Shattered Diamonds (A small-town Maine romance series)

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She let everyone down. He stunned the people of their small town. Can these broken souls heal each other or are some scars too deep to mend?

Josie Michaels has dedicated her entire life to winning an Olympic gold medal. When an injury steals her ability to swim competitively, her entire life crashes down around her.

Alex Biggs is a heartbroken father doing his best to raise a happy, healthy little girl, even though he is in the center of the biggest scandal the seaside Maine town of Brunswick Bay Harbor has ever seen – his wife, Claire, is missing, and almost everyone thinks he’s behind her disappearance.

Josie needs a job, and the only one she’s qualified for is being a nanny to Alex’s adorable daughter, Hannah. Will working for the town’s most notorious murder suspect bring Jo the purpose she craves, or will it prove to be a deadly mistake?

Will Josie and Alex find a way to heal each other and move on from their tragic pasts, or has their path to happiness already been crushed beyond repair? Find out now in Shattered Diamonds.

This exciting romance novel has been known to make listeners desperate to dive into the next book in this binge-worthy series. You’ve been warned!

2 reviews for Shattered Diamonds (A small-town Maine romance series)

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story! As I listened to this story, I was kept on the edge of my seat…expecting Alex’s missing wife to pop up at any time… The romance between Alex and Josie was a slow burn that was destined to combust. Add in Alex’s young daughter, Hannah, and you get a sweet romance that will grab your interest in finding out what will happen next. Yes, this story ends in an unexpected cliff hanger and you will definitely want to listen to the next book!

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    The perfect mix of romance and mystery, Ann Omasta has woven a story of two people trying to find their new normal. Josie Michaels had her dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer shattered. Coming to work att her aunt’s diner, she found her place was better suited working the summer as a nanny for Hannah. Hannah has been having a tough time since her mother went missing. Alex, her father has been accused of her murder, and in this small town, both are treated cruelly. Now with Josie there, a new sense of warmth is being shared, not only with Hannah, but a slow burning passion with Alex. Will these two be able to find love and live in this small town? I love this start to the series. Omasta has delivered a story with broken characters, and I really liked that while a healing has begun, it’s a very slow process. There is nothing easy, it feels realistic and at times the brutal honesty is heart wrenching. And the twist is a surprise and leaves me wanting book two! Narrated by the author, Ann Omasta brings the story to life just as she has written it. I enjoyed her voice and found her portrayal a great escape!

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