Meridian File

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She wants uncomplicated fame. He wants an uncomplicated assignment. A celebrity stalker derails both their plans.

When a celebrity stalker targets Aurora Meridian, she turns to a private security team for protection. 

Aurora, a women’s professional tennis player, struggles to win back the tennis fame she had before a devastating injury. As her fame returns, she faces terrifying death threats from a sinister stalker. She hires Rider Security and Investigation (Rider SI) to provide protection through the tennis season. Amidst the fear and isolation closing in on her, she fights rising attraction for the newest addition to her protection team. 

Mason Stone, a former SEAL, worries his reputation and job at Rider SI are threatened by false accusations from a prior client. He transfers to Aurora’s team to escape the scandal only to find himself drawn to the formidable tennis player. He struggles with the balance of keeping her safe and keeping his distance. 

Maxine Rider, former Marine and owner and CEO of Rider Security and Investigation (Rider SI), prides herself on a skilled team of dedicated former military personnel who provide protective services. She tries to keep her new company afloat while maintaining a reputation for quality and integrity. 

As Aurora’s stalker closes in, Mason, Maxine, and Aurora are drawn into the sinister underworld of the Russian mafia. Aurora and Mason fight for their lives and each other while Maxine discovers the lines she must cross and the sacrifices to be made to keep her client and her team safe.

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2 reviews for Meridian File

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I love to find new authors and when I was recommended this romantic suspense IK jumped on it and I am so glad I did. Mason has been hired as a bodyguard to protect Aurora, a famous tennis player. She is trying to come back after an almost career ending injury and now she is being stalked. But what the two do not count on, is the attraction they have for each other. Mason needs to keep his distance, and Aurora just wants to be closer. Will his feelings interfere with her protection? Will she continue to play? Mason’s character is so interesting. His military background definitely plays a lot into his personality, but I do love the banter has has with Aurora. I adored Aurora. Her tenacity and ferocity is admirable. Samet writes with just enough suspense to give us a thrill, adds a little bit of romance and gets us ready for more of the Rider files.

    Matthew Keyes enhances this story with his fantastic narration. I really enjoyed his voices and ability to transition between characters. It’s a busy book and he keeps it all together, with just the right amount of emotion and action in his voice to give us the perfect settings. It’s a great performance.

  2. Rellim

    This is my second book by C. B. Samet and first narration by Matthew Keys. I enjoyed the mystery/suspense bodyguard story a lot. I liked that the characters were older (30s) and incredible maturity was shown in the professional and personal lives. There were several action scenes to keep me engaged. While I feel I got to know Aurora Meridian well, Mason was a bit more elusive and I wish Samet had developed him more. This is a great book for those who don’t want the romance to overwhelm the story and who prefer any sex scenes to be closed door.

    I’m definitely intrigued by the world that Samet has built in regards to Rider Security and am looking forward to hearing more of their stories.

    Keys did a wonderful job with narration. Aurora was a bit whispery/breathy, but it worked after I got absorbed into the story. Each character had their own voice & personality, and where appropriate, a consistent accent. It wasn’t a negative for me ~ but the main narrative as well as the MC’s dialogue carried a Canadian/Wisconsin-esque affect rather than the typical non-accent of most narrations. Overall, I’d be fine if he remains the narrator for the entire series.

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