When He Returns

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Proud and independent, 13-year-old orphan Wade Hunter doesn’t want a family. But when the town marshal catches him stealing, Wade’s given only two choices: Spend time in jail or become the marshal’s ward. 

Sadie Shaw, the marshal’s eldest daughter, doesn’t want another sibling. She has enough brothers and sisters, and she’s dismayed when her kindhearted pa brings home another lost child. It doesn’t help that this one is surly and arrogant. Worse, he thinks that because he’s older, he’s under no obligation to mind her household rules.

Wade and Sadie battle wills often as they grow into adulthood, burgeoning both their dislike for each other and their grudging respect. When faced with a problem that requires their unity, will they be able to set aside their differences, or will the strife they face only tear them apart for good?

2 reviews for When He Returns

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Amelia Smarts book, When He Returns was just what I needed! I love historical western romance, and this one delivers it and so much more! Wade is a 14 year old boy, caught in some trouble. When the marshal brings him home to add him to his family, Wade is belligerent and will do anything to not fit in. Until he does. He becomes a productive family member, loved by all except the marshal’s daughter Sadie. Sadie is the his oldest and upon his wife’s death took over the household. And now, he keeps bringing home more children to take care of! She resents Wade and just when he thought things were getting better, a bitter betrayal occurs. Unable to ever hear the truth, tragedy strikes the house, and Wade leaves in his grief. Now 5 years later, he comes back to find his family in slight disarray and his feelings for Sadie much different. But does she return his affection? This story told in two separate periods, each with a different POV gives us that old time western feel. With the marshal, the old home, the loving home, I get that wonderfully warm Laura Ingalls Wilder feel, with a twist! Smarts weaves in that alpha male, and while the story is sweet, it does have those scenes that make you fired up and then melt. She includes not only wonderful main characters, but a supporting cast that you will fall in love with. From Clyde as the understanding father to Grace the lovable little girl, it’s hard not to feel like part of the family.

    Narration by Matthew Keyes is perfect. He hones in on each character with a voice for each that brings out their personality. I love that he can go from a young child to an adult, from male to female with ease. I loved his performance and this is a story you will not want to miss.

  2. Marybeth Renn

    The narration by Matthew Keyes was wonderful. I could see the book in my mind as he narrated!

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