Searching for Love (Carson Hill Ranch, Book 2)

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As the “younger” twin, Carey Carson has always lived comfortably in brother Casey’s shadow, happy to let him take the lead. But when Casey leaves for his honeymoon and the cattle drive has to continue without him, it’s up to Carey to step up and fill those highly respected boots. 

Amy McDade joined the cattle drive with a group of other vacationers, only for her, this drive isn’t about learning to rope a steer or having a good time. It’s her final attempt to build up her confidence again since an injury on the job has kept her from being a part of the career she’s always loved. 

When Carey and Amy find themselves headed back to the Carson Hill Ranch and into waiting danger, can they lean on each other for the strength they will need to fend off a crazed drug dealer bent on revenge?

3 reviews for Searching for Love (Carson Hill Ranch, Book 2)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is a great book. Carson Hill ranch is an 800 Thousand acre ranch that still does cattle drives the ole fashion way. Carey is one of the twins of the family that owns the ranch. There on a cattle drive and they take city people who wants an Western experience on the drive with them. Also that’s extra Income. Amy is one of the guest looking for an experience. I don’t want to spoil it so I want say to much other than Amy and Carey takes a liking to each other and there Is An emergency back on the ranch and she comes back home with him . This is an excellent series. This has become my favorite series from Amelia rose and I like all of her series. Valerie Gilbert does an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review. If this review is any help will you please click on the helpful link below. Thank you.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    I don’t know why, but I loved this one more than the first one. I think it is something about Carey, being the brother in shadow and coming into his own. I really enjoyed going on the cattle drive and meeting Amy. I loved the way it tied in Miranda and Casey from the first book, introduced us to a couple of other brothers(Anders and Joseph), setting us up for additional Carson adventures. The mention of a feminist on the drive as well, and her superior attitude made me smile. The growing relationship between Carey and Amy moved fast, but was completely believable. Her history and why she came to Texas, how she jumped in to help and literally break the case made me feel that her strength and passion were a perfect match for Carey. Can’t say enough good things about this one!

    Valerie Gilbert again brings it for us. She is an amazing narrator, lucky to have her in my ears telling me this story!

  3. Benita Dilley

    Joseph Carson, the twins younger brother, struggles to recover from a cattle drive riding accent, until Emma arrives to help, drawing on strength from her own life struggles, in this well performed audiobook.

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