Inked Passions

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Biker and tattoo artist Cade Winters isn’t much for weddings or other sappy celebrations. He prefers dive bars, his beloved bike, and fighting at underground clubs; the last of which lands him in the hospital after a sore loser attacks Cade in an alley. However, when his best friend Tommy asked Cade to be his best man, Cade didn’t hesitate. Growing up without a family to call his own, Cade would do anything, even attend a wedding, for those he now considers his family. Uncharacteristically dressed up, his tattoos barely covered and shaggy beard neatly groomed, Cade meets Cindy; the maid of honor at Tommy’s wedding.

Cindy is the opposite of anything Cade has ever looked for in a woman, yet he finds himself falling helplessly in love with her. Determined to make Cindy his, Cade must not only win her over but also her controlling and disapproving parents, who will stop at nothing to convince their daughter that a shaggy tattoo artist is not the one for her.

1 review for Inked Passions

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Opposite sides of the track romances are always intriguing. Amber Burns writes a story of Cade, a tattoo parlor owner who falls hard for Cindy. Where does he meet her? She is a nurse in the hospital and after an altercation resulting in a stab wound, she takes care of him. The attraction is immediate, and with a mutual friend’s wedding coming up, they have the chance to see each other. But will their differences be too much for Cade to win her over? At first I thought this book was just going to be your everyday romance, but there are some very emotional scenes that made me love it. I fell for Cade with his protectiveness and love not only for Cindy, but as we lived through is grief. Cindy’s parents made for some great frustration, and added real depth to the story, and the surprises at the end just made my heart sing.

    Narrated by the talented Meghan Kelly, I knew I was going to enjoy the story. She brings her books to life with her voice. I loved her performance as always.

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