivy because she sees past his mistakes and helps him live again.And I love the cast of characters, from the saloon girls, to the evil villains to the children. Goss deals with a delicate subject with compassion and ease and lets us fall for an unlikely family who find their happily ever after. Narrated by the talents of Tom Jordan, the story flows like butter. He has a very smooth voice, and adds a flavor of warmth and innocence to the story. He is a wonderful story teller and I always look forward to his audios.”
Shadow of Faith “Just when I need a good listen, Barbara Goss releases an audiobook. A little bit of everything included, I was able to enjoy a slow burn romance, a little suspense, a new beginning and a lot of hope and love! When Joanna comes to Hayes to marry, she anticipates a young ranch owner, but is greeted with a drunk man, much older than she expects who owns a pig ranch. Escaping her certain fate of marriage, she hurts her foot and is rescued by Jared, a trapper who lives in a cabin in the woods. Can this be her destiny? I love a good old fashioned western, and Goss always makes sure I get a good flavor of that time period. With the old hotel, the saloon and even a gunfight we are transported back in time to enjoy this romance. Old flames, new flames and good family ties all thrown in, this is a feel good, warm hearted book. Susan Fouche does a spectacular narration of this book. Her talent is used to the max with the characters, from Joanna and Jared all the way to the town gossips! She has an incredible array of voices, and each one shines with personality. She is the perfect choice for this portrayal.”
Looking for Love “Listening to a book, sometimes it is easy to get distracted, rewind and listen again. This book was is so easy to listen to and the story so entertaining, you don't miss a thing first time around. Barbara Goss has given the mail order bride genre a slight twist with the misdeliveries, and Fiona Sullivan is definitely misdelivered. After fleeing her home in Boston, she boards a train, befriending a woman who is supposed to be meeting Sam,her groom to be. This never happens, and the groom's information is given to Fiona. Never intending to stay, Fiona stops in Hayes and is going to let the Sam know that he will not be getting married. So the story begins. This family Fiona meets, with Addie, Sam's mom and Martin, Sam's brother are warm and inviting. Sam, not so much, so the question comes down to, will Sam and Fiona fall in love? Will Fiona's past get in her way of happiness? Will Sam's? Love the way this story plays out, with all it's loving banter, jealous lovers, and murder mystery. Keeping those earbuds in is the smooth, baritone voice of Tom Jordan. Relatively new to the scene for me, Tom is able to easily distinguish between characters and create a world you fall into. His voice is pure romance.”
Delightfully Deluded “The premise of misdelivery of a mail order bride is so much fun for me, and this series has been a pleasure to listen to. This twist on the concept has given a fresh perspective on the old west and how things that are meant to be happen. Eden runs from her initial mail order husband to be and finds herself indebted to Andrew, a man who helped her. To repay her debt, Andrew has the intentions of making her work it off while walking to Hays..but this long trip has a different outcome than expected. Problem is, Andrew has Catherine, a mail order bride waiting for his return. Will Catherine understand the situation?How long is she willing to wait for his affection? I love that we get to see Addie, Martin, Sam and Fiona again in this story and that Addie is still up to her matchmaking ways. Her delightful way of subtly..or not so subtly organizing the lives of those she loves is so endearing and the results are perfect! The casting of Meghan Kelly is wonderful with this story. Her voice is so easy to listen to, with an even pace, and pleasing voice for each of the characters. The differentiation between each is easily discernible and her gender changes are clear and concise. Wonderful rendition of the story.”
Dan McCall’s Bride “The premise of misdelivery of a mail order bride is so much fun for me, and this series has been a pleasure to listen to. This twist on the concept has given a fresh perspective on the old west and how things that are meant to be happen. Eden runs from her initial mail order husband to be and finds herself indebted to Andrew, a man who helped her. To repay her debt, Andrew has the intentions of making her work it off while walking to Hays..but this long trip has a different outcome than expected. Problem is, Andrew has Catherine, a mail order bride waiting for his return. Will Catherine understand the situation?How long is she willing to wait for his affection? I love that we get to see Addie, Martin, Sam and Fiona again in this story and that Addie is still up to her matchmaking ways. Her delightful way of subtly..or not so subtly organizing the lives of those she loves is so endearing and the results are perfect! The casting of Meghan Kelly is wonderful with this story. Her voice is so easy to listen to, with an even pace, and pleasing voice for each of the characters. The differentiation between each is easily discernible and her gender changes are clear and concise. Wonderful rendition of the story.”
A Bride for Wyatt “I could never imagine being a proxy bride, but I do love living through these stories to see what it may have been like! Barbara Goss gives us Vera. She has raised her siblings and now it is time for her to begin living her own life. A proxy wedding sounds like a viable solution. Wyatt, jilted by his girl, Lucy is trying to mend a broken heart. Not wanting to have looks sway his decision, a proxy bride could be the answer, But when these two meet after the wedding, will they find they are suited? What a wonderful story. Goss always comes through with a message in her books, and a feeling of happiness. I love to listen to her. Wyatt and Vera are wonderful characters. I love their journey, and the hesitations for next steps. It's sweet, loving and a great listen. Who better to bring this all to life than Scott J. Bennett? He is the perfect voice for this time period. I love how he settles into each character, bringing a personality all it's own out of the book. He makes them alive and the listens fun.”
A Bride for Logan “Secrets always come to bite you in the end, and this story shows just that! Logan is an avid poker player, and as a result to keep him on the straight and narrow, his father adds a clause in his will that he must be married to inherit his ranch. Logan gets information from his friend Alan, and has Emma become his bride by proxy. As their story together begins, there Logan thinks Emma is a saloon woman, and keeps his distance from her so they can annul the marriage in six months. But as we know, secrets can cause a lot of problems, and this one brings a person from Emma's past to them that will change their lives. Not only does danger lurk, but a surprise for Logan is revealed. Barbara Goss writes such wonderful stories. This one I found to be particularly realistic. The desperation of a person can drive them to do things out of their comfort zone, as we see with Emma. And with Logan, there are misconceptions both with his family's past and with Emma that are easily construed. I find the realism refreshing, easy to understand and relate to. It makes the listen entertaining and interesting. J. Scott Bennett always brings his best, and this narration is spot on. His voice is perfect for the historical romance genre, and I feel at home when I listen to him. He gives each character their own voice and adds just the right inflections to give you the feel of the story.”
The Still Small Voice “I grabbed this book because I am a fan of Lorana Hoopes, and I was sure it was going to be a sweet romance. Not in her normal style I am used to, I started this story, and was captivated. The story is religious with a little romance and leave you thinking. Kat Johnson loses her best friend, and begins to have dreams where she is talking to her. When it's determined it's God's way of communicating, will Kat take the missions on and relay the messages? Jordan gives up her son and now has visions to pass on to others. If God was talking to you, would you take this on? This story of true faith and opening your heart to God is inspiring. It makes you stop to think of all the little inner voices we hear but ignore. Could there be a message we aren't paying attention to? Hoopes narrates the story and gives it all the heartache, hope and faith it deserves, and even leaves the story open for a sequel. I am hoping she continues this one!”
The Billionaire’s Secret “Maxwell and Alyssa bring out all the feels in this sweet and inspirational story. Maxwell starts us off with finding out he has a daughter,Peyton and is going to have to take care of her. When things get to overwhelming, he calls Alyssa, Peyton's mother's best friend. With his reputation proceeding him, Alyssa helps him out looking out for Peyton. But what these two don't realize is how life changes and how circumstances draw people together. Loranna Hoopes weaves a story using faith and love, showing Maxwell and Alyssa a path to happiness. It's sweet and easy to get lost in! I found myself caught up in the story, loving Helen the nanny and Peyton as well as rooting for Maxwell and Alyssa. Though it carries some sadness and grief, the story gives us a wonderful message and a happy ending! The narration of the story is wonderful. I hesitate sometimes if I see an author doing their own narration, but I love Hoopes's performance. She has a talent for voices and gives the story the portrayal she wants to emanate. Her voice is pleasing and I look forward to more from her.”
The Cowboy’s Reality Bride “Can you find the love your life on the set of TV show? Tyler is about to find out as he embarks on a quest to find a wife. Laney is filling in as the makeup artist on the set, and these two hit is off! But Laney is not in the running for his attention! What will happen next not only surprises those watching but will keep you listening to see how things turn out! Lorana Hoopes has crafted a sweet, clean romance that will leave your heart warm and completely in love. Narration is key, and Lorana Hoopes also narrates the book. She nails it with her pleasant voice. I am very impressed with her array of voices and I loved her ability to give me all the feels. She gives a wonderful performance and I can't wait to see what she has in store next!”
Lawfully Matched “Mail order bride books typically are easy listens with no real suspense or drama. Easy listens, I find them fun, but this one adds action and thrills making it even better! Jesse is looking forward to being married to his fiance Pauline, building his house and future. When she is unexpectedly killed, he decides to take the deputy position he was being offered to find her justice. Kate doesn't want to live with her brother after the death of her parents and enters the mail order bride pool. When she goes to meet her groom, she finds he is not what he portrayed. Luckily, Jesse is there and marries her. Will these two find the happiness they deserve? This is a fun love story. I was smiling when Kate was cooking, when the two found they have so much in common and their faith banded them together. The suspense of finding the killer adds to the story with action and suspense. Daniel James Lewis adds to the listen with his wonderful narration. It's a fun listen!”
Corralling Callie “This book from the start was so good, I couldn't stop listening. Amelia Smarts can take a naive girl and a dominant man can create the hottest stories while keeping the storyline enjoyable and believable. Callie, an 18 year old orphan has been corresponding with her soon to be husband and has to get to Sacremento to marry him. Jude, a coach driver, is convinced to take her on his wagon while he is making the trip. Through her naïveté, spunk and bravery, she creates all kinds of havoc during this trip while trying to keep his paying customers happy. Her misbehaving results in blistering spankings and Jude's feelings developing to love. The slow burn between these two is hot it has to end once Callie reaches her fiancé. Or does it? Gideon Welles has an incredibly low voice, that rasps perfectly for an old west character. His portrayal of this book is nothing less than perfection.”
Bringing Trouble Home “In the old west, what do you do when you have children and your wife dies? You bring home trouble! Heath finds himself in need of help around his house. When the marshal suggests he bring home Willow, a young woman who finds trouble, he is hesitant. Willow is far from interested in this arrangement, but to stay out of jail, she is willing to give it the offered month and see how things go. What we have is a a romance you can't resist. I love Amelia Smarts. I know I will get a book full of tension, domestic discipline and love. But there is something about this one I really fell for. I think Heath is a great character, a loving father, a devoted husband and Willow took him by surprise. It was Willow for me that stole the show. She is not your typical old west girl. She is tomboyish in dress, crass and destined for disaster, and the way she matures and changes is so endearing. I also love that this story has interconnecting characters from When he Returns, getting a look at things prior to that book. It gives us that homey feeling, and adds to the enjoyment. Matthew Keyes does a wonderful job with the narration of the story. He has a slight twang, and he gives Heath that alpha sound. I love that he also has a "father tone" when the marshal comes in. As Willow he could have a little more distinctive female voice, but it is distinguishable from the others. I enjoyed his performance.”
When He Returns “Amelia Smarts book, When He Returns was just what I needed! I love historical western romance, and this one delivers it and so much more! Wade is a 14 year old boy, caught in some trouble. When the marshal brings him home to add him to his family, Wade is belligerent and will do anything to not fit in. Until he does. He becomes a productive family member, loved by all except the marshal's daughter Sadie. Sadie is the his oldest and upon his wife's death took over the household. And now, he keeps bringing home more children to take care of! She resents Wade and just when he thought things were getting better, a bitter betrayal occurs. Unable to ever hear the truth, tragedy strikes the house, and Wade leaves in his grief. Now 5 years later, he comes back to find his family in slight disarray and his feelings for Sadie much different. But does she return his affection? This story told in two separate periods, each with a different POV gives us that old time western feel. With the marshal, the old home, the loving home, I get that wonderfully warm Laura Ingalls Wilder feel, with a twist! Smarts weaves in that alpha male, and while the story is sweet, it does have those scenes that make you fired up and then melt. She includes not only wonderful main characters, but a supporting cast that you will fall in love with. From Clyde as the understanding father to Grace the lovable little girl, it's hard not to feel like part of the family. Narration by Matthew Keyes is perfect. He hones in on each character with a voice for each that brings out their personality. I love that he can go from a young child to an adult, from male to female with ease. I loved his performance and this is a story you will not want to miss.”
Handling Susannah “What a sweet and spanking fun historical western! Amelia Smarts does it again with her load able characters and original themes. I have read many mail order bride books, but this mail order groom book had me hooked from the beginning. Adam comes to the suck of Susannah in so many ways. Without giving the story away, we see Adam come in and literally turn Susannah's life around from bratty woman to humble wife. She has a lot of growing to do and Adam is able to help her through her dilemmas. I have to say, I always a cringe a little when the dominant cowboy comes in with the first spanking, but these heroes that Amelia Smarts creates always are such tender men you can't help but fall in love with them. Adam really encompasses so many wonderful qualities and tames his new wife, but I have to say the breakout scenes were the ones between Adam and Caleb. When a rough and tough character like Adam can relate to a small boy like Caleb, you know you have a swoon worthy man. Ken Solin is the narrator of this fun-loving book. I love his western twang and his slow paced drawl is just how I picture the old west. Perfect for Amelia's books.”
Catching Betsy “Talk about a fun listen, Amelia Smarts has done it again! I love this mail-order groom idea, and Betsy is a delight. Betsy is 18 years old and like her friend Susannah, has decided that ordering herself a groom is the way to find her soulmate. She catches the eye of Roderick, a successful architect in New York. He travels to her but what he finds is not exactly what he expected! With a few embellishments and Betsy's immaturity, Roderick has his hands more ways than one! I loved this story. The recurring characters of Adam and Susannah, along with their two children is a treat, plus we get to see that alpha presence that Adam is so known for. There were a few scenes that just brought a smile to my face, like with the blueberry pie starting the book off with a chuckle. Smarts infuses a little suspense into the story as well, giving a glimpse of the protective man Roderick is. Amelia's style of writing is charming and fun, and I can't wait for the next one. This is the first time I have listened to Jack Leonard perform a narration. I really enjoyed his voice, well paced and has a variety of characters that are easily distinguishable. Looking forward to hearing more from him.”
Justice for Elsie “There is never a dull moment in an Amelia Smarts book! I don't know where the ideas come from, but this historical western, with a woman in charge of a ranch is a pleasure to listen to. The heroine Elsie Fin, at the young age of 18, comes up with a vengeful plan to rustle cows from the one man that she feels killed her father. Mark Xavier's actions put Elsie's farm at risk, and now she plans on getting some compensation. She decides it's time to settle down, and puts in an ad for a mail-order groom. In the mean time, Wyatt Parker comes to her ranch and she hires him to help around the homestead. Their attraction to each other is apparent, but she doesn't know his real purpose for being there. The questions at this point is will their relationship bloom, will she land in jail for stealing the cattle and what will become of the groom she has chosen? So much going on, the listen is quick and satisfying. Smarts has a way of writing her characters with spunky personality and perseverance as well as sizzling chemistry, it's hard to put the book down! And Wyatt's way of keeping Elsie in Logan McAllister narrates this book with an ease and comfort that draws you right back to the time period. He gives Wyatt that alpha male voice to make you melt and the tenacity that Elsie needs to keep herself believable in a man's world. Great storytelling!”
Stolen Hearts “I loved Coming Home, so when i heard Book 2 in this series was coming out, I was thrilled! And it stands up to all my expectations! Bear was the party boy until his girlfriend got pregnant. Now a single dad, helping run the ranch and his car shop, he doesn’t have time for a real relationship. Then why does he feel the need to help Nita? Nita is running from something and can’t stop. But there is something about Bear and his family that has her grounded. This slow burn couple had me rooting for them from their first meeting. But that’s not all! While telling us Bear’s story, Kelly Moore slips in points of view from other members of the Calhoun family. Clem, Boone, Ellie Wyatt and Chet all play an integral part in the book. We get history and shenanigans, family bickering and unity, small town politics, high tension, smoking passion and all around fun. I am loving this series. It’s intricate, intelligent and filled with all the emotional pull that sucks you in and keeps you invested. Bring on Ellie, I am ready!! A new to me narrator, John-Michael Jalonen brings this gem to life. With a charming southern drawl, he gives Hear the charisma that made me fall for him. He has great pacing, adds the junior perfectly and glows between characters with ease. I enjoyed his performance.”
A Past Forgiven “A Past Forgiven is such a wonderfully written inspirational book! I listened in one sitting. This story is about Jess who is now at college, has a chip on her shoulder, and a past that is pulling her down. She meets Chad who also is struggling as he is working through some things that have happened to him. Together, these two find the way to happiness. It's a story of love and forgiveness, new relationships and redemption and a new starts. Lorana Hoopes has such a great way of tackling difficult topics and showing how faith can help you through. It's a great listen narrated by the author herself, letting us feel each emotion as she intends. The story of hope and healing makes your heart fill with love.”
Lawfully Redeemed “What happens when your drug addicted brother is wanted for a crime? Do you turn him in? Calvin is faced with this dilemma when his brother is being sought after by the police. When Calvin goes to search himself, he finds K-9 trained officer Dani, trapped under a tree. Even though he saves her life, there are still questions about Calvin's involvement in the crime. Will she search for the truth? Will their attraction get in the way? Hoopes realistically portrays a family's struggle with a member who has an addiction problem. From personal experience, I can sympathize with Calvin and his difficult decisions. It's hard to separate the addict from the person you love, and Hoopes delicately works through this. I love Dani, and her struggle being a woman on the force. It's tough working in a men's field, and she proves her worth. This couple has some obstacles, but with faith and love, Hoopes finds their happily ever after. Another fantastic narration by Lorana and an addition of the K-9 Lawkeeper series that is pure enjoyment.”
Her Second Chance Forever Groom “What would you do if you had a second chance at being with your first and true love? Mia has this chance. When Emmitt comes back in to her life 5 years after leaving her, she is extremely hesitant. A young widow with a 4 year old son, she has not only her heart to think about. But now in a situation where he can help her, she is immersed in his world. Will she give in and find the happiness they could have had? Now, it's not all on him. She carries secrets as well, things that will change both of their lives. This feel good story takes us into a that chance, It's not all roses and candy, there are life threatening situations, that will bring you to tears and years of pent up anger and frustration that need to be worked through. I love Hoopes's style, as she always is able to bring a message to think about after listening. Emmitt is quite a character, and as you get to know him and hear his story, you will understand how life can lead you down a path that may not be the one suited for you. It's a great self realization and a wonderful romance. Narrated by Lorana as well, we have the ultimate storytelling. I love that she is able to give her books to us as she hears them. They are always a treat.”
Illusion on Ice “Just what I needed! There are times when I need something to rejuvenate my listening, and I can always count on SR Grey to help me out. Her writing is smart, has a great story, a lot of humor and always that warm, passion that brings me back to loving romances. This 7th book in the Boys of Winter series is a little different, taking us to the World Hockey Championships with Noel. He meets the beautiful Maisey who has been stranded in Sweden by her less than caring mother. Determined to get back to the states, she is planning to use her feminine wiles on Noel to get him to buy her a plane ticket home. But things are never that simple! What wonderful characters these two are! I love Maisey. She is not only beautiful, but a little naive in her thinking. She is unassuming, finds herself swept up in what is Noel. Noel is just a wonderful surprise. I fell for him immediately. Not only a great athlete, but he is truly beautiful on the inside. This love story is sweet, spicy and all around full of humor and good feelings. I loved it! (Not so much Maisey's mom though!) I have never heard Avie Paige before this story and I loved her. She is passionate and has a great array of voices. I enjoyed her pacing and loved the way her voice pulled me into the story. I will be looking for more of her work!”
Tomboy “Sweet young adult story Cameron is a tomboy, like sports and most of her friends are boys. When her twin brother's best friend Jake is caught in her bedroom with another girl, she becomes annoyed, but is it because he was in her bed? Or is it because it wasn't her? This is sweet story of growing up, self realization and figuring out who you really are. I enjoyed Cam as she matured and realized what life would have in store for her. Her journey is one that I found easily relatable, and I fell back into that time of insecurity as a teen. With his family life and his mature outlook, Jake is more complex than I expected. Together, we get a little teenage angst and enjoy watching their relationship grow as they get older. Breakout character is Kyle, Cam's best friend. What a great personality he brings in! Sarah Sampino's performance of Tomboy is wonderful. I love her voice. She easily modeled her characters with that teen angst using voices that were a good fit for the age of Cam and Jake. I like her pace and style of narration, giving my ears hours of enjoyment.”
Theo’s Retaliation “There is nothing better than starting a book and getting sucked into the story from the first chapter. This anthology of short interconnected stories had me on the edge every minute! The first of the four books focuses on the relationship between Theo and Derrick Rebel. These two have been through a lot together, and their friendship is unbreakable. Next we have Fiona's story. We met her in the first book of this series, Rebel's Retribution, and we learn of her tragic life as a victim of human trafficking. The third and fourth novellas focus on finding Fiona and taking the ring down. It's action packed, heartbreaking and thrilling. Kelly Moore writes her stories with such passion and realism, it's impossible not to get involved in the books. I love the interconnecting stories, the characters I love and the ones I love to hate and how it all comes down at the end with some closure and some surprises! And she left me with just enough of a taste that I can't wait for Thorn's story! Brad Gilliam continues his narration of this series. He does an incredible job with the characters, focusing on their personalities and finding the best voices for them. I was totally wrapped up in the book, which only goes to prove what a great performance he is giving.”
Coming Home “Kelly Moore captures me every single time I listen to one of her books, but there is something extra special about this one. I am not sure what attracted me so much to it. It could be the second chance romance between Clem and Boone. It could be the incredibly strong woman Clem is, or the handsome, reluctant Boone. It could be the family dynamics of siblings and parents, hurt and love, anger and trust. It could be the crazy fiance, the evil villain or even the ranch itself. But what I think it is, is the magic all these things combined created. A real story, one that is easy to relate to. One where a woman decides what she wants to do with her life, no matter the consequences. It's the family that pulls together in times of crisis and the real love of a couple that stands the test of time. Moore has crafted a beautifully told story with all the emotions and feels. It will make you angry and frustrated, sad and crying, but most of all it will make you love and smile. I am looking forward to what is coming next with this family! Sera Sharr is a new to me narrator and I think Kelly Moore has found a gem. She made this story come to life, like a movie in my mind. Her voices are spot on, easy to distinguish and fit each character. And that Texas twang just fit the bill. I loved her performance and can't wait for more.”
The Scarlet Wedding “I always love to listen to Lorana Hoopes books. I know I will find a good story, a good message and will be feeling happy when I am finished. This is her first historical romance and I loved it! William and Emma's story is sweet and fun. These two are going to get married, but there seem to be obstacles being thrown in their way! William is called away to a dangerous situation which is making Emma very uneasy, and now there is another potential problem! Will this couple find their way to their happiness? Give it a listen! The characters are wonderful and we get a glimpse of what is up and coming! Narrated by Ted Doolittle, he gives us that feeling of the old west.”
Consumed “Give me a story with suspense and steam and I am in. Sara Fields always delivers, whether aliens or in this case vampires! This dark tale had me consumed the entire way through. Kassandra thought she knew how to handle a man like Marcos. But she didn't realize who he really was and why she was attracted to him! When she comes face to face with him, all bets are off. What he wants, he gets, and she can't stop him. But is he real? I have to say, the twists and turns in this story had me wondering all the way through. Marcos is a mesmerizing man, handsome, rich and powerful, but his true control comes through when he is with Kassandra. Kassandra is a tough one. I followed every move she made and the whole time, I was wondering what was real, what was a dream and would they finally unite! Fields does some incredible mind bending, infuses passion and hot scenes that are panty melting and will keep you wondering til the last scene! It's a fantastic listen. To deliver this book, a narrator that can pass on the darkness and give the mystery as well as the eroticism is key. Meghan Kelly is the perfect choice for this. She makes this story thrive, with the evilness of Marcos and the innocence of Kassandra. It all comes through in her performance with her inflections and cadence. I loved it!”
The Crown Prince “Have you ever wanted to just get away? Meghan is taking some time at Christmas to leave her apartment, awaiting her cheating ex to move out. She rents a home in Florida but little does she know, the owner is there! A good looking, arrogant man, Demetri works out an arrangement for them both to stay. There is something about Meghan though that Demetri can't ignore. A story like this is a lot of fun to listen to. The innocence of meeting up at first makes the characters really likable since it's not the draw of the Prince title that attracts Meghan to Demetri, and their chemistry clearly is strong. It's very sweet to watch how Demetri woos her and tends to her though she at times could be a little prickly. The best parts of this book though occur when Demetri is back at his home country. Meeting the family and the interactions with Nadine(his sister), Meghan and the King are indicative to the characters that Amber Burns has created. We get to see how unexpected love is truly the best for this couple. Accents in this story are important for the Royal family and the two narrators did a great job. I loved Curt Bonnem's voice for Demetri. He held that regal sound with the right touch of arrogance but was able to turn it around to a vulnerability that makes your heart melt. Nicole Blessing brought Meghan to life, voicing the hurt and frustration and eased it in to love and compassion.”
Burnt “This book had me at single dad romance. I love listening to stories where the single dad finds his happiness. There is something about a man with his child that makes the story more human. Travis is a firefighter, hurt on the job and returns to his hometown to settle his estranged father's estate. He drops his 12 year old daughter with his mom and when she sends him a selfie, he sees his old girlfriend, Sophie in the background. Little does he know that Sophie has been "waiting" for him all these years. This is a sweet story, the virgin woman who just could not find the man of her dreams since she had already found him and the man who comes back with the same thoughts. I really liked Travis, I found his character very real as he is dealing with his injury, the possibility of having to change careers, raising his daughter and getting his life together. Sophie is relatable, the spinster type of woman who just does not get out of her own way to find her happiness and in this case it works out for her when Travis comes back into town. I love her friend who dresses her, she keeps Sophie fresh and up to date. It's a fun and easy listen, and my first by Lacy Hart, so I will be looking for more by her! The narration by Juliana Solo and Daniel James Lewis is very good. They give the different points of view a good pace and the voices are easy to distinguish. I enjoyed both of their performances.”
Night at Key West “This is my first Craig A Hart book, and I loved it! A mixture of historical fact and fiction, this whodunnit had me guessing until the very end. Simon Wolfe, an aspiring author and detective, is hired to investigate the murder of his classmate's wife. Everyone becomes a suspect, and Simon is checking all possible people out, even the one who hired him! When the body goes missing, there is even more to evaluate, and the plot thickens. Ernest Hemingway makes an appearance, guiding Wolfe through his writing and his investigation giving us a glimpse into their lives and the times. I loved this story for the sheer fact that Wolfe is a normal guy giving it his best shot at figuring out this puzzle. We get to be right there with him, searching for the clues and trying our best to find the murderer. And what a surprise! Narration by Tom Jordan is always good, but I love him as he does the suspenseful mysteries. His inflection in the story is just as I would assume Simon would have and gives it that edginess to keep you guessing. Including an accent or two as well, he is a talent that gives the story total enjoyment for me and I loved listening to him.”
Just Say Yes “I love hockey romances, and this second chance romance fits the bill for fun! Samantha Lind's Just Say Yes, the first book in the Indianapolis Eagles series lets us fall in love with love. Becca and Scott were the perfect couple in high school. When it came time for Scott to play hockey professionally, Becca called it quits. Not able to deal with the separation or chaos of an athlete's life, she chose to get out. Now years later, they are both in the same town, and Becca is going to let nature take it's course. Will Scott still be interested? Will Becca find her way back to him? Will she just say yes? It's a sweet romance, with a few obstacles. Scott and Becca are likeable characters, easy to relate to and I found to be very realistic. The secondary characters add so much to the story, with advice and friendship. Books like this one are the perfect listen for my weekends, as it gives me all the feels. Lind scored big on her narration team of Tim Paige and Sarah Puckett! I loved their interpretation of the story. Paige gets the goal with his voice for Scott. He has that warm, loving voice that you can't help but fall for as Scott begins his pursuit of Becca. And Puckett skates in with a confident and easy to love heroine. Together, their dual narration is a winner for me and I really enjoyed it.”
Love Renewed “Did you ever wonder what would happen if you were reunited high school sweetheart? Second chances don't come around often. Kaitlyn takes a job for the interior design of a winter lodge. Her old boyfriend's mom is there, but she figures she will be gone prior to him coming home for Christmas. Dillon is tired of traveling and is coming home early for Christmas, and guess who he finds there! Now faced with memories and a surprise Dillon doesn't expect, will these two find their happily ever after? I loved this story. The flashback scenes give us a good understanding of the past and how it affects both Dillon and Kaitlyn. Lorana Hoopes writes her stories with faith and care, and this one is no exception. We feel Kaitlyn's hesitancy but her undying love for Dillon. And with the hint of suspense she adds in, it just gives the story that much more depth. Each of her books touch my heart and I love their warmth. Janine Granda narrates this story with entertaining voices. She adds just the write amount of inflections so we can feel and understand each character,and her children voices are amazing! Her performance enhanced the story and made it very pleasing to my ears.”
The Reality Bride’s Baby “I love catching up with characters and this short lets us see Tyler and Laney after the reality TV show. The two are having a baby, and boy are they happy. But as we know, pregnancy and birth is never as expected and this short has it's worries and smiles. I really enjoyed their journey to parenthood. Lorana Hoopes continues her narration of their story with her wonderful voice. There is nothing better than hearing the characters as you have come to know them, and she brings it all to life just as it is meant to be. I loved this quick listen.”
Love is War (The Clans Book 5) “This talented team of Elizabeth Knox and Iris Sweetwater will knock your socks off with this installment of the Clans. Rhys is sent to the Ukraine for redemption. He knows he has a lot to make up for, and setting up safe and successful trade routes is the least he can do. But what he finds is that he needs allies, and who better to become friends with than Vera. Vera runs the streets and is in the prime position to influence those that Rhys needs. What he needs now is a plan. Marry her and together they can help each other. Will it work to their advantage? What a story! I was entrenched in the drug war, felt the sadness and grief of losing people, the passion igniting between Rhys and Vera and couldn't help but love this power couple. They are fierce in their loyalties and their causes. It's a great installment to this mafia series and I look forward to the next in the series. Amber Bray gives an amazing performance as she narrates this story. She has a great male voice, and gives Rhys an edginess that keeps me alpha and strong sounding. She turns on a dime and becomes Vera with strength and tenacity. She engages the story and kept me interested.”
Ryan: The O’Connor Brothers, Book 2 “So, another O'Connor brother comes to light and now I have to decide if I like Ian or Ryan better! This story is more my speed, with the broody, hard to reach Ryan. He is attracted to Chris, but keeps getting in his own way when around her. The things that come out of his mouth both make me laugh and cringe! He definitely has some things from his past that are keeping him at arm's length. Chris has her own obstacles to overcome, and this man both is her main attraction and yet frustrates her to no end! Will these enemies find their way to being lovers? This was a fun listen, a little angsty, a lot of passion and I love the interaction with the family. The brothers are so typical, their banter is just like I know our house is, and the competitiveness between them is highly combustible. Chris is an interesting woman. A wonderful mother, it does seem like she is afraid to move forward, even 16 years later. These two broken characters find their way together, we can only hope they can put each other back again. The narration team of Ashley Taylor and Daniel Knight bring it all to life. Taylor is a master at her craft, loving her transitions to accents, she easily finds her way around the characters. Knight has an amazing voice, and I found that he seemed more comfortable as the narration continued. He has a little problem with the changes between characters, but I find both their voices fit well with the duet narration. I enjoyed this story.”
Melinda and the Wild West “What a gem this story is! I fell in love with Melinda and Gilbert and their journey to love. Melinda is heading west and finds herself in Bear Lake, Idaho. She is the teacher and finds the kids for the most part good, but Jenny Roberts is one that the others like to put down. Melinda sees something good in Jenny and takes her under her wing and helps to increase her self confidence. But that is not all! New in town, she finds herself in the midst of everything...a bank robbery, a bear attack and a blizzard that will change her life. Stuck in the Roberts home, Gilbert, Jenny's father and Melinda get to interact. She finds herself not only in love with Jenny ,but she falls for Gilbert too! But is Gilbert willing to give his heart away again? Linda Weaver Clarke writes a beautiful story of love with the history intricately woven in. It's historically accurate and full of little nuggets we get to hear. I love the interaction between Gilbert and Melinda. He is a broody man, and he really is a lot of fun to get to know. The reading of Black Beauty is one of my favorite parts! Carolyn Kashner does a wonderful job bringing this story to life and she has a great voice for stories in this time periods. I enjoy her singing of the hymns giving the listen a little infusion of the times. Melinda's story is a great start to Bear Lake, Idaho and I can't wait for the others in the series.”
Edith and the Mysterious Stranger “Western historical romances are a passion of mine, and Linda Weaver Clarke delivers Edith and the Mysterious Stranger straight to my heart. This is the second installment of the series, but can be listened to as a standalone. We meet Edith, who is a strong willed, independent woman with experience as a nurse. She comes home to help her cousin, Meredith who is having a difficult pregnancy. Now Meredith, her husband and Edith's mother have a contest to find Edith a husband. WIth the matchmakers working overtime, there is an abundance of suitors, but who will win Edith's heart? Good advice to get to know the heart of a man, Edith finds herself drawn to the one sending her love letters. But who is this man? I love this premise, the interaction of Edith reading the letters, and sharing them with Meredith. Trying to figure out who is sending them, and just the way these two get to know each other is warm and sweet. This is a story that will fill your heart with love and leave you happy. The narrations by Carolyn Kashner is done wonderfully She is well paced and I enjoyed her voices for the characters. I can't wait to hear more of this series!”
Jenny’s Dream “Jenny is looking to follow her dream of becoming a writer. When she comes home from college, she is begins her search for a job and considers possibly moving to another state. Will has recently come from the city and is setting down in Bear Lake. He is intrigued with Jenny. She is not your typical girl, has a reputation for being a better shot than many men and is well educated. These two begin to form a friendship, spending time reading and talking. But as the summer winds down, Will finds that he has fallen for Jenny and the thought of her leaving is unbearable. Jenny is truly a wonderful character. She has spunk and keeps Will on his toes. Will is sweet and I love the poetry the two share. The two truly grow together, from the picnics to the dance lessons, they will steal your heart while they go from friendship to love. The other part of the story that I really enjoyed was the hunt for the grizzly. What an adventure this bear took us on, and the suspense of his demise was heart stopping. This is a fun installment and I can't wait to see what Linda Weaver Clarke has in store in book 4 for us. Carolyn Kashner does a marvelous job with the narration of this book. I love her voices, and she has the perfect sound for the time period. She has a good pace and easily creates the distinguishable voices and personalities of the characters.”
Sarah’s Special Gift “David's return to Bear Lake to visit after working on becoming a successful businessman. His plan to not settle down yet because he is not in a financial position to support his family all changes when he meets Sarah. Sarah is a dance teacher with a disability. She is deaf, but does not let it stop her from living her life. Through this wonderfully written story, these two meld there lives together. I love both of these characters. David's ambition is one that I know many can relate to. We all have that vision of someday having enough, and his realization that it's time now to live his life is a lesson worth learning. He also has a great personality, with humor and is quite the jokester! Sarah is beautiful through and through. I love her determination to live her life normally. She does not let the deafness stop her. I found her strong, compassionate and loved her with David. The Bear Lake monster legend is perfect too! It adds an element of history and fun to the town and makes you wonder if it's really there! A great addition! The continued narration by Carolyn Kashner keeps me going as she has become the voice of Bear Lake. She does a wonderful job and adds to the enjoyment”
Elena, Woman of Courage “I have been watching John grow up over the course of the series, and am so glad we get his story. Elena is a probably my favorite of the female characters. She is a doctor, and this time period woman are not respected in the field. I love her spunk, her ambition and perseverance. She does not let anyone get her down and will do whatever needs to be done to keep the people in town healthy. John is smitten with her, but with his fear of commitment just can't admit even to himself the depth of his feelings. These two dance around their relationship until John runs from his feelings and goes to work in a mine. Will he be back? Will Elena be waiting or will she have moved on? In true Linda Weaver Clarke fashion, this story is full of love and community, good values and strong faith. It is a pleasure to listen to. Carolyn Kashner continues the narration. She has such a wide variety of voices, and in this book used men, women and children. I loved the teenage girls as well as the miners. A well developed repertoire making the story entertaining to hear.”
Sand Castle “This is a quick and easy listen with a few good messages and a romantic feel. Terri has come to stay in her parents' vacation home. She is in remission, and doesn't think she will ever find love again. When she wanders down the beach, she comes across Mr Leeds and Molly. She feels an instant pull to this man, but can these two really be together? With Linda Mooney narrating the book, she is able to give the book to us just as she meant it to be heard. There are a few twists and turns that lead to a great ending. I enjoyed this short, perfect for a walk.”
When Questions Abound “There is nothing better than listening to a book, then getting to hear it from another point of view. This is the companion story to Lost Memories and New Beginnings, and adds a whole new layer to the story. Jordan Graves is one of the first on the scene of an accident. The woman is taken to the hospital, but Jordan is feeling there is more to this than just an accident. Normally points of view between couples is given in today's contemporary style of writing, but I am loving this third party look at the story from the detective point of view. It lets us in on how Jordan dealt with Tia's memory loss and how he flushed out the suspects. It's a whole new perspective looking in and I love it! Narrated by Loranna Hoopes, she gives it to us exactly as she wants us to hear it. It's a treat to have an author talented enough to narrate and give the expressions the way she intended. This is a great story and it really adds to the original.”
Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not Book 2) “There is something about the way SR Grey writes that always finds a way to my heart and makes me want more of her style. The Judge Me Not series is one of those book series that has found it's way there. Chase and Kay had found their way to each other in book one, so now we have Chase's younger brother Will coming to visit, with his girlfriend Cassie. Life is good, things are looking up..til they are not. Will is young, and makes some irresponsible decisions that effect not only himself but Chase and Kay. Is there love strong enough to survive this bump in the road? Will Chase stay on the path of sobriety? And will he get to Las Vegas in time? I have to say, this one was a tough listen for me, I think because it is relevant to our times. The circumstances are common, and as I am pulled into their lives and am taking their journey, I can feel their uncertainty and pain, their love and commitment. It does end with a cliffhanger, so I am hoping the next one is out soon so I can see how this is going to end! I have some thoughts, and I need to know what is actually going to happen to Chase, Kay, Will and Cassie. Amber Bray continues her narration of the story with a haunting narration. The story is serious, and her inflections and voices carry the weight of the situation. I do enjoy have a consistent narrator for a series, and she brings the same voices for the characters as she had in book one letting us know who is talking, making it easy for us to keep going.”
The Dance “When I first saw the title, I thought this was going to be about a dancer. Then when I started the book, and we went to prom, I thought it was going to be about the dance. But I found out as I listened that this is about the dance of life. Bryson has her whole life mapped out for her. She marries her high school sweetheart and they are well on their way to creating their happiness. Only she didn't know the truth. Will is a man of appearances and while he likes Bryson, she is not the love of his life. When circumstances separate the two, Bryson is lucky enough to meet Hart. She knew him in high school and their attraction then still remains as strong years later. But will she find happiness with her second chance? This book had me frustrated, in love, happy, tearing and sad....every emotion you can think of, all signs of a great listen. Bryson both frustrated me and did me proud as she matured. She is a strong woman, much stronger than I thought and I love her compassion. Hart is the man we all want to end up with. He is passionate about life, knows what he wants and is caring and sympathetic. Will is the one that you love to hate, And end up loving. It's an unending dance and will fill your heart, empty and fill it again. Just keep that Tony Bennett playing and the dance never ends. Kelli Tager delivers an amazing performance. This is my first narration by her and I thought she was spot on with every character. She has a variety of voices and melded each personality to each voice.I will be watching for more of her.”
Montezuma Intrigue “This is another riveting adventure with John and Julia Evans! I can't get enough of these stories, not only for the mystery, but the history and family that it centers around. This one does have John and Julia in it, but it centers more on their children as they get involved in the artifact findings. The story revolves around finding the treasure of Montezuma, and the search is full of intrigue and danger. Is it guarded? Does anyone else know about the map that will lead them to it? And if they do, will they all come out alive? Yes, this is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You don't know who to trust. But this is not what kept my interest. I loved the story of Cristina and Joshua's history. What a beautiful story comes out as we get a glimpse into the Evans family. It's beautiful, happy, sad and just full of love. We also get to see more of Matthew and April, and spend some time with the twins who are full of spunk! And the final surprise of Julia and John's heritage is sure to make you smile! It's hard to believe how life works, how small the world is and how family is so important! It's a great addition to this series! Carolyn Kashner continues her narration, bringing it all to life. There are a lot of characters and circumstances, and she delves into each one, their own voice and personality. I found it completely entertaining and look forward to the next adventure.”
Mayan Intrigue “Linda Weaver Clarke is so good at writing these mysteries! While I really enjoy the story of Julia and John, I have to say, she whets my appetite for the history she includes in the story too! This one takes us to the Mayan Ruins and with Julia's keen sense for investigating finds them caught up in an artifact smuggling ring. It's full of suspense and adventure, a little romance with April and Matthew, the loving and adventurous relationship of Julia and John and some plot twists we don't see coming! I get so caught up in the scenery and the history, loving the reading of the gold papers and hieroglyphics. Then having injury and infection, fight scenes and bullets with protectiveness beyond compare, it's like an Indiana Jones movie in my mind! Carolyn Kashner continues the wonderful narration, keeping me engaged and enthralled as I wonder who I can trust and if they will survive! Another great listen”
Desert Intrigue “What a fun adventure! I love Linda Weaver Clarke's stories, each one catches me up in an adventure of fun, romance and suspense! This one had so much going on, and I loved every minute of it. Julia is a reporter, and she is trying to prove herself. When she stumbles across some fish that have died of cyanide poisoning after a horrible flood, she thinks she may have found her story. What she uncovers is much bigger than expected, and her adventure is fast paced, exciting and dangerous! This book is so much fun, it's underlying historical value as well as the story makes it such an interesting listen. But what I truly love is John with Julia. He is so supportive and loving, and goes on this trek with her to keep her dream alive and them both safe! With car chases, a little romance and the uncovering of artifacts, it has something for everyone! Carolyn Kashner gives a very good performance of this story. She has such an array of voices to share in the book, and each one is specific to the character. She brings out the personalities in each, let's us feel the suspense and helps us through the danger with her inflections and emotional pull. It was wonderful.”
Cadence: Untouched (Cadence Duet Book 1) “First love, first heartbreak, a love so strong nothing can break it. Or can it? Dakota Willink has taken me back in time to that feeling of finding your soulmate. Cadence never had time for a boyfriend. She is busy getting ready for college and working at Camp Riley with her parents. When Fitz comes to work at the camp from USC (this was funny!), Cadence knew to keep her distance. He is older, rich and definitely a bad boy. But as she gets to know this man, she finds out that things are not always as they seem. Willink captures that innocence of first love in Cadence. She is sweet, trusting and full of emotions, almost starry eyed. She wants to see the best in Fitz and has hopes and dreams of their future. I have to say that I really liked Fitz for most of the book. I thought he turned into a caring and passionate man, with infinite patience and even came through with truth and honesty. But will all these qualities help this couple? There are things that even true love cannot overcome! And these two end up with decisions to make that will effect their individual futures. With those decisions made, I cannot wait to listen to the second book to see where things end up! Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber narrate this story with care and emotion. From the start, Laurel gives Cadence just enough innocence to make her believable. She takes you into that time where you can remember all those feelings of love and happiness, right back to those feelings of hurt and despair. Webber gives Fitz that voice where you could feel the warmth and love from your first boyfriend. He makes you trust in what they have and feel his unhappiness life takes it's turns. They dually narrate the story with precision. You know that when the book is over and you still are feeling, that their storytelling was perfect.”
Run With My Heart “It's a skill to teach and entertain without realizing you are being taught and Lorana Hoopes has it in spades. This book has so many little lessons, all leading to the big one and I heard them all while I was falling for Tucker and Shelby. Tucker is a professional football player with an anger problem. When he goes to far, he is forced to do community service in a local center. Here he meets Shelby, and learns there is more to life than just him. Her faith is strong, and she loves her job. But will it be enough to help Tucker find his way? I love this book! The sports romance is a big draw for me, the unmistakable draw to helping others, and the finding of faith to help you through are just a few things that kept me enthralled. Hoopes narrates the story perfectly, letting us feel all the emotions. A great start to this series and I can't wait to see what else is coming.”
Heartbreaker Filthy Dirty Love, Book 1 “Hot and steamy from the start, Stacey Kennedy has a winner on her hands. Maddox and Joss first meet a year before in a quick, bathroom encounter, you know, the one night stand with no ties. Fast forward the year, and Joss is now through her police training and who should be her superior? After trying to ignore their attraction, they agree to a friends with benefits arrangement, but will that be enough? The chemistry between these two characters is evident from the first scene. Kennedy has given them both of them depth, coming from different pasts and having to overcome obstacles. I really enjoyed the back story of Maddox's father and his battle with Alzheimer's disease. Having a grandparent that suffered from this disease, she was spot on with the way it affects the patient on different days and how Maddox is able to learn to deal with it. This relationship is key to the final outcome for me, and I loved the way it was intertwined into this steamy story. The supporting characters of Amelia and Greyson were both a lot of fun. Amelia certainly has a way of stating things and Greyson appears aloof but intuitive. Can't wait for his story. Gideon H Welles portrays the dom in Maddox with such a warm but commanding voice, you can't help but get wrapped up in the narration. I love that he can easily switch between male and female voices, and does not use a high pitch for his female creating that fake sound with his baritone voice. His pace and flow with the characters was perfect.”
Skirt Chaser Filthy Dirty Love, Book 2 “Now this is a book that once I started listening, I could not stop. Greyson and Evie hooked me in and I had to keep going.Greyson's reputation as a skirt chaser proceeds him everywhere until he meets Evie. For the first time, he has a woman that he cannot keep off his mind. When Evie is set to go to her best friend's wedding, Greyson offers to go as her date for the weekend. Here the story really takes off. Between Evie seeing her ex-boyfriend and best friend getting ready to get married, Greyson's expectations in the bedroom(or out of the bedroom) and her own emotions, things are becoming very complicated. And not only for Evie. Stacey Kennedy has wrapped this book up with lust, compassion, love, commitment and lack thereof, wealth, family, friends, self realization and so much more. It's a book with so much heart, I completely fell in love with it. The narration by Gideon H Welles is spot on. He interprets these characters with the right amount of emotion and passion, the listener will get caught up in the story. His raspy, baritone voice is perfect for Greyson's sexy male dominance and at the same time is able to switch to strong yet emotional Evie. He is perfect for this book.”
Just Let Me Love You “Talk about a powerful story, this third book in the Judge Me Not series pulls you into the world of Chase and Kay once again. It picks up where we left off, with Chase being very concerned about his younger brother Will and going to Las Vegas to check on him. But going home holds so many memories and triggers for Chase that life comes to a head. We learn so much here about his past, getting a chance to know his mother and begin to understand him. Grey writes with a realistic view of suicide, drug use, learning to survive day to day, finding your soulmate, building relationships and and forgiveness. It's a journey that I found hard to hear at times, had me on the edge of my seat and filled my heart. The passion and true love Chase and Kay kept me going. I loved every minute of this series. It's an inspirational and rewarding listen. Amber Bray concludes the series with her narration of this family. I love that she continued the story giving the characters cohesiveness between books. She kept all the voices consistent, gave them personality and let us live through them with her performance.”
Her Strict Daddy “Barbara Goss does it again! Hope is a story of exactly that! Hope! Hope becomes a mail order bride. She and her new outlaw groom become part of wagon train, but before consummating the marriage, he is killed. Newly widowed Daniel and Hope each need a spouse to stay on the train. Will their marriage continue once they reach Oregon? I love these stories. Goss keeps them fresh with a completely new story line each time. This one was emotional. While Hope had no love for her first husband, Daniel felt his soulmate's death right down to his soul. I could feel his conflict and grief. At the same time, I loved how things moved and their paths changed. It's a story of faith and hope, and growing love. I absolutely adored the epilogue! Another beautiful story to add to my collection. Jessica Caruso is a new narrator to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed her narration. She has a good pacing and her voices are wonderful. She brings emotional tugs and light to the story and made it a very enjoyable listen.”
Hope “Barbara Goss does it again! Hope is a story of exactly that! Hope! Hope becomes a mail order bride. She and her new outlaw groom become part of wagon train, but before consummating the marriage, he is killed. Newly widowed Daniel and Hope each need a spouse to stay on the train. Will their marriage continue once they reach Oregon? I love these stories. Goss keeps them fresh with a completely new story line each time. This one was emotional. While Hope had no love for her first husband, Daniel felt his soulmate's death right down to his soul. I could feel his conflict and grief. At the same time, I loved how things moved and their paths changed. It's a story of faith and hope, and growing love. I absolutely adored the epilogue! Another beautiful story to add to my collection. Jessica Caruso is a new narrator to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed her narration. She has a good pacing and her voices are wonderful. She brings emotional tugs and light to the story and made it a very enjoyable listen.”
The Trapper “Just when I need a good listen, Barbara Goss releases an audiobook. A little bit of everything included, I was able to enjoy a slow burn romance, a little suspense, a new beginning and a lot of hope and love! When Joanna comes to Hayes to marry, she anticipates a young ranch owner, but is greeted with a drunk man, much older than she expects who owns a pig ranch. Escaping her certain fate of marriage, she hurts her foot and is rescued by Jared, a trapper who lives in a cabin in the woods. Can this be her destiny? I love a good old fashioned western, and Goss always makes sure I get a good flavor of that time period. With the old hotel, the saloon and even a gunfight we are transported back in time to enjoy this romance. Old flames, new flames and good family ties all thrown in, this is a feel good, warm hearted book. Susan Fouche does a spectacular narration of this book. Her talent is used to the max with the characters, from Joanna and Jared all the way to the town gossips! She has an incredible array of voices, and each one shines with personality. She is the perfect choice for this portrayal.”
I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not Book 1) “There is so much to say about this book, I don't know where to start! First, the title of this book encompasses this story so well. When I first started listening, I didn't know what to expect. Then I thought, oh, a book of redemption. But that is not what this book is all about. Chase Gartner is a recovering drug addict. Broken to the core, this man struggles day to day finding his center. When he bumps into Kay Stanton near the graveyard, he finds out his life is about to change. Kay may appear all put together on the outside, but inside she carries a secret, one that is slowly sucking the life out of her. Will these two people find a way to heal each other? I Stand Before You teaches us about love, not judging a book by it's cover, finding the good in people, learning to forgive and most importantly acceptance of who you are and themselves. I did find at times this was a little slow moving, but now looking back, I can appreciate the developing story of the slow burn relationship and learning to deal with their lives. It's not an easy listen, it's real, emotional, loving, frustrating true to life and that is what makes it so good! Amber Bray is the narrator, and while there were a few slip ups in the editing, I found her voice pleasant and enjoyable. She easily switches character and has a good pace. I enjoyed the story and will be looking to see what SR Grey has in store with book 2.”
All for One “Three stories of passion, alpha males and strong heroines, how can you go wrong? Mia Moon writes fun, erotic stories each with it's own theme. This series gives us high school crushes, hockey players and my favorite, cowboys all in reverse harem. While this is not my usual trope, I love to listen to things not normally in my range. This box set of several men to one woman is full of affection, intensity and devotion. The men in each case are attentive to the needs of their woman and put her first. While there are steamy scenes, I love how Mia integrates the emotional issues that come with polyamory, taking us with them as their relationships build. Lacy Laurel does an amazing job with the narration of these novellas. With so many characters, she effortlessly switches between the men. I love that each has their own personality and with her voicing makes it so easy to know who is speaking. She continually gives performances that are enjoyable and I love listening to her.”
Wrecked “I love these short listens in between my long angstier ones, as they really give me a quick jolt of fun. Adele Niles is a great novella writer and I am loving her Slippery Curves series. Well developed characters, realistic circumstances, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself with this one. Alex breaks down on his way to town, and Katy stops with her tow truck! What unusually wonderful circumstances to meet someone. Insta-lust and we are off with our story. I love how these two mesh, how easily the story flows and how it all ends up. I was pleasantly surprised how Niles pulled it all together in an hour! Randi Johnson's performance just adds to this story. His deep, raspiness adds to the tension building between Katy and Alex. I found his voices easier to distinguish in the episode and am really enjoying his performances. Will definitely be watching for more of his releases.”
Rebel “Chase returns home from his military career and needs to start civilian life. He becomes a cop, but soon into his new chosen path, it is decided to put him undercover into the Boneyard Brotherhood. Little did Chase know how this move would change his life. Like many veterans, Chase suffered mentally upon his return, and really had no idea how severe. When put in this Club, he finally found a sense of understanding and belonging. With his partner Tara, both at work and home he has to make decisions. Will he be able to take down this Club that he has grown attached to? Will he warn them of impending arrests? Will he be found out and extracted? There are many questions that are in this story, but the wrap of the situation is well thought out and executed. Amber Burns understands this kind of situation, and writes a compelling drama with a splash of romance bringing much needed attention to our veterans. I love the brotherhood and how they look out for each other, it's a true testament to their ties and commitment. I also enjoy the interaction of characters from the previous two books, especially Cole, the tough enforcer that he is! This is a great addition to her series. Continuing narration with the same voice is always a pleasure. We get to know the characters by that voice, and for this story, Gideon Welles is key. His raspy, deep sound is perfect for these incredibly, masculine men of the brotherhood.”
Overhaul “Not your typical MC romance, this book is a pleasant surprise. Amber Burns has a way of integrating a not so ordinary romance with the hurdles a veteran has to live with when hurt in combat. Sid returns from an IED explosion several years before and has adapted to civilian life with his disabilities. He meets Maddie, and he knows right away, he is "going to put a ring on it!". I love it when there is love at first sight. Sid is a complex character, with his rough, soldier exterior, it's thought that he will be a tough man to get to know. His vulnerable side is evident and endearing, Maddie cannot help but fall for him. He is honest and forthcoming with his feelings. Maddie is a little harder to get to know, though as she warms up to Sid, her wildcat side comes out. The twist and turns this book takes keeps the book interesting as well as romantic. There is trouble inside the MC Club and circumstances wreak havoc with Sid and Maddie. I love how Amber Burns is able to tie all these threads together and give the story real depth. Gideon Welles is the narrator for this book. His raspy, baritone voice is perfect for Sid. He also has a good range of characters both male and female with discernible characteristics for each. He is fast becoming an autobuy narrator for me!”
Inked Passions “Opposite sides of the track romances are always intriguing. Amber Burns writes a story of Cade, a tattoo parlor owner who falls hard for Cindy. Where does he meet her? She is a nurse in the hospital and after an altercation resulting in a stab wound, she takes care of him. The attraction is immediate, and with a mutual friend's wedding coming up, they have the chance to see each other. But will their differences be too much for Cade to win her over? At first I thought this book was just going to be your everyday romance, but there are some very emotional scenes that made me love it. I fell for Cade with his protectiveness and love not only for Cindy, but as we lived through is grief. Cindy's parents made for some great frustration, and added real depth to the story, and the surprises at the end just made my heart sing. Narrated by the talented Meghan Kelly, I knew I was going to enjoy the story. She brings her books to life with her voice. I loved her performance as always.”
Enforcer “I love veteran stories, and Amber Burns continues her Boneyard Brotherhood series with the next war hero, Jeremiah Cole. Cole is brought into the Club as the Enforcer, making sure all of the members abide by the rules of the club. One night he is injured, landing him in the ER, where he meets Dylan Yates, his nurse. There is instant chemistry, and she later checks in on him at his home. These two have some real fire between them, and their scenes are hot. I do wish they had gotten to know each other a little more, I think their story would be more enticing. With that being said, the story continues and their love grows. Burns also has a really good balance in the story with the business of the club, where we get to see Cole(as well as Dylan) in action. She does leave us with a slight cliffhanger, and it makes you just want book 3 to see where things are going to go next. Gideon Welles is perfect for this alpha male type of book. His gravelly voice gives the perfect masculine, edgy sound while he seamlessly switches to the female voices. He makes listening easy.”
Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives Book 1)Conquered: “When I was asked to listen to a sci fi romance, I was hesitant. Will it be cheesy aliens and spaceships? Not sure I was ready for that, I dug into my first book by Sara Fields and fell in love. Not only does she capture the essence of sci fi in this reverse harem, but she writes the eroticism with class and true feeling. The Vakarran have taken over earth, and are taking human women as their breeders. Kyra is a human female, taking care of her sisters, and is a true fighter. She is a warrior the Vakarran want to stop, but she has alluded their capture. When she is tricked though, seizing her is not only a surprise, but she has the necessity to escape. The four men have another plan for her. Zaavyr, Jax, Coltan, & Aedan are going to break her down and make her theirs. She will submit! Each man with his own traits, slowly breaks her down. But what isn't expected is the depth of their feelings for her. When danger does comes to her, will these men save her? Will they let her go? The story is full of passion, steam, and an underlying plot to keep the Vakarran on top. It's told in 5 points of view and will keep you entranced the entire time. Heather Firth is amazing at storytelling. This book with it's 5 points of view, 4 of them being male was easy to listen to, we knew who was speaking and flowed effortlessly. I really enjoyed her narration of the story and can't wait for the next in the series.”
Ravaged: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives Book 3) “Ravaged! This title says it all.Danika has remained hidden from the Vakarran for quite a while. Afraid of the things she has heard they do to women, she is shocked and hurt when human men attack her. Now in the care of 4 Vakarran men, she is being put back together, loved and taken care of. But how could this be? Will she see her sisters? And what of the last sister still in hiding? This reverse harem book does not disappoint. This story keeps building, and besides getting to know these four Vakarran, we are enjoying the build up to taking down the regime. There is definite dissension and I can't wait to see what Fields has in store for the final sister and her part. It's passionate, erotic and very exciting! Heather Firth continues the narration of the is series with her talented voices. I love continuity, and she brings it all together. Not only do we have 4 new men, but she is able to pull the voices from previous books in for the characters that are included. Her voices are so easily distinguished and she makes the listen so easy and enjoyable. Always a pleasure to hear her narrations.”
Surviving Eden “Surviving Eden, the title caught my eye, but the book was nothing like I expected. Theo is a well known psychiatrist. He is going to help Eden, the daughter of his best friend after the untimely death of her parents. He had no idea the attraction that would be there between them, and was forced to confront his own ethics. He can't have a relationship with his patient, yet he can't stay away from her. This moral dilemma is one that Theo is fighting, he could ruin his career. But despite this relationship, there is a lot of backstory and history of the two that goes into their character building. I loved this part of the story, the making of the person is so interesting and gives me the feelings needed to understand their motives and decisions. With the search for Eden's birth parents and the Theo's surprise, an underlying angst and feeling of suspense lies in background too. All woven together this is a good book. Heather Firth narrates this book, and it's my first listen by her. I loved her voice! She has a warm tone with the perfect pace. With distinguishing voices for each character, she is able to produce both male and female voices with ease. She made the story enjoyable to listen to .”
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate “Sometimes a good laugh and romance is just what I need to listen to. This book came at the right time. From the start, I knew Charley was the man for me. Borderline OCD, he loves to have his orderly life always in line. I can totally relate. In comes Evie, the new tenant. She is beautiful, but nothing like Charley. While he is driving her crazy with his rules, she is pushing his boundaries and wreaking havoc on his life. It's incredible foreplay to a steamy, hot and ideal romance. These two have banter that left me laughing out loud. From the inappropriate gnomes(who came up with this hysterical idea?) to the romantic dates, to dinner with the parents, this story is off the charts original, funny and charming. Evie and Charley are great characters, with realistic flaws and practical problems. They are easy to relate to and made this listen so much fun! Heather Firth is the incredible narrator for this book. She is fast becoming a go to narrator for me. With her ability to switch between roles of male and female characters and her comedic timing in this book, she made the listen fly by and some of the best entertainment I have listened to lately.”
Rewriting the Rules “Aurora is a romance author whose writing has gone stale. Donovan, her publisher has the solution to jump start her career again. What a fun listen this one is! If you love a little daddy dom, some spanking and passionate scenes, this book will definitely fit the bill. Aurora is a complex woman. While at times I found her brattiness tiresome, I knew it was a defense mechanism to protect herself. Once we find out her story, it all makes sense as to why she is in the state she is in. Donovan is overpowering. His alpha protectiveness and ability to know what Aurora needs is the key. I love his character, though his instalove is a little surprising. I would have liked the two to get to know each other a little more outside of their sexual relationship. The two have intense chemistry and it's a hot listen. Narrated by Jack Calihan, his voice is good for the alpha male. At times I found it hard to distinguish his female voice, but for the most part, his performance was pure entertainment.”
Island Desire “A quick and erotic listen, this one will keep your mind hot and in the tropics! Melissa recently had her heart crushed, and decided to go on a vacation by herself. What better way to spend it than with a complete stranger! Brad finds Melissa asleep on the beach, and wakes her to keep her from least from the sun! Lexi Lovelock packed this short full of hot, sexy scenes sure to awaken your senses. Jack Calihan brings it all to life with his warm, baritone voice, giving us the passion and the feels. It may be short, but you will be satisfied!”
Rip Cord: The Complete Trilogy “The high school nerd and the popular jock, not an unusual pair. While in high school, nothing ever happened, but 10 years later at their high school reunion things would change. Rip is struggling on his football team, the ultimate bad boy and finds comfort and passion with Gil. Thinking it was only a one night stand, Gil was excited to get the call and spend the weekend with Rip. And their relationship begins to build. I am not normally an MM listener, but when this story came out, I was intrigued. I love the character of Rip. He is the ultimate hunky man, but is so tortured by his secrets. At times I felt Gil needed a little more backbone, but reflecting on the story, I think he was able to give Rip what he needed to become the man he is supposed to be. With hot, erotic scenes, love and understanding, Jeanne St James has written an enjoyable listen. This is my first narration by John Solo, and I loved his voice for Rip. I did think he gave Gil a pretty weak voice, and while his character is more introverted, I would have liked him to have a little more confidence. His pace was great and he gave the men just the right amount of emotions.”
Damaged “This is my first Jeanne St. James book and it is definitely not my last. With just the right amount of suspense and steam, St. James has brought together two characters, each with their own damaged past. Mace comes home after being deep undercover with the FBI. He needs to ease back into his own reality and recover from a serious injury. When he walks into his house, he expects to see his sister, but instead meets Colby. Colby is house sitting for Mace's sister while renovating her own house. She is trying to start her life with a clean slate away from her abusive past. When brought together, will these two damaged souls be able to heal each other? I love these two characters, each showing how their pasts do not define their future. As the two grow close, and their attraction ignites with passion and steam, St. James creates a romantic suspense thriller you will not want to miss! B.B. Franklin narrates this story and brings the action to life. She has a great pace, and I enjoyed her female voices. Her male voice was very good, but sometimes the differentiation between male characters in a scene was not clear. I did love her emotion and suspense filled inflections.”
Her Bossy Daddy “4 out of 5 stars Profile Image for PATRICIA PATRICIA 06-13-19 Littles I love being taken out of my comfort zone, and this story does just that. Her Bossy Daddy is the story of Liam and Lacey. They are an online couple, never having met personally and now find themselves face to face at work! Liam is Lacey's new boss, and their chemistry is palpable. But will their online relationship translate to real life? Adaline Raine has taken today's dating and put the twist of age play into the center of it! Lacey is a character I had trouble connecting to, at times immature and just bratty. Liam has that real feeling of protectiveness which I love. But not only is this a daddy book, but it has an interesting side story as well. It's a quick listen, steamy, and fun. Jack Calihan narrates this with a raspy,Irish accent. With his voice, you feel Liam's take charge personality both at work and at home. He makes this an easy, enjoyable listen.”
The Commander’s Mate: The Ramelian Saga, Book 1 “Alien mates are not my typical listen, but being a fan of Jack Calihan, I thought I would give this one a try and I am glad I did! It's short, but too the point! Grayson sees Izzy and knows right away, she is his mate. Taking her from her natural surroundings thought, she is quite the handful. Who wouldn't be? Will she finally come to terms with her new life, her dominating man and submit? This is fast paced, has some very romantic scenes as well as lots of steam. It's a fun listen, sure to keep you entertained and swooning for your alien mate! Jack Calihan definitely made this listen for me. His voice was the perfect combination of soothing and dominating while portraying Grayson, while fiesty and submissive as Izzy. He really delve into the role and made us feel the push pull of their relationship. Lots of fun.”
Taming His Cowgirl “Give me a good western romance and I am hooked. This is my first book by Delta James, and I loved it. Not only does it have a good story, but the passion meter is high and the choice of narrator spot on! We meet Sierra, who's father has recently passed away. Figuring she would inherit the ranch after working it for several years, she is surprised to find control given to her ex-fiance Ryder. And their story continues. We get a great second chance romance, full of feistiness, spankings and chemistry. James has woven this story to be not only hot, but had some real life issues, like saving of wild horses. I love when an author includes something like this, it gives the story a realistic base as the couples search for their happiness. While at times I was frustrated with the amount of control Ryder wanted, I loved that Sierra gave up her spunky ways. It's a fun listen and I am looking forward to book 2. Now, with a book like this, narration is key, and the choice of Jack Calihan is perfect. He brings this story to life with his voice, full of alpha male in one breath and spunky female in the other. I enjoyed his pacing and he had me sucked into the storyline.”
The Commander’s Daughter: The Ramelian Saga, Book 2 “After listening to The Commander's Mate, I knew I was going to have to see what happens to their daughter Melody. This spunky girl is going to be hard to tame, but with Liam, she has met her match. Melody is not happy to be betrothed to this man, but there is much she needs to learn, and he is there to teach her! Morganna Williams again gives us a passionate, erotic romance. It gives us more of look at the Ramelian race and how things are changing. Liam is a strong and incredibly alpha male that is hard to resist, and his subduing of his mate is going to leave you breathless. Narrated by the talents of Jack Calihan, the story is sexy and panty melting. He brings out that over protective side of Liam and adds a layer of warmth to him even when you think there isn't one there! His voice brings this story to life.”
A Bride for Nathan “Whenever Barbara Goss releases an audio, I can't wait to listen. This one has taken my heart! Nathan is a soldier, wounded in the line of duty. Not expected to live, his best friend Ben suggests he marry his sister, Allie so that Nathan's daughter will be well taken care of. Marriage by proxy, Allie becomes his wife, but ends up going to his home prior to his death. And with the help of good care, a fighting will and love, Nathan recovers! But now what will happen? I fell in love with this couple. Nathan is a broken man, a young widow and has had trouble with relationships. Allie is convinced that she should be a spinster, but truly loves her new stepdaughter and feels at home with Nathan. The two have issues well beyond their own relationship. Will their faith guide them to be together? It's a lovely story, and it is a smart, loving and well written listen. Leonor A Woodworth brings this story to life. I love anything she narrates, always full of emotion and paced perfectly. I love her array of voices and she can portray characters in a way that I feel that I know them. She does a wonderful job with Nathan and Allie, and she is spot on with their daughter! Loved it!”
Daddy Takes Charge “Amelia Smarts does it again with Daddy Take Charge. Each time I have the opportunity to listen to one of her books, I fall for the whole situation, lock,stock and barrel. This story brings together to people who have known each other for years. Jackson employed Lydia's father for years, and now feels a responsibility to keep her on at his ranch until she leaves for college. These two are like oil and water, bringing not only the sexual tension to an all time high, but the daddy in Jackson. Smart write with strong women and Lydia is spunky and smart. She is a fun to watch evolve into a confident woman who loves with her whole heart and a spanked bottom! Jackson is overprotective, bull headed and the one of the best male characters Amelia has written. This sweet, sassy story brings love, compassion and a firm hand to the warmth of your heart. Matthew Keyes is a new to me narrator and I enjoyed his performance. He does Jackson with that alpha protectiveness, definitely giving him that daddy feel. He can then change and provide Lydia with the young, brattiness that she brings in to be tamed. He gives us an enjoyable listen!”
Say You Won’t Let Go “There are those times when you are pulled into a story and can't stop listening just so you can find out how it will end. There is no reading the ending early with an audio book, and I am so glad I was able to take Keegan and Shea's journey. Keegan lost his wife in a tragic accident, leaving him with a baby. He does his best by his daughter, leaving her with his parents while serving in the military. He never got over his first love, and now is shocked when Shea, an acquaintance of his comes to town to see she is his wife. Or is she? This is a story of love found and lost, coincidence and unusual circumstances. I was taken in by Keegan. His devotion to his wife, and now to Shea is so enveloping, I could feel his warmth and love. I was surprised, at times frustrated and loved Shea. It's incredibly hard for her, making decisions, learning new things about herself and falling in love. It's another epic love story, breaking your heart and putting it back together given to us by Kelly Moore. Narration by Miranda Mendius is spot on. It's my first listen by her and I think she nailed it. Moore's Epic Love Stories Series is very emotional and Mendius delivers. Each voice is perfect for the personality, each inflection felt by the listener. I really enjoyed her performance.”
The Best Part Of Hello “New to me author Hollie Armstrong has written an action packed, coming of age story. Kayla and Evan are on their senior class trip to Italy when a horrible storm hits. Now stranded in the airport, this unlikely pair come together to help others and in the end really save each other. I loved this story for a couple of reasons. Armstrong has woven in the childhood friends into teenage years and how times and relationships change. Peer pressure,different interests and just growing up all leads to new feelings. It also adds in the dynamic of people teenage relationships as we see Kayla and her boyfriend and Evan and his good friend who is a girl. We get to experience all of this as it brings our own frame of reference to such times. She also adds in some witty banter, gallantry and real feelings of growth and love. It's a wonderful story. Sarah Sampino gives an excellent performance of this story. I love her voice, and she has a great talent for being able to switch between the male and female voices. I really thought she did well with the teen voices, giving them the credibility and feelings that teenagers have. A great listen!”
Stray Magic “If you are looking for a light, funny and romantic twist on a fairy tale, Jackie Bouchard has one for you. Cara, a divorcee, is trying to get her life together. She is looking to change jobs, her daughter is getting ready for college, and she is ready to find a boyfriend. When she meets Vincent, her fairy godfather, things may now begin to look up! But will they? With an ex and his fiance, lots of pups to adopt and their potential masters, and the upcoming ball, Cara has a lot to keep her mind busy. Bouchard has laugh out loud scenes in this book, some really wonderful characters and a lesson on self realization and confidence. Narrated by Aisling Gray, each character is brought to life with such enthusiasm, it is hard to stop listening! She has great comedic timing and many distinct voices(I really loved Lou!). I will be watching for more by her.”
Goofy Newfies “Lily, a recent widow moves into a new place to start her new life.. Her neighbor's dog keeps breaking in, and from there we meet Donovan, the Newfoundland puppies and an array of quirky characters.The dogs certainly wind their way into our hearts as this couple gets to know each other. Van had his hands full with Lily, but those dogs kept things light. Audra Cook gives a great performance as usual with her wonderful voices. A quick, fun listen!”
Garnet’s Gift “A book like this makes me think about how simple life was back in the 1800's. Garnet is wishing for her house full of kids, but while she has the burden of responsibility to help her widowed mother, she will enjoy her job as a teacher. The Sheriff in town, Noah has taken a liking to her, but he is not looking for a relationship. Theses two enjoy getting to know each other without texting and cellphones, but by spending time together,.. as friends. But we can feel the chemistry as it builds. And when a misunderstanding comes to light, we will see if their budding relationship is strong enough to handle it! I really enjoyed this short story, with the townspeople, how they come together and of course the gossip. Narrated by Lorana Hoopes, we get to enjoy not only her many voices and inflections but her beautiful singing voice as well. It's a fantastic listen.”
What the Dog Ate “Every once in a while, I need a good chick lit book to keep me entertained. When this one popped up, I jumped on it. After all, look at that cover! What a cute dog! Kona is Maggie's dog and her most trusted friend. After her husband, Dave was caught cheating on her in the funniest way possible, Maggie finds herself wallowing in her own pity. But now she is going to pick herself up and get her life back on track. With a group of characters that are both endearing and funny, we get to take Maggie's journey to find her happiness. Bouchard has given us a story with so many great qualities. Maggie has a supportive brother, and some new friends to help her through. She is figuring out what she wants in her life, should she have kids, is her new boyfriend the man for her, should she keep her current career. On her path to self awareness, we get to laugh, cry and most of all love with Maggie. Narrated by Aisling Gray, the story flows and the time flies by. Gray does a wonderful job with all of the character voices, but most of all, I think she gets the story's essence through the narration. I felt like Maggie is someone I know, and could understand and relate to her. It's a wonderful listen and I highly recommend it.”
Embers of Hope “What an emotional story this is. Embers of Hope focuses on Savanna and her daughter coming back to town after her best friend, Cassie's husband dies in a fire. She is ready to start her new life in her old town, but there are many issues she needs to overcome. Jason, the fireman who saved her several years earlier quickly becomes the man she wants to be with, but the two know there are obstacles in their way. And we have Cassie, dealing with her loss and trying to make sense of her life without her husband. James takes real life issues and has transformed them into this love story, including grief, a slow burning love and second chances at happiness. I especially love Aubrey, Savanna's daughter. Her relationship with everyone she encounters truly makes the scene shine. Anneliese Rennie gives this story the narration it deserves. There is pain, guilt, hope, fear and happiness all wrapped up in this story, and each emotion is played out so the listener can feel them and is a performance to enjoy.”
Losing A Piece of Me “My second KB Andrews listen and I was sucked in for 7 hours. This second chance romance is one that grabs you from the moment it starts and keeps you on the edge. Lex left home 6 years ago and has been summoned home to attend her sister's engagement party. Arriving in town is tough, Lex left with unfinished business and secrets she just cannot share. Stryker is still pining after Lex, even though she left with no goodbye. His love for his high school sweetheart is unconditional and never ending. When these two see each other for the first time after all these years, the chemistry is thick, the tension high and you are just waiting for ice to break. But as expected, life is never that easy. Lex has a difficult family and things go from bad to worse. Stryker is not going to let her go so easily this time though. I loved their history, the glimpses of flashback we get to see how the two got to where they are, the circumstances of their childhoods and the secret that may blow up any chance of happiness they have. The secondary characters in the families really bring the out so much in the personalities of the couple too, giving the story real depth. This second chance romance is full of angst, high emotions, crazy family turmoil and a twist I didn't see coming! Sarah Puckett's talented voice gives this story life. I think her narration is flawless. She can seamlessly switch between characters, and I find her narrating voice very soothing. her ability to inflect the emotions in this story as well as the heat is perfect and gives us the perfect movie in our minds as we listen.”
Asher Black: The Five Syndicates, Book 1 “Asher Black...the name exudes power...and Lucy finds herself in the clutches of this mafia "fixer". After getting herself in a situation with Asher, she has to make a decision. Save her life or become the fake fiance of the famous Asher Black. The story of the Asher and Lucy is a lighter listen to me, and as we get to know the complexity of their characters, it is more of a love story. Having a strong lead female is always a plus, and I found Lucy to be a great character. She never backs down and her amusing banter makes for a fun listen. Asher, the broody alpha, is harder for me to warm up to, but by the end, is likable. There are several themes in this that are interwoven really well, like family not having to be blood, protection of those you love as well as making sure you complete your education. Underlying subjects like these create the great back stories we love to hear about the characters. I do look forward to more of these character driven books(Lucy's bodyguard would be an entertaining one!). Lacy Laurel always gives a performance worthy of listening to. Her well paced voices are perfect for the setting of this story. She has distinguishable voices for her characters, letting us know who is speaking and makes the story enjoyable”
Meridian File “I love to find new authors and when I was recommended this romantic suspense IK jumped on it and I am so glad I did. Mason has been hired as a bodyguard to protect Aurora, a famous tennis player. She is trying to come back after an almost career ending injury and now she is being stalked. But what the two do not count on, is the attraction they have for each other. Mason needs to keep his distance, and Aurora just wants to be closer. Will his feelings interfere with her protection? Will she continue to play? Mason's character is so interesting. His military background definitely plays a lot into his personality, but I do love the banter has has with Aurora. I adored Aurora. Her tenacity and ferocity is admirable. Samet writes with just enough suspense to give us a thrill, adds a little bit of romance and gets us ready for more of the Rider files. Matthew Keyes enhances this story with his fantastic narration. I really enjoyed his voices and ability to transition between characters. It's a busy book and he keeps it all together, with just the right amount of emotion and action in his voice to give us the perfect settings. It's a great performance.”
When he Returns “Wmelia Smarts book, When He Returns was just what I needed! I love historical western romance, and this one delivers it and so much more! Wade is a 14 year old boy, caught in some trouble. When the marshal brings him home to add him to his family, Wade is belligerent and will do anything to not fit in. Until he does. He becomes a productive family member, loved by all except the marshal's daughter Sadie. Sadie is the his oldest and upon his wife's death took over the household. And now, he keeps bringing home more children to take care of! She resents Wade and just when he thought things were getting better, a bitter betrayal occurs. Unable to ever hear the truth, tragedy strikes the house, and Wade leaves in his grief. Now 5 years later, he comes back to find his family in slight disarray and his feelings for Sadie much different. But does she return his affection? This story told in two separate periods, each with a different POV gives us that old time western feel. With the marshal, the old home, the loving home, I get that wonderfully warm Laura Ingalls Wilder feel, with a twist! Smarts weaves in that alpha male, and while the story is sweet, it does have those scenes that make you fired up and then melt. She includes not only wonderful main characters, but a supporting cast that you will fall in love with. From Clyde as the understanding father to Grace the lovable little girl, it's hard not to feel like part of the family. Narration by Matthew Keyes is perfect. He hones in on each character with a voice for each that brings out their personality. I love that he can go from a young child to an adult, from male to female with ease. I loved his performance and this is a story you will not want to miss.”
The Turning Point “This may be short, but it's packed with a great story. We meet Teri, who was severely injured and now is facing a career change. Coming home may not be the best idea, family just doesn't understand. Until she turns to Seth. It's quick, but powerful and makes me want to listen to the others in this series. My first M Garzon listen, narrated by Heather S Auden, who does a remarkable job and it will not be my last!”
The Secret Diary “A little twist to this historical romance, we meet Betsy, homeless and unemployed. After going to church to pray for help, she finds herself now the companion to Wilma who is traveling to see her grandson Noah. Not only is this a miracle for Betsy, but this match is integral to our story. Wilma is a spunky woman, and while older and in need of some assistance, I love her sage advice and grandmotherly way with Betsy. Having Noah as her grandson is just icing on the cake! Noah and Betsy's first encounter is rocky, but will they find a common ground? These two have sparks that ignite, but we can only hope they turn passionate! Betsy's journey to find out about her family is not only eye opening, but has elements of surprise We meet all kinds of people, root for the good, set the bad to rights and enjoy Betsy. Narrated by Lili Dubuque, we get the best of all these characters, from the grandmothers to the outlaws. She paces the story well and I really enjoyed her voices. Full of action, family conversations and growing love, we get a little of everything through her performance.”
Wanted: A Trusting Heart “The Silverpines series is so wonderfully written, and Dawn's story really is one that translates through time. Dawn is a Chinook who lost her parents, and was given to a white family as a slave. She was not treated as a slave, but as a member of the family. When Jake shows an interest in her though, she feels that her heritage would not be accepted as a mixed marriage. Luckily, Jake thinks differently. This story is short, but full of well developed story lines! Mercy, a beautiful woman looking for a husband, sets her sights on Jake. Her actions greatly affect the outcome of Jake and Dawn, and not in the way Mercy expects. The Chinook connection that Dawn makes also shows the traditions and values the tribes have. It's eye opening to see how they view mixed marriage and what they will do to keep their woman. It's action packed, full of suspense and a wonderful ending. Narrated by Persephone Rose, the story flows with smooth, melodic voices. Rose does an amazing job with the different voices and accents with the characters. I look forward to additional narrations”
Autumn at Apple Hill “I love small town romances and this one fits the bill perfectly. Elise has moved back home to run her family Bed and Breakfast. It has been her dream, and newly divorced sees this as her fresh start. When Luke comes in with his smug attitude, they clash immediately. But the more time they spend together, the more the air changes. This book has such a wonderfully warm feeling to it. You just want to visit this place and delve into the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the peacefulness. Elise is the person you would love to have as a friend. Her personality is warm and loving. Luke has some rough edges, but once smoothed out, he proves his worth. There are definitely some issues between the two. But that is what makes a great story. Ellington also adds in some funny scenes, like Elise and the biscuits...but you will have to listen to hear it! This is a great afternoon listen, relaxing for the weekend. I have never heard Emily Coupe before and found she has a very pleasant voice.She has a variety of voices and for the most part it's easy to tell who is speaking. There are a couple of places it does get a little murky and then clears up again. Her pacing is good and she adds a lot to this story.”
The Power of Prayer: A Clean Second Chance Romance “Lorana Hoopes writes beautiful romances, and in this one she tackles some controversial subjects with grace. We meet Callie, who is absorbed with getting ahead. When she is left at the alter by her fiance, she decides to go away. Not in the best frame of mind, her decisions are not the best, except for one. She meets JD, and this man has the potential to change her life. As all the chaos is going on in her life, Callie's mother starts a prayer chain for her. And from there, we get to see how things play out for this troubled woman. Hoopes has a way of writing that instills faith in God, and gives us a feeling of hope. There are some scenes that are troubling, but as I listened, I found the message Hoopes wants to send. Callie is someone I found relatable, and my heart went out to her. JD is a strong man, and has definite values. He is sure of his feelings and I love that. It's a great story with a wonderful message. Narrated by Hoopes, we get the full effec”
The Producer’s Unlikely Bride “When total opposites attract, are there always sparks? Margie, the reservation taker always takes her cue from a higher authority, but in the case of Justin and Ava, she believes it to be true. When these two are double booked into a cabin, we get to see if she is right! Lorana Hoopes has a gift when she writes, creating warm, loving stories. I love Ava McDermott. She knows what she wants out of life and is open to love. Justin is a little jaded, but that makes the story that much more fun. With a strong faith based message, this book is heartwarming and full of love. It's a journey of family, forgiveness, grief, and love and will leave you happy. Lorana Hoopes performs her story with her talents as a narrator. She brings it all to life, makes you feel the emotions and love. Another great listen!”
The Billionaire’s Christmas Miracle “A slight twist on Cinderella, this story is sweet, fun and a pleasure to listen to. Drew is tired of attending the functions he needs to, so when he meets a woman at a masquerade ball who is completely refreshing, he is thrilled. But when she runs out without giving him any information, he is stunned. What he does have is a tennis bracelet, but is that enough to find his woman? Gwen goes to the masquerade ball posing as her friend. When she meets Drew, billionaire, good looking and nice, she is surprised! But she can't come clean on who she is. When these two finally meet, both from completely different worlds, will they find their happily ever after? This is not only a good listen, but it has such good messages. Lorana Hoopes always weaves faith and love into her stories, giving us a wonderful heart warming feeling. Add in the book narrated by herself, we have the story as it is meant to be heard. I enjoy her voice, adding the inflections and emotions just as intended. Always a pleasure to hear her.”
The Billionaire’s Cowboy Groom “Each time I listen to one of the books in this series, I find myself completely relaxed and taken away. The Billionaire's Cowboy Groom is sweet and I found myself involved in the outcome of the story! Carrie is a successful designer and engaged to a man she thinks will make her happy. Cal is a rancher who has taken her into his heart, and now is asking for a weekend to hopefully change her mind. This is a story about love at first sight, faith and love. It's warm, fun with a small town feel. I really enjoyed the story and found it grounding and full of hope. I love this series, and look forward to each installment. Lorana Hoopes continues her narration of episodes, and I love her voice. I also love that she is able to portray the story as she has written it! It's refreshing and enjoyable.”
Fire Games “One of my favorite sub genres is romantic suspense and this one fits the bill! Cassidy has just finished a stint on reality tv and is having difficulty getting back into swing of things at the firehouse. Not only is it hard to be taken seriously as a female firefighter, but now after her heartbreak in public on the tv show, it has become even harder. When she finds something suspect at one of the fires, the chief does not give her the time of day, but when she takes it to Jordan, a local detective, he finds her discovery a eminent interest. Loranna Hoopes weaves this story of child trafficking, with a slow burning romance building feelings and trust. Narrated by Hoopes, she brings the story to life as it is meant to be read. Her voice is wonderful, full of the tragic emotion of the situation and the passion as it builds. It's a great listen”
Lost Memories and New Beginnings “What do you do when given the chance to start over? This fast paced, romantic suspense story will have you wondering just that! Tia is in a horrible car accident, and when brought to the hospital has no memory. Brody, a widower and the doctor assigned to her case is taken with the unknown woman and is conflicted by his attraction. Now as things come to light, and Tia's memory returns, she gets the chance to see who she was and who she wants to be. Coupled with the thrilling story of what caused the accident and who can be trusted, this story with have you rooting for the couple and wanting to get the culprit! Lorana Hoopes does it again with her wonderful writing, keeping this series a must listen. She also narrates the story, bringing it to life just as it is meant to be heard. I love that she can give us the exact way she wants it to be enjoyed and love her voices. It's a perfect choice for the romantic suspense lover in me!”
Ava’s Blessing in Disguise “When the arsonist comes back to Woodville and begins to take lives, Captain Makenna Drake reaches out to the one person she thinks can help solve the case. Matt Fisher. aka Bubba moved to Fire Beach when he was cleared of the fires five years earlier, the only link being himself. Can he help Makenna find the culprit and keep Woodville safe? And what about his growing attraction of Makenna? Lorana Hoopes takes us on a wild ride of suspense and wonder as we move through an ever growing list of suspects. It's thrilling and exciting as we try to figure out who it is. Each person leads to more questions, plus we get the budding romance of Makenna and Matt! It's another wonderful addition to this series. Narrated by Lorana Hoopes, she brings it all to the table, letting us know exactly the way the story is to be told. She is a fantastic storyteller and I loved every minute of it!”
Never Forget the Past “When the arsonist comes back to Woodville and begins to take lives, Captain Makenna Drake reaches out to the one person she thinks can help solve the case. Matt Fisher. aka Bubba moved to Fire Beach when he was cleared of the fires five years earlier, the only link being himself. Can he help Makenna find the culprit and keep Woodville safe? And what about his growing attraction of Makenna? Lorana Hoopes takes us on a wild ride of suspense and wonder as we move through an ever growing list of suspects. It's thrilling and exciting as we try to figure out who it is. Each person leads to more questions, plus we get the budding romance of Makenna and Matt! It's another wonderful addition to this series. Narrated by Lorana Hoopes, she brings it all to the table, letting us know exactly the way the story is to be told. She is a fantastic storyteller and I loved every minute of it!”
Paradise by the Dashboard Light “When I saw the title of this book, I was completely intrigued. Had to get, and fell in love as I listened. This story is so complicated, yet so simplistic, a true love story. Rio has been in love with Ian since childhood. Best friends and never more, Ian fell for Rio's wild twin sister Raine. Now as adults, the two meet up again, and their relationship is much different. But will the past come back to haunt them, and will Rio's secret be too much? This is my first Kathryn R Biel book, and it will not be my last. Her writing is complex, witty, well developed and invests you in the outcome. Rio is a strong character, which I love. She is smart, removing herself from her toxic family relationship, and looking to make a better life. Ian is sweet, very close with his family and you can't help but feel his warmth. But not only do these two make for a good listen, but I enjoyed the secondary characters. Each has a twin, and they both add so much to the story. From the crazy Raine to the innocent Evan, it adds another layer to the story and let's see and feel how different families can be. I loved their story and will be looking for more by Biel. Sarah Sampino brings this romance to life with her wonderful narration. She gives each character their own voice and personality. I love her ability to flawlessly switch between characters and she has a great male voice! She makes listening a pleasure.”
The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy “When you are in need of a job, and the advice column for the local paper comes up, Elinor grabs a hold of it. After all, how hard can it be to give people advice? Not only is she living in the shadow of long time guidance giving Trudy, but the name change of the column also raised some eyebrows. Does she have enough experience to give help to those in need? This quirky listen is fun and witty. I loved the women cackling and the ghost of Trudy overseeing her. But the best was the advice she finally gave! It's a good, comforting listen and Jeannette Smith does it justice.”
Tomboy “Cameron is a tomboy, like sports and most of her friends are boys. When her twin brother's best friend Jake is caught in her bedroom with another girl, she becomes annoyed, but is it because he was in her bed? Or is it because it wasn't her? This is sweet story of growing up, self realization and figuring out who you really are. I enjoyed Cam as she matured and realized what life would have in store for her. Her journey is one that I found easily relatable, and I fell back into that time of insecurity as a teen. With his family life and his mature outlook, Jake is more complex than I expected. Together, we get a little teenage angst and enjoy watching their relationship grow as they get older. Breakout character is Kyle, Cam's best friend. What a great personality he brings in! Sarah Sampino's performance of Tomboy is wonderful. I love her voice. She easily modeled her characters with that teen angst using voices that were a good fit for the age of Cam and Jake. I like her pace and style of narration, giving my ears hours of enjoyment.”
Whisper Forever “CA Harms has mastered the art of romance and in this story she has melded several tropes that I love. She starts out with the childhood crush. Madelyn and Lucas were best friends when they were little, Maddie even stating they would get married someday. As in many cases, kids grow and find other interests and friends, and much to Maddie's dismay Lucas moves on. He is on his way to becoming a professional athlete when he sustains a career ending injury and comes home. Harms now weaves in the second chance romance. Lucas and Maddie have obstacles to overcome, some trust issues, some chasing your dreams and letting go the ones you love to seek that dream. What I really love about this book is that the story is real, not overly full of unneeded angst and is easy to believe. All qualities that make this listen a joy. Narration by Sarah Puckett is always first class, but I found this one to be really exceptional. She gives each of the characters a slight southern twang and the differences between her male and female voices is done so well that at times I was thinking it was duet. I loved it and look forward to more of her work.”
Second Chances (A Coming Home Short Story Book 1) “I like short books in between my long listens, and this was the perfect length. The character development was good, the story of Lorelei and Cole's history was explained and their chemistry was very apparent. I loved the way that Cole's passion for football was integrated into the Lor's gameday challenge. Though I would have like the book to be a little longer and go into a few more memories and exploration of their new life, I would definitely recommend this book. Suzanne Barbetta did a wonderful job with the narration.”
Tempered Hearts “Tamera, a vet is hired to work Craig's ranch for the summer. Not being consulted about this, the somewhat jaded cowboy is not happy and voices his displeasure. These two have a rocky start, but it's not due to lack of attraction. Craig is a difficult personality, but with a nickname of Temper Tantrum, Tamera s not easy either. As time goes by, and their constant faith in God, they do find their way to love. Their relationship has many highs and lows, much like real life which makes this listen a good one. The situations are realistic, from the fear when injured to dealing with grief and love. I enjoyed the interaction with Craig's grandfather with his sage advice and warm personality. It's a feel good listen. Narrated by Terri England, the story comes to life. I truly enjoyed England's performance. It's my first listen of hers, and she has a great pace and a wonderful variety of voices. She easily transitions between characters and I found that she brought out the true personality of each person. A good portrayal and I will be watching for more of her work.”
Love at the Salted Caramel Cafe “Angie Ellington has taken us to the Salted Caramel Cafe, where Sierra comes home to when she needed to re-evaluate her life. Wes has come to the area for a temporary position, but when the sparks fly with Sierra, he may just have to change his mind. This is story is short, but is so well developed, it's easy to entrench yourself into Sierra's life. Meeting her sister, dealing with her parents and a possible relationship with this new man in town will keep you listening as things get moving. Her niece is adorable, and Sierra's love for the Cafe and building a new future may just keep her in town now. Delve into this romance and enjoy Marie Chandler's narration. Being my first experience with Marie Chandler as a narrator, I didn't know what to expect. I found her voice to be very pleasant, her voices easily distinguishable and she drew me into the small town lives of this family. It's a great listen!”
Niccolaio Andretti: A Mafia Romance Novel The Five Syndicates, Book 2 “Coming off of Asher Black, I could not wait to start this story. But Parker S Huntington has surprised me with this one! It's different from the first one, introducing Niccolaio to us as he is hiding from a hit on his life. Not your typical mafia story, Niccolaio is not the head of the family in control of everything. Minka is a college student, who is looking for her sugar daddy so that she can get her younger sister out of foster care. When these two cross paths, their is insta -lust. The banter between them is sharp, with a flirty undertone. When Minka's safety is compromised by being seen with Niccolaio, he immediately remedies this by taking her in....24/7. Will these two be able to live together, yet keep their relationship platonic? Throw in the history of Nicco and his younger brother Ranieri, the years of Nicco surviving and being taken in by competing families, and the danger Nicco is in, and this suspense filled story had me on the edge of my seat! Huntington has woven this story with danger, passion and finally love and forgiveness with a happily ever after that left me with a huge smile! This dynamic narrating team of Lacy Laurel and DC Cole left me wanting more! Lacy portrays Minka with just enough attitude to give her a strong feel, but with her voice is able to have an underlying vulnerability so you can feel her worry, pain and love. DC Cole brings out the alpha, protectiveness in Niccolaio from the beginning, wrapping a warm feeling around my heart every time he spoke. Together they gave this book a compelling narration.”
Royal Atlas Royal Love, Book 1 “When I first saw the cover for this book, my reaction was to grab it. A man and a horse, how can you go wrong? Never did I think I would be on a journey so beautiful, full of love, tears, and loss. Molly has loved Guy all her life. He is her brother's best friend and from childhood, that crush had turned into love. When the two finally gave into their feelings, Guy, and her brother Amos were on their way to serve our country. Would they be back? And what would their life be like when they returned? I absolutely love Molly. She is a strong woman, and no matter the circumstance, plowed through and made the best of it. Guy is a complex man, and needs the love of that strong woman. With real life issues of loss and PTSD, we get to live their lives, and you will tear up, if not ugly cry through it. It's heart wrenching and heart warming. I loved it! The narration by Lacy Laurel will leave you with a book hangover! She pours every emotion into this story, you can hear her perform through her own tears as the story goes on, and feel the love as life gets better. She brought the story through each climactic point with me hanging on to the story, wanting more and see where Molly's life was going to take her. Jeremy York's portrayal of Guy is just as emotional as Guy comes to terms with his life and his love. It's truly a beautifully narrated story.”
Unhurt “This book had a little bit of everything, which made it a fun listen for me. I loved the quick marriage leading to full romance of Joss and Derek. The villain of Travis made for good suspense(is he coming, what is his next move, will Wyatt be OK?), but to me the real unsung star was Aunt Deb. With sage advice, great cooking and lots of wit, she added a lot to this storyline. This book held my interest from start to finish and was thoroughly enjoyable.”
Bringing Trouble Home “In the old west, what do you do when you have children and your wife dies? You bring home trouble! Heath finds himself in need of help around his house. When the marshal suggests he bring home Willow, a young woman who finds trouble, he is hesitant. Willow is far from interested in this arrangement, but to stay out of jail, she is willing to give it the offered month and see how things go. What we have is a a romance you can't resist. I love Amelia Smarts. I know I will get a book full of tension, domestic discipline and love. But there is something about this one I really fell for. I think Heath is a great character, a loving father, a devoted husband and Willow took him by surprise. It was Willow for me that stole the show. She is not your typical old west girl. She is tomboyish in dress, crass and destined for disaster, and the way she matures and changes is so endearing. I also love that this story has interconnecting characters from When he Returns, getting a look at things prior to that book. It gives us that homey feeling, and adds to the enjoyment. Matthew Keyes does a wonderful job with the narration of the story. He has a slight twang, and he gives Heath that alpha sound. I love that he also has a "father tone" when the marshal comes in. As Willow he could have a little more distinctive female voice, but it is distinguishable from the others. I enjoyed his performance.”
Come Back to Me “So much happens in this book, it's hard to decide what to write about first. Kathy Coopmans takes the story of love, tragedy, drug addiction and second chance at happiness and rolls it all into one emotionally charged book. Adriana has suffered much loss in her life, and the death of her husband Blake is one of them. When she finds out he is very much alive, there is much they need to overcome, and will there be enough love to get them back together? Dealing with the death of her parents, sister and grandmother and other tragedies we see the strength that Adriana has. Blake I find to be warm and loving, and he has honorable intentions as to why he chose the path that he did. Second chances are hard to come by, and these two really work hard to get through their past. Coopmans makes this story believable and at time heartwrenching. She creates wonderful chemistry between the characters and a few really hot scenes. I love Blake's way of not taking "no" for an answer and his continual prodding of Adriana to help her see how her life can be and how to live without the guilt she has been carrying for so many years. I also love how Adriana's grandmother has instilled her wisdom throughout the book, giving her little anecdotes to help her through. Very good listen. Logan McAllister and Lacy Laurel are a very good narrating team. They compliment each other with their pacing and voices and always give a ear pleasing performance. I really enjoy this pairing of talents.”
Remnants (A Golden Beach Novel) “5 out of 5 stars Profile Image for PATRICIA PATRICIA 02-16-19 Sully & Sloan! I have been waiting for Sully's story, and finally get my chance to hear it! This second chance romance stole my heart. Carson and Sloan were high school sweethearts. Circumstances and poor communication tore them apart, and left both broken. Now that Sloan is back in Golden Beach, will she and Sully reconcile? I love their story. It's not an easy journey for them to find their way back and their struggle tugged at my heart. Yes, I was frustrated at times, angry and caught up in their drama, but it was a . So much miscommunication and speculation took us on the emotional roller coaster and finished the series with a beautiful ending. I am so sad to see it end! Kim Loraine is one of my favorites, and this contemporary series is one I have thoroughly enjoyed. The narration of this book is wonderful. With Zachary Webber as Sully, we get his pain and emotional turmoil so clearly and can feel his love shining through. Lacy Laurel gives us Sloan with her hesitancy and push-pull with Sully. I loved the way their voices compliment each other how the feels just come through. This is a great team to end the series with bringing the culmination of Golden Beach together and giving me all the feels and love.”
Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story “What a fun story! This book is short, but is fast paced and full of love and hope. Ariadne is skipping Christmas this year since her relationship is on the rocks. Now home with her family and seeing her best friend Jess, there is a lot of coaxing. Jess is a great best friend, but currently in a relationship with Laurel, and she is a nightmare. Will she come between Jess & Ariadne? And what is the bookstore owner up to? With a little push, and some holiday magic, life is looking for a change. Holly Tierney-Bedord has a warm and happy story you will not want to miss. Chris Dillon is a new narrator to me and I enjoyed his performance. He has a good variety of voices and his pace is easy to listen to. I loved his emotional feel with the portrayal of girls, he is spot on! A fun story and I will watch for more from him.”
Dungeon Daddy – A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale “Fairy tales are one of my favorite listens, and Jane Henry's take on Rapunzel is incredible! Rae, kidnapped at birth is stuck in her home with her father. Ryder's car breaks down and when he comes to the house, he is caught up in Rae and now on the surveillance tapes. With imminent danger lurking, Ryder takes Rae to his home and his BDSM club, Limits. Rae is introduced as his submissive to keep her safe, but will that be enough? Henry spins this tale with the delicious dom Ryder. I love him, not just for his alpha maleness, but for the way he sees Rae. I love Rae's innocence. She is book smart, but when it comes to real life, it's all new to her, so seeing things through her eyes is intriguing. And let's not forget the suspense as Rae's father comes looking for her. It's high action and tension building, making it so I could not stop listening. Matthew Keyes gives a wonderful performance. I enjoy his voices, especially his alpha Ryder. He has a good ability to change up his sound, and makes it easy to tell who is speaking. He is up and coming and look forward to more of his narrations.”
Making You Mine “There is something to be said when you listen to a book and you just fall into the story. When I started it, I immediately fell for this couple. I knew they started out as a physical attraction, hooking up, but as I got to know Knox and Aubrey, I was just hoping it would turn into more...just like Knox did. Their chemistry is off the charts, but is it enough to turn into a relationship? Knox is such a guy. He knows what he wants and is going after it full force. He is so giving to all he loves and it's impossible not to love him, even with his flaws. Aubrey is amazing. Smart, beautiful and just not quite there. You just want to push her! But there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Foster factors in so many things, jobs, family, relationships, it's all there interfering with life, realistic and true. I love this couple, may be my favorite of all so far in the Melissa Foster family. Andi Arndt and Jason Clarke are a dream team, and they bring it for this narration. They compliment each other so well, and find the niche of their characters so they are believable. I loved their performance.”