Island Hopping (An opposites attract island romance)

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She’s the workaholic everyone loves to hate. He’s perfectly content basking on the beach. Can these two polar opposites find enough common ground to let their undeniable spark of attraction ignite?

Lizzie Lowe didn’t mean to steal her best friend Roxy’s fiancé the night before the wedding. It happened, though, and now, Lizzie’s desperate to make amends with Roxy’s family for that dumb mistake.

Knowing her planning skills are needed to avoid having Roxy’s sister Ruthie’s reality television wedding turn into a complete disaster, Lizzie follows the family to the lovely island paradise of Antigua.

Local island slacker Shay Sanders is the last man Lizzie can imagine playing a role in her organized, structured life, yet he keeps miraculously saving her from difficult predicaments.

Two crazy grandmothers who despise each other, producers intent on gaining ratings by any means necessary, and the perfect storm all combine to create a hilarious game of one-upmanship that the entire world is watching. 

Who will come out on top? Start listening to Island Hopping today to find out.

1 review for Island Hopping (An opposites attract island romance)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I can always count on Ann Omasta to take me away and entertain me. This series is fun and flirty and brings us Lizzie’s story. After the first book, and how things went down with her best friend Roxy, I am glad to see how things played out. The producers from the reality show have asked Lizzie to come and help with Roxy’s sister’s wedding, and Lizzie sees this as a chance fro redemption. After the fiasco that broke ties with her best friend, she has missed that feeling of family. She is consumed with work, and now on the island is doing her best to pull off the best wedding possible. But things are not always easy, and the show is definitely making the job a lot harder than necessary. With no reservation, Lizzie is taken in by a worker, Shay and while there are sparks, he is not ambitious enough to have for the long term. So why not a fling? There is so much going on in this one, full of funny lines, bantering grandmothers, compromising weather and a budding relationship that is fun and flirty. I loved coming back to all of these characters and seeing just how reality can be interpreted! Ann Omasta narrates her story, with fantastic voices and that spark of fun! I was totally immersed in this, had some chuckles and fell in love with Shay and Lizzie!

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