Blinded: A second chance romance

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A romance novel filled with mystery and suspense.
She’s lost everything: her parents, her sister, her sight.
Now, someone’s stalking her.

She can feel him taunting her. He must be the one who killed the sheriff. She’s scared, but who can she trust?
She can trust Joey. He’s stable as a rock and too good looking to ignore. But she must guard her heart. Her first love is only here for his brother’s funeral.
The mayor is saying the sheriff’s death was an accident. Thankfully, her old high school crush has returned from the big city back to her small town. Will Joey, the high-profile detective, believe a poacher shot his brother or can she convince him there’s more to it?

5 reviews for Blinded: A second chance romance

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I can’t believe this is Lyz Kelley’s debut novel, it is just so good! I have been on a romantic suspense binge, and this satisfied every point I love about the genre. Joey comes home to his brother’s funeral only to find his brother’s death may not have been the accident he thought it was. With his skills as a detective, his father and the town commission him(without his consent!) to find the true answers, Coming back to his hometown, he gets the chance to see Mara, a girl he had a crush on in high school Due to a tragic accident, Mara has lost her sight….or has she? With her other heightened senses, Mara and Joey combine their talents and are on a mission for the truth. And if love kicks in, it can’t hurt, right? Kelley has the perfect second chance romance combined with a thrilling murder case all wrapped up into one! It’s fast paced, hot and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Plus I fell in love with this small town, it’s florist and community! I can’t wait to hear book 2!

    Meghan Kelly is amazing! She is able to bring this thriller to life. She adds suspense just with the inflections of her voice.I love her ability to make Joey annoyed in one breath and on the trail the next. She can voice a drunk old man, then turn and give us kids. Mara has attitude and strength, and we can hear it all. Kelly’s performance is A+++!

  2. Felicia Steele

    Blinded by Lyz Kelley is a second chance romance story that I listened to on audio narrated by Meghan Kelly. This is the first book in the Elkridge Series. This is the first book of Lyz’s that I have read and look forward to reading more from her in the future. Meghan did an amazing job narrating with the different voices she used for the characters. I liked that the book switched between Mara and Joey’s points of views so you could really get into both characters heads. I would highly recommend this book to any one who loves Second Chance Romances.

  3. Maria Fernanda G Lechuga

    I loved Mara and Joey, he’s really great and awesome, and she, while having lost an important part of her she’s so independent and strong.
    The book was fast paced and it kept my attention from beginning to end.

    The narration by Meghan Kelly was really good, she portrayed both characters perfectly and make it listen to this book more enjoyable.

  4. Brooke Ehly

    Both the main characters have sad backgrounds of things the must overcome as well as Joey having to deal with the death of his brother. While coming home Joey sees Mara for the first time in ten years and he finds he still has the same feelings for her that he did before he left. With this visit he is able to see where being with Mara will take him as well as see his family and try to solve his brother’s murder. The book wraps up nicely but still has me looking forward to the next in the series.
    Narration was fantastic as well. I love the way Meghan’s voice is so versatile and can do voices so well.

  5. Darc Librarian

    I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense featuring a great cast of characters and sympathetic narration by Meghan.

    Fair warning, although their is a HEA ending for the main characters, it does not conclude the other plotline in the book.

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