Niccolaio Andretti: A Mafia Romance Novel The Five Syndicates, Book 2

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Niccolaio Andretti

Asshole. Douchebag. Jerk. Those are all valid descriptions of me, especially since fleeing from Andretti territory. Angry with the turn my life has taken, I prefer the silence and loneliness of my house. Not only is it the safest place for me after my brother placed a hit on me, it is also my sanctuary – my place to get away from the bullshit that is people. Until she comes along – angry, demanding, and so damn hot. I hate her immediately.

Minka Reynolds

Bitch. Tramp. Slut. I’ve heard it all before. It doesn’t bother me. I have more important things to deal with – like graduating from Wilton; taking care of my little sister; and yes, finding the next guy to pay for it all. If I have to sleep around for it? So be it. If I have to lose the dwindling tethers of my sanity every day? So be it. Nothing fazes me. Until he comes along – angry, demanding, and so damn hot. I hate him immediately.

Minka Reynolds has never been liked, but she doesn’t care. Struggling to earn custody of her little sister, she is on a mission to gain the only things that will get her there – money, a home, and a stable career. Unfortunately, she has none of those three, but she’s close. It’s just within reach…until she meets Niccolaio Andretti, the former heir to the Andretti mafia family, and everything she thinks is right becomes wrong.

NOTE: This is the second book in a series and must be heard in order. This book has a HEA with no cheating and abuse! There are some graphic sexual situations, language and violence, so please listen with caution.

7 reviews for Niccolaio Andretti: A Mafia Romance Novel The Five Syndicates, Book 2

  1. Jocelyne

    I love this Series so much!! This is the second book in the Five Syndicates Series and the second book written by this author! Amazing! I was waiting for this audiobook, but it was worth the wait. Believe me! This story is different than the first book in the Series. I love the story of Minka and Niccolaio. Their chemistry is like fire. They are both strong. The storyline is really well written, entertaining and captivating. The world building is really well developed and interesting. This story goes back and forth between past and present. The ending is beautiful. I was also very happy and thrilled to see Asher and Lucy from the first book. I loved this couple so much!! If you were thinking Lucy was feisty-crazy, wait for listening to Minka’s story. She’s feisty, crazy, sassy and unbelievable! Niccolaio is very protective and handsome man. Now, I want more about The Five Syndicates and I can’t wait for the next books in the Series (Ranieri Andretti Novella and Bastiano Romano Novel). The narration is really great and easy to listen to. DC Cole has the perfect voice for a mafia romance and I absolutely love his voice. He does, as always, a great job with all the characters’s voices. Lacy Laurel has a beautiful, voice. They are both on my list of favorite narrators! I really enjoyed it. This Series is a gem.

  2. Brooke Ehly

    I LOVED this book! The emotions you feel when reading and listening to Nick’s and Mika’s thoughts are heartbreaking to hear but was very pleased to see that they found their happy ever afters. Can’t wait to see what comes next in this series.

  3. Bette

    Brilliant Read! Brilliant Listen!!

    Asher Black
    The Five Syndicates, Book 1
    By: Parker S. Huntington
    Narrated by: Lacy Laurel

    I love, love, love this book, entertaining & interesting from start to end! This is one of the best romantic suspense stories I have read in a while, there are some intense moments, some funny & some hot!! This is my first Parker S. Huntington book and will not be my last. Her writing style is awesome, there is a lot of depth to the story and the characters. I hope this is not the last I hear of Lucy & Asher Black!! Thank you Ms. Huntington for this great read!!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Lacy Laurel delivers another fabulous performance!! She performs all the different voices, switches characters effortlessly and helps bring them & their story to life right off of the pages. She is a true talent and enhances a great story even more. Thank you for another great listen!!

  4. Shakera Blakney

    Step into the past with Niccolaio Andretti, and see how he becomes the outcast of his own family. Watch him become a walking contradiction, all the while being hot, funny, sweet, and dangerous. He made a choice that will follow him and change his life. Family can be a funny and fickle thing.

    One week before graduation, and Minka almost has a lock on a potential husband. With her degree a given, she’s almost there with getting custody of her sister. She thinks she has to put herself out there to get what she wants, but she’s about to find out there’s a different way.

    Parker S. Huntington is amazing, she took a character I despised in the first book and made me feel for her. Minka wasn’t a bad person, and she’s intelligent. I quite enjoyed her, but I loved Niccolaio. He was mysterious and intelligent. They were well matched, and I would love to have a series of just the two of them. Add in Minka’s sister, Mina, and this story is quite amazing! The narration was fantastic. What I love about this series is each book has a theme. Revenge, family, love, redemption. This series is absolutely fantastic. Asher Black is my favorite (so far), but I absolutely loved this!

  5. M Phelps

    This was a slow burn Mafia romance. I love the emotional depth with the MC’s. I did read this one first even though this being the 2nd in the series. I thought it was so good, I am going back to read the 1st, Asher Black. I have also read the last 2 in the series which was amazing also.
    The MC’s had a hard time getting to their HEA but I was so glad to see when they did. Parker S. Huntington did an amazing job with this one as well as the narrators. You felt their pains which makes for a great listen.

  6. Patricia Reichardt

    Coming off of Asher Black, I could not wait to start this story. But Parker S Huntington has surprised me with this one! It’s different from the first one, introducing Niccolaio to us as he is hiding from a hit on his life. Not your typical mafia story, Niccolaio is not the head of the family in control of everything. Minka is a college student, who is looking for her sugar daddy so that she can get her younger sister out of foster care. When these two cross paths, their is insta -lust. The banter between them is sharp, with a flirty undertone. When Minka’s safety is compromised by being seen with Niccolaio, he immediately remedies this by taking her in….24/7. Will these two be able to live together, yet keep their relationship platonic? Throw in the history of Nicco and his younger brother Ranieri, the years of Nicco surviving and being taken in by competing families, and the danger Nicco is in, and this suspense filled story had me on the edge of my seat! Huntington has woven this story with danger, passion and finally love and forgiveness with a happily ever after that left me with a huge smile!

    This dynamic narrating team of Lacy Laurel and DC Cole left me wanting more! Lacy portrays Minka with just enough attitude to give her a strong feel, but with her voice is able to have an underlying vulnerability so you can feel her worry, pain and love. DC Cole brings out the alpha, protectiveness in Niccolaio from the beginning, wrapping a warm feeling around my heart every time he spoke. Together they gave this book a compelling narration.

  7. Marisol Garcia

    This book was it for me. THe narration was so perfect and brought the story to another level for me. Lacy Laurel and DC Cole were amazing and it was just so much fun to listen to this series. THe book is great, the writing keeps you engaged and the characters are so good. Great mafia story.

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