Shimmering Emeralds: A small-town Maine second chance romance

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He’s a little bit country. She’s a whole lot of rock-and-roll. Can these two opposites meet in the middle, or will secrets from the past rob them of their second chance at romance?

Fiery Meg Stark might be tiny, but she’s tough. She’s managed to raise her adorable little girl, Harper, all on her own. The last thing she needs is a man to get in her way.

Levi Ryan left their quaint hometown to pursue his dreams as a country singer in Nashville. Now, he’s returning to Brunswick Bay Harbor without making it big, and the last person he wants to face is his lifelong crush, Meg.

When a horrific school bus crash brings Meg, Levi, and their entire coastal Maine town together in ways they never could have imagined, will these delightful characters find a way to heal and move on from tragedy, or will their secrets destroy them? Find out now in Shimmering Emeralds.

2 reviews for Shimmering Emeralds: A small-town Maine second chance romance

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Second-Chance Romance Story! I totally enjoyed listening to this third installment of the Brunswick Bay Harbor Gems series as this ongoing story has me hooked. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series to be released!! Lovers of second chance romance stories will totally enjoy this series, and I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, even though this is the third book in this series, I still hate the devious, lying, hypocritical character of Meg; and my opinion of her was not swayed one bit as this story progressed. Her “woe is me—I’ve been abandoned” mindset was entirely of her doing. My heart totally went out to clueless Levi—everyone treats him like he’s the scum of the earth—they’re all lucky he’s giving up everything to be there for Meg—and her big reveal was totally unforgivable in my mind’s eye. The author does a good job in narrating this story, however towards the end when there were multiple people speaking, I became confused as there wasn’t much change in her tonal quality, and I wasn’t sure exactly who was speaking.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    What does it take to find your second chance? Levi has come home after going to Nashville to try his chance at country music fame. Now as a school bus driver, he is involved in an accident. One of the children injured is the daughter of his old flame, Meg. Leaving her several years ago to pursue his dream, she is the last person he wants to see. But fate has a way of changing things up. Meg is a strong, capable mother, but she needs as much support as she can get. Will she and Levi find their strength together? Ann Omasta has a gift when she writes, She pulls us in and tugs on our heart strings. This story had me as soon as the bus tilted. That worry as a mom had me with Meg at the hospital as she was getting the diagnosis of her daughter, and was with the Meg and Levi as they navigated through their past to now. With a few cameos of characters from books one and two and the birth of babies we were expecting, this series just keeps getting better! Omasta also treats us with her narration of the story, so we get to hear the book exactly as she wants us to. I love her performance and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in book 4!

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