Stay for Me

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To Owen Collier, a job is a job. He gets paid to save businesses and cuttings costs and people. No mercy. No attachments. No goodbyes. Simple rules to follow…until Addy Walker. She’s smart and gorgeous, with curves he’d love to ride for days. His temporary employee who’s making every single thing harder, especially leaving for the next job.

Addy Walker hated her job until Owen Collier became her temporary boss. Strong, demanding, and controlling. Exactly the way she loves her men. But, does Owen even know she exists? One night, one drink, and one kiss breaks every rule, but is it enough to make him stay?

This story contains an older, over-the-top alpha, a hot younger curvy girl with all the right moves, insta love, and enough steam to make you run for an ice-cold shower. Buckle your seat belt, because there are slippery curves ahead in this new series from Adele Niles that makes for a perfect sizzling hot, steamy short listen. Stay for Me is the first book in the Slippery Curves series about sexy, curvy girls and the alpha men who love them.

Please note: This book contains a plot, character connection, and insta love with steamy scenes. Prepare to suspend your disbelief and enjoy a HEA with no cheating.​

9 reviews for Stay for Me

  1. Bette

    Great Story & Audible Listen? Short, Sweet & Spicy?

    Stay for Me
    Slippery Curves Series, Book 1
    By: Adele Niles
    Narrated by: Randi Johnson

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is well written and well told with interesting storylines that are captivating from start to end. This is my first book by Adele Niles and it will not be my last. She has a wonderful writing style and fit a lot of story into her novella. The characters are likable and nicely developed. Owen, a consultant was brought in to the company where Addy works, she worked on a project with him for the past year. Addy is quiet and shy, she keeps to herself at work but that does not stop her from having naughty thoughts about Owen. Owen does not get involved with anyone he works with but he has been crushing on Addy, there is just something about her that gets to him. When the project they were working on is over the team goes out to have some drinks. One thing leads to another and the two wind up getting together. But in true Owen fashion he heads off to the next job leaving no contact info behind. I liked how he could not get her out of his mind, but by the time he went back to look for her she was gone. I liked how everything played out. Somethings are just meant to be. Adele Niles thank you for this great story.

    I listened to the Audible edition, Randi Johnson is a wonderful narrator and voice performer. He brings these characters and their story to life. I love how he projects the emotions of the characters as well as the drama of the story into his performance. He is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen?

  2. Brooke Ehly

    I cute insta-love story that has a bit of a bump to get over in the beginning. I really enjoyed listening to this one and am excited to hear more from Randi in this series.

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  3. Tricia Wright

    This review is written after listening to the audio version of this book.

    This was a great short story one I listened to in one sitting as it’s just a little over an hour. The author did a wonderful job with the amount of content she managed to put into so little time. Overall I would describe it as a sweet but sexy story with palpable chemistry between the characters. Owen is Addy’s temporary boss and there is an immediate attraction between them but Owen doesn’t mix work and pleasure, well he never did before Addie! Will he make an exception for Addy?

    The narration by Randi Johnson is so good, he has such a range of voices, bringing the characters to life beautifully, Addy is sweet and calm whilst Owen’s voice is a bit deeper. His performance makes this such a fun experience, you always know which character you are listening to. I will definitely listen to more of this series.

  4. M Phelps

    I really enjoyed this quick instalove office romance. It really ins’t insta since they spent the last year working with each other. The sexual tension was thick and when they finally kissed, they light up! I loved the ending and finished with a smile on my face.

  5. Felicia Steele

    Stay For Me by Adele Niles is an office romance novella that I listened to on audio narrated by Randi Johnson. This is book one in the Slippery Curves Series.

    This is my first book by Adele’s and it definitely won’t be my last. The beginning of the book did reference that it was a Curvy Girl and Older Alpha Male but the ages were never actually discussed in the book. I really enjoyed this spin on a office romance. I cannot wait to dive into the second book in the series Wrecked.

    Randi did an amazing job on the narration. I loved that he used different tones/voices for each character. It really made the story come to life.

  6. Jodi Price

    Owen and Addy are perfect for each other, I loved the story. Narrator Randi Johnson is the best!! Love his voice, perfect!!

  7. M Phelps

    I really loved this quick listen about Addy and Owen. It was a great paced story and with a great bow at the end which I appreciate in my listens. Randi Johnson did a great job!

  8. Patricia Reichardt

    his is a quick one, sure to whet your appetite! Owen and Addy have instant chemistry. But should they act on that? Owen doesn’t get involved with co-workers. Now that things are a little hot and heavy and the project is over, Owen can go off with no remorse. But he can’t get Addy out of his mind! What will happen next? You have to listen. It’s a well developed short, hot and passionate and well worth the listen.

    Randi Johnson brings it to life with his ability to do dual narration. He has a raspiness giving Owen a sexy tinge as you listen, and easily flows into Addy with a softer tone. He makes the listen passionate and entertaining.

  9. ButtonsMom2003

    Randi Johnson’s narrations just keep getting better. His voice is so sexy to listen to and he’s not over-emphasizing words as much as I think he did on some of his first books. This is a short novella about an office romance between a short-term consultant and an employee of the company he consults for.

    Owen never stays after finishing a job but Addy is tempting him to change that policy.

    Addy has a thing for her new temporary boss but before she knows it he’s gone.

    Will these two find each other again and work things out? Take a listen to this hot sexy story to find out.

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