Lawfully Matched

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When a mail-order bride meets disaster!

All Jesse Jennings ever wanted to do was marry his fiancée Pauline and be a rancher, but when Pauline is killed by a band of robbers, Jesse dons a deputy sheriff’s badge, swearing he will obtain justice for her wrongful death.

After Kate Whidby’s parents pass away, she is forced to live with her brother and his new wife, but living with a woman who not only doesn’t like her but resents her presence proves too difficult, propelling Kate to accept a mail order bride offer. But when she arrives in Texas, not all is as it appears. Kate’s betrothed has a dark past and when the truth comes to light, she is sent fleeing into Deputy Sheriff Jesse Jenning’s arms.

Will Jesse find Pauline’s killer? Will Kate find safety and protection? And will he be able to let go of his past to build a new future with Kate?

1 review for Lawfully Matched

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Mail order bride books typically are easy listens with no real suspense or drama. Easy listens, I find them fun, but this one adds action and thrills making it even better! Jesse is looking forward to being married to his fiance Pauline, building his house and future. When she is unexpectedly killed, he decides to take the deputy position he was being offered to find her justice. Kate doesn’t want to live with her brother after the death of her parents and enters the mail order bride pool. When she goes to meet her groom, she finds he is not what he portrayed. Luckily, Jesse is there and marries her. Will these two find the happiness they deserve? This is a fun love story. I was smiling when Kate was cooking, when the two found they have so much in common and their faith banded them together. The suspense of finding the killer adds to the story with action and suspense. Daniel James Lewis adds to the listen with his wonderful narration. It’s a fun listen!

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