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She doesn’t want love, she wants a rebound…
He needs so much more from her. He needs everything. 

Angelina: I am so damn done with being the chubby doormat for my soon-to-be ex-fiancé. I changed myself for every man in my life. Except Gray–my bodyguard.

Too bad he’s totally not interested in getting his kink on with me. No, he’s made it perfectly clear he’s only here to protect me.

We’ll just see about that.

Protect me from this, buddy. I’m going out on the town to find myself a good old-fashioned ménage.

Gray: For the love of all that is holy, I want Angel in my bed, tied up, blindfolded, begging me. I want her to be completely mine.

I can’t do that. Not yet. She isn’t ready for what I want from her.

I’ll break her.

Because I’m completely f–king broken.

It might kill me to watch her be with any other man.

But I won’t be her rebound.

3 reviews for Rebound

  1. M Phelps

    We all want a hot bodyguard, right? YES. This was a great listen to see a curvy rich girl out for revenge on her ex-fiance by going wild. The bodyguard that wants her is there all the way. Their journey was hot and explosive. I loved how she came into her own and gained the confidence she was lacking.This was a great listen. Lacy did a great job!

  2. Bette

    An Awesome, Smoking Hot🔥Audio Listen! 🎧 4.5 Sizzling🔥Stars! 🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟

    Curvy Seduction Saga, Book 1

    By: Aidy Award
    Narrated by: Lacy Laurel

    “Rebound” is an enjoyable, hot story, with interesting storylines & characters. Angelina, the lead female is a curvy rich girl who is full of sass. What started as revenge & payback to Marc, her cheating now ex fiancé, turns into finding ways to explore her own sexuality. She wants Grayson, her controlling and swoon worthy bodyguard. I love the chemistry between the two, I can imagine how explosive it will be when these two finally get together. Looking forward the second book in the series and finding out more about Gray and his Angel. Ay dios mio Aidy Award, what super hot story you created here, I thank you for another great read!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Lacy Laurel is an amazing narrator. She performs the voices of all the characters and brings them & their stories to life right off the pages. She sets the perfect for the story, gives it a dramatic and seductive flair which enhances the storylines even more. Lacy Laurel, thank you for another great listen!!

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    What do you do when you find your fiance in bed with your best friend? Angelina, a rather spoiled woman, decides the best revenge is rebounding with good sex. What she didn’t know is she would find on her road to her rebound. This book is full of hot men, multiple partners and erotic scenes, but this book really was so much more. Angelina wasn’t looking for love, but found she has strong feelings for her bodyguard Gray. Gray is a dom and knows Angelina needs to experience life, and learn his world before anything can happen between them. The slow burn between these two is incendiary, the love is real and the relationship growing. I love Gray, his character is strong and potent. Aidy Award writes him with a fierce passion and it’s easy to feel his strong emotions without him actually showing them. His protectiveness over Angelina is solid and she will be safe as long as she is under his care. Angelina is a little more difficult for me to connect to. She truly does have a bratty side, but as the story progresses, there is some growth in her perception of what love is and where she wants to be. This installment will leave you wanting to see what happens next to this couple.

    Lacy Laurel delivers a performance that kept me listening from start to finish. Having multiple male characters with this, she is able to give each one a specific voice and personality. The thing that really impressed me with this story is her ability infuse the lust and passion in the scenes. Her portrayal of Angelina is spot on, giving her the fire in her temperament. I love this narration and can’t wait for the book 2!

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