Skirt Chaser Filthy Dirty Love, Book 2

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Greyson Crawford works hard by day and plays even harder at night. And he understands and obeys the rules of the game. One, don’t mix business and pleasure. Two, employees are off-limits. So, he’s been eagerly counting down the days until interior designer Evie Richards is no longer under contract with his Seattle architecture firm. But when that day comes, he realizes there are more obstacles in his way. The biggest … Evie herself.

2 reviews for Skirt Chaser Filthy Dirty Love, Book 2

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Now this is a book that once I started listening, I could not stop. Greyson and Evie hooked me in and I had to keep going.Greyson’s reputation as a skirt chaser proceeds him everywhere until he meets Evie. For the first time, he has a woman that he cannot keep off his mind. When Evie is set to go to her best friend’s wedding, Greyson offers to go as her date for the weekend. Here the story really takes off. Between Evie seeing her ex-boyfriend and best friend getting ready to get married, Greyson’s expectations in the bedroom(or out of the bedroom) and her own emotions, things are becoming very complicated. And not only for Evie. Stacey Kennedy has wrapped this book up with lust, compassion, love, commitment and lack thereof, wealth, family, friends, self realization and so much more. It’s a book with so much heart, I completely fell in love with it.

    The narration by Gideon H Welles is spot on. He interprets these characters with the right amount of emotion and passion, the listener will get caught up in the story. His raspy, baritone voice is perfect for Greyson’s sexy male dominance and at the same time is able to switch to strong yet emotional Evie. He is perfect for this book.

  2. Sue C

    This is an entertaining “pretending to be together” becomes “wanting to be together” story. Evie is a strong caring woman. Grey is a playboy, knows what he wants when it comes to women and he doesn’t do commitment…. or so he thinks!

    Gray is the perfect fake boyfriend for Evie at the wedding of her best-friend & her Ex. The chemistry that has built between them over the month Evie subcontracted at Gray’s company ensures an intense weekend affair.

    Gideon H. Wells has done a good job narrating Skirt Chaser. He has a deep voice, good inflections and I had no problem distinguishing characters or feeling the emotions of the story.

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