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If there was such a thing as an urban legend in Cotton Creek, it was Grady Judd. He’d broken the heart of every woman he’d ever kissed, and he’d kissed a plenty. Many tried to rope him, tie him down, and drag him to the altar, but Grady wasn’t the marrying kind. In fact, no one was quite sure what kind of man Grady was. He showed up now and again, tended to his ranch, and then would disappear just as fast and never utter a word as to where he’d been when he came home again.

He was a sexy temptation, rolled up in a fine male package, and was all too willing to deliver a night of pleasure. He was also completely unwilling to let anyone inside his impenetrable wall. It was all fun and games or nothing at all.

Until he showed back up in Cotton Creek this time to discover that he’s not the only heart breaker in town, which leads to a whole new game and an entirely new question. Could Grady Judd finally have met his match?

3 reviews for Grady Judd

  1. Brooke Ehly

    Such a good book. Watching the struggle that someone can go through after being in the military is hard and I am glad to see that Charlie has some people to lean on and then to see her move past it. Charlie is a strong woman and Grady is a strong and caring person when he lets himself be. I was glad to see these two get together and grow together. The issues through the police force was nice to read as well. Very good story with even better narration. A definite read.

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  2. Tricia Wright

    “Charli and Grady”
    Wow! What a start to a series, this book had everything, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it had me on the edge of my seat – I could not stop reading this story.

    Deputy Charli Sampson is a strong woman, who has served her country in the military and is now back in the US working in Cotton Creek as a deputy sheriff. She has been there for about six months and has made many friends. She does not fall in love and as far as she’s concerned she’s not looking for a permanent relationship with any man. Then one day she sees Grady Judd and things are never going to be the same again.

    Grady is a heartbreaker, he’s well-liked in Cotton Creek but very few people know who he really is. He might own a ranch there but he doesn’t work it. He comes and he goes without any explanations to anyone. He’s not looking for a permanent relationship – he has no trouble picking up women, in fact, he’s broken the hearts of most of the single women thereabouts. Then he sees Charli and for him things will never be the same again.

    During this story, we learn why Charli is the way she is, strong, loyal and dedicated to her job. She loves children but refuses to love a man. We also learn why Grady is the way he is but that’s not all we learn. They both have deep abiding issues linked to loss.

    Grady and Charli do get together but just when things are starting to become intense, Grady leaves and Charli has no idea when or if he will be back. What he is doing and why is revealed but as I don’t give spoilers I will not say any more.

    There is a killer out there and Charli is asked to work with the Texas Rangers and the FBI to find him, what happens next is intense, and dark and kept me on the edge of my seat. This is a fantastic story with elements of the supernatural, a light dusting of BDSM (nothing upsetting), terrorist action and a serial killer/killers.

    This book should not be missed the writing style of Ciana Stone is fantastic and the storyline so well thought out and developed.

    The narration by J Scott Bennett is perfect.

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    When an author is able to create multiple series and correspond the characters into each, it makes the listen like a family visit! I didn’t think I was going to go back to Cotton Creek after the conclusion of the Honky Tonk Angel series, but to my happy surprise, I am back at the bar with my friends and meeting new people! This story introduces Grady Judd as a love interest for our deputy, Charley! Charley is not looking for a relationship, and when Grady comes back to Cotton Creek with his reputation of love them and leave them, he fits her bill perfectly! Stone always provides a good back story for her characters and these two are interesting to get to know. There is always a hint of paranormal as well, giving a little spark to the story. I love the suspense featured in this one, Charley does get herself into a pretty scary predicament, and the results were not guaranteed to get us the happy ending! And what an ending! SURPRISE!! Love it! As well as getting to see Cody and Jackson, this book was a great listen!

    Scott Bennett is the voice of Cotton Creek for me, and I love his narrations. He brings these characters to life, with the warmth of the hometown. He has a comfortable pacing that makes the listen very enjoyable.

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