The Trapper

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A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity. 

Mail-order betrothal gone wrong! 

Joanna’s mail-order husband turns out to be the town’s drunk. While trying to escape one trap, she falls into another, but this one might have rewards. 

When Jared finds a woman injured in one of his traps, he feels guilty and tries to make amends, but due to a secret in his past, he can’t commit to more than friendship with the her. The town’s drunk, Bradley McKenna, refuses to let go of his bride and even stoops to deceitful means to acquire her.  

Get ready for romance, Wild West action, gunfights, revenge, blackmail, and emotional ups and downs.

5 reviews for The Trapper

  1. Catrina P

    When deciding to become a mail order bride, Joanna thought she was in for a great adventure. She got more than she bargained for, when she arrived to find that she’d been misled. While trying to escape from an unfortunate situation, she runs right into a bear trap. Will the trapper save her from her intended?

    I love Barbara Goss’s sweet romantic stories. I’m always left with a warm feeling when I finish listening. She also chooses the perfect narrator for each story. Well done, Susan Fouche!

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Just when I need a good listen, Barbara Goss releases an audiobook. A little bit of everything included, I was able to enjoy a slow burn romance, a little suspense, a new beginning and a lot of hope and love! When Joanna comes to Hayes to marry, she anticipates a young ranch owner, but is greeted with a drunk man, much older than she expects who owns a pig ranch. Escaping her certain fate of marriage, she hurts her foot and is rescued by Jared, a trapper who lives in a cabin in the woods. Can this be her destiny? I love a good old fashioned western, and Goss always makes sure I get a good flavor of that time period. With the old hotel, the saloon and even a gunfight we are transported back in time to enjoy this romance. Old flames, new flames and good family ties all thrown in, this is a feel good, warm hearted book.

    Susan Fouche does a spectacular narration of this book. Her talent is used to the max with the characters, from Joanna and Jared all the way to the town gossips! She has an incredible array of voices, and each one shines with personality. She is the perfect choice for this portrayal.

  3. Sara Landon

    Joanna was looking for an adventure and signed up to be a mail order bride. Except when she got to town her intended was drunk and proven to be a liar. Jared was living away from town in an effort to escape the gossip started by a money-grubbing young woman who said she was carrying Jared’s child.

    Joanna and Jared it off right away when she fled town to escape her intended groom, except Joanna is worried about her intended groom finding her and Jared is worried about what will happen when Joanna hears the gossip. Once the drunk intended groom and the money-grubbing young woman make connections the relationship Jared and Joanna had been trying to hide will be tested.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the story line and the characters. Susan did well with all aspects of the narration.

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review

  4. Cindy Nipper

    This was a wonderful story with great narration!! I liked how these two met, and thought it was so unique. I also loved that his family was involved in their future together! Barb did a fantastic job on creating the protagonist’s reasonable ploy!!
    The narrator nailed it! Perfect voice for this story and time period!!

  5. Misty

    This was a great book. I loved the intrigue of the book. The characters were fantastic and felt real. There were ups and downs, all I assure you are good! I was kept guessing. I even stopped and thought “wow, I didn’t expect that at all”

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