Asher Black: The Five Syndicates, Book 1

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He was supposed to kill me.

I had done the unthinkable. I called the cops on him, on his family, but he let me live. We became friends, and then…we fell in love.

Lucy Ives is a foster kid, running from her turbulent past. On her first night in New York City, she accidentally calls the cops on the mafia. But when their fixer comes to kill her, he ends up sparing her life in exchange for a favor – be his fake fiancé or die.

Note: This is a full-length novel with sexually mature situations unsuitable for underage audiences. Please, proceed with caution.

7 reviews for Asher Black: The Five Syndicates, Book 1

  1. Jocelyne

    I liked this book so much. This was my first Parker S. Huntington’s book and I can’t wait to read/listen the second book in the Series or any book she’ll write! As I understand, this is her first book. Amazing! This book is about the story of Asher and Lucy. The two of them are so attractive. The story is captivating and very well written. The narration is so great. This is my first listen to Lacy Laurel and I really appreciate her voice. She has the perfect voice for this narration. This is a perfect match story / narration!

  2. Brooke Ehly

    Parker S Huntington has written and amazing story and the narration by Lacy Lauren just made it that much better! This is not your typical mafia romance book. It has some tension and angst in the beginning but with a few times that you will giggle yourself silly. You can see the way this relationship grows from beginning to end with no parts skipped. I love the way it started, the way it continued and the way it ended. There is no part in this book that is not loved and you will not regret getting this audiobook to listen to. I myself can’t wait for the next!

  3. Bette

    Brilliant Read! Brilliant Listen!!

    Asher Black
    The Five Syndicates, Book 1
    By: Parker S. Huntington
    Narrated by: Lacy Laurel

    I love, love, love this book, entertaining & interesting from start to end! This is one of the best romantic suspense stories I have read in a while, there are some intense moments, some funny & some hot!! This is my first Parker S. Huntington book and will not be my last. Her writing style is awesome, there is a lot of depth to the story and the characters. I hope this is not the last I hear of Lucy & Asher Black!! Thank you Ms. Huntington for this great read!!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Lacy Laurel delivers another fabulous performance!! She performs all the different voices, switches characters effortlessly and helps bring them & their story to life right off of the pages. She is a true talent and enhances a great story even more. Thank you for another great listen!!

  4. Bette

    Great Mafia🔫 Romance! Great Audio Listen!!🎧

    Niccolaio Andretti: A Mafia Romance Novel
    The Five Syndicates, Book 2
    By: Parker S. Huntington
    Narrated by: Lacy Laurel, D. C. Cole
    Series: The Five Syndicates Series, Book 2

    Parker S. Huntington is a masterful creator of slow burn, enemy to lover romance! This book had a different vibe than “Asher Black”, the 1st book in the series, but it was just as great. Niccolaio & Minka’s lives have not been the easiest of one, as their stories unfold and you learn more & understand how they become their bitter selves. Great build up and character development and storylines. The chemistry between them is electric, so much angst, so much banter. Can Niccolaio & Minka find their happily ever after, they can even have one. Read the book, I highly recommend it!! Loved learning more about Mina, Minka’s sister too. Thank you Ms. Huntington for another great read!! Looking forward to the next in the series Ranie’s story!!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Lacy Laurel & D.C. Cole are awesome narrators, storytellers! They bring the characters & story to life with the perfect amount of drama, attitude and heart! They are the dynamic duo I can not praise their performances enough and how they enhances a great story even more. Thank you for another great listen!!

  5. Shakera Blakney

    Sometimes, witnessing something you shouldn’t have it a bad thing. “Lucy” witnesses what she thought was a crime, and calls the police… not knowing who she was dealing with. The reputation of Asher Black DEFINITELY precedes him. Asher wants to know who called the police and he does just that. They both have pre-conceived notions of what the other person is like, and boy are they wrong! With Asher’s reputation of being associated with the mob, he is in danger of losing his company. He’s being made to look unstable because he’s unwed… this needs to be remedied immediately!

    I thought this was a great start to a series. It’s listed as 300+ pages long, but they fly by! The interactions between Asher and Lucy are interesting. As the reader, you know Asher is dangerous, but you also can tell he will do anything for the people he loves. Lucy tends to run at the first sign of trouble… as one does growing up in the foster care system, but there’s something about Asher that keeps her from running. Even though I read this before listening to the audiobook, I loved reading and adding my own personalities to the characters, listening to this story was even better! Lacy Laurel is flipping fantastic as Lucy and Asher! It had more humor in the audio than I picked up in the book! I enjoyed this one, and hopefully, I’ll enjoy the next one!

  6. Tricia Wright

    I really enjoyed this story, Lucy is on a night out with her new room-mate on her first night at her new college. They go to a very upscale club owned by Asher Black. Whilst she’s there she meets Asher but doesn’t know she has, to her he is “blue eyes”, he’s sexy and oh so gorgeous.

    If you have read the ‘blurb’ you will know the gist of this story but what the blurb won’t tell you is that this book has a compelling storyline. Asher is a bad guy, a member of the mafia and yet he is the hero of this book. He’s a stone-cold killer but I couldn’t help liking him. The combination of a college student and a mafia fixer together seemed a little off at first but as I listened I found they were perfect together.

    The storyline is very good and really drew me in, I really couldn’t stop listening to this book, I just had to find out what was going to happen. I can’t say a lot more about the storyline without giving too much away and spoiling the book for you but I can tell you there were so many facets to the story I was hooked. Lucy and Asher grew into their relationship and it changed both of them for the better in my opinion.

  7. Patricia Reichardt

    Asher Black…the name exudes power…and Lucy finds herself in the clutches of this mafia "fixer". After getting herself in a situation with Asher, she has to make a decision. Save her life or become the fake fiance of the famous Asher Black. The story of the Asher and Lucy is a lighter listen to me, and as we get to know the complexity of their characters, it is more of a love story. Having a strong lead female is always a plus, and I found Lucy to be a great character. She never backs down and her amusing banter makes for a fun listen. Asher, the broody alpha, is harder for me to warm up to, but by the end, is likable. There are several themes in this that are interwoven really well, like family not having to be blood, protection of those you love as well as making sure you complete your education. Underlying subjects like these create the great back stories we love to hear about the characters. I do look forward to more of these character driven books(Lucy’s bodyguard would be an entertaining one!).

    Lacy Laurel always gives a performance worthy of listening to. Her well paced voices are perfect for the setting of this story. She has distinguishable voices for her characters, letting us know who is speaking and makes the story enjoyable

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