The Power of Prayer: A Clean Second Chance Romance

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Carefully laid plans or a house of cards?

Callie Green thought she had her whole life planned out until her fiance left her at the altar. When her carefully laid plans crumble, she begins to make mistakes at work and engage in uncharacteristic activities.

After a mistake nearly costs her her job, she cashes in her honeymoon tickets for some time away. She’s not looking for new love, but she finds herself falling for JD.

Wealthy JD Peterson doesn’t live like he has money. In fact, most people would never know he’s rich. He prefers to live his life helping others and giving to the poor. When he meets Callie, she captures his interest even though she’s not a believer. Before their relationship can deepen, Callie’s ex-fiance shows back up in her life and she is forced to choose between Daniel and JD. Who will she choose and will she get a second chance at true love?

Find out in this touching novel, the second of the Heartbeats series, by clicking the order button above.

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2 reviews for The Power of Prayer: A Clean Second Chance Romance

  1. LadyM

    I’ve listened to a few books by this author before, and although they all have had religion in them, this one was very religious. almost uncomfortably so. it also talks a lot about the very touchy subject of abortion. I liked the overall story, but the sit down discussions of finding God was distracting to the plot. I understand that the book is about how prayer and God affects people and life choices, but some of it felt too much. I enjoyed the narator. I’ve only listened to a few who don’t change their voices to differentiate between the male and female voices, and that seems like it wouldn’t work (for the listener to know who is speaking) but it somehow does.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Lorana Hoopes writes beautiful romances, and in this one she tackles some controversial subjects with grace. We meet Callie, who is absorbed with getting ahead. When she is left at the alter by her fiance, she decides to go away. Not in the best frame of mind, her decisions are not the best, except for one. She meets JD, and this man has the potential to change her life. As all the chaos is going on in her life, Callie’s mother starts a prayer chain for her. And from there, we get to see how things play out for this troubled woman. Hoopes has a way of writing that instills faith in God, and gives us a feeling of hope. There are some scenes that are troubling, but as I listened, I found the message Hoopes wants to send. Callie is someone I found relatable, and my heart went out to her. JD is a strong man, and has definite values. He is sure of his feelings and I love that. It’s a great story with a wonderful message. Narrated by Hoopes, we get the full effec

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