Watching Willow

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On the verge of losing her job, local television star Willow Winks desperately seeks the one thing she believes can save her fledgling career – a golden retriever sidekick.

Willow thought being told she was getting too old for television was the most frightening thing a celebrity diva could hear – until she and her furry best friend, Buddy, receive a threatening letter.

Concerned for their safety, the television studio hires Caleb McCreery, a brave, strong, and young bodyguard to protect the famous duo. Caleb is ready to do whatever it takes to keep his charges safe, even if that means risking his own life.

As the threats begin to escalate, Willow and Caleb struggle to keep their budding attraction at bay. Will the distraction of their growing feelings make the bodyguard vulnerable and put all three at risk?

This sweet tale is a romantic adventure you don’t want to miss…. Grab your copy and start listening today!

3 reviews for Watching Willow

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Book!! Loved this story—it’s a worthwhile heartwarming romantic suspense story that will keep you on edge as you listen to the predictable and alarming conclusion that does end with a HEA. At first, I was not sure I liked Willow, but her character grew on me as I became immersed in the story. Loved the inclusion of Caleb’s family in the story along with Nico, Willow’s limo driver.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Ann Omasta is a master at writing books with pets! I fell in love with Buddy the Golden Retriever! Willow’s talk show has had declining ratings and as a result the station is moving Willow to a game show. Feeling depressed and like she is taking a step down, she decides to get a mascot like her colleague Dash, and takes in Buddy the dog. Now on TV, these two are working to be successful together when death threats come in. Caleb, Willow’s bodyguard is there to protect the two of them, but there is a definite pull between Caleb and Willow. Will he keep her safe? Will Buddy make the show a success? Who is behind the threats? It’s a fast, fun and great story, with a little suspense and lot of romance. When I listen to Omasta, I always am filled with a heartwarming story and find myself smiling.

    Sarah L Colton delivers a wonderful narration of this series. She is a fantastic storyteller and her voice has a warm quality that gives this listen that contented feeling while listening. I enjoy her performances and look forward to more.

  3. Nessa

    New author for me, but I love it when animals are featured within a story and actually play a part throughout.

    Well this book Watching Willow certainly ticked all the boxes as it features the cutest sounding golden retriever ever called Buddy. What a great name and I completely fell in love with that dog straight away, as did everyone in the story.

    Turning to the story itself, it was lovely from start to finish, plenty of emotions, feelings running high, not to mention chemistry between that of Willow and her hot bodyguard Caleb, it was interesting to see their interaction and how they both dealt with the ongoing situation that Willow found herself to be in, through no fault of her own.

    I loved the game show ‘Match’ which Willow hosts and her cunning idea of making her dog Buddy a part of it, very clever and unique. Nope I’m not telling you, you’ll just have to read the book yourself.

    This book does form part of a series, but if you happen to be reading them out of order (like me), don’t think it matters too much as good news is that each book is relatively standalone.

    I’m looking forward to reading/listening to more books by this author in future.

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