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I’m an enforcer, it’s what I do.

I was brought to the Boneyard Brotherhood to do one thing, keep everyone in line. Break our code, run afoul of our laws? It’s my boot that will be bringing you back in check. If there was a problem, I’m the one who took care of it; by whatever means necessary. My own safety was never a concern. I enjoyed the thrill, the Adrenalin and the rush that I had lost since leaving the Marines. But, all of that changed when I met her.

Dylan, the nurse who patched me up after a mission went a bit afoul, she managed to setup shop in my head. It was something no other woman had done before; make me care about not only her but myself. Suddenly, I minded if I was going to be in danger, shot at or stabbed. I had to change, for her. But, would the Brotherhood let me?

2 reviews for Enforcer

  1. Brooke Ehly

    This story moves a bit quicker than what I’m used to, but not too fast. I loved getting into Coles mind and hearing how he thinks. Typical guy… falling without even knowing. Lucky for us he figures it out quick enough. The ending is great, but leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait to dive into the next book.

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  2. Patricia Reichardt

    I love veteran stories, and Amber Burns continues her Boneyard Brotherhood series with the next war hero, Jeremiah Cole. Cole is brought into the Club as the Enforcer, making sure all of the members abide by the rules of the club. One night he is injured, landing him in the ER, where he meets Dylan Yates, his nurse. There is instant chemistry, and she later checks in on him at his home. These two have some real fire between them, and their scenes are hot. I do wish they had gotten to know each other a little more, I think their story would be more enticing. With that being said, the story continues and their love grows. Burns also has a really good balance in the story with the business of the club, where we get to see Cole(as well as Dylan) in action. She does leave us with a slight cliffhanger, and it makes you just want book 3 to see where things are going to go next.

    Gideon Welles is perfect for this alpha male type of book. His gravelly voice gives the perfect masculine, edgy sound while he seamlessly switches to the female voices. He makes listening easy.

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