Bringing Trouble Home

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Widowed rancher Heath Wolfe worries he’s making a big mistake by bringing Willow McAllister home to his ranch. A known troublemaker around town, she can’t seem to keep a job or avoid skirmishes with the law, so the town marshal implores Heath to help. While Heath agrees to employ Willow, he certainly won’t allow misbehavior, and he’s even prepared to take the willful young lady over his knee for a sound spanking if warranted.

Orphaned and alone for several years, 19-year-old Willow is used to taking care of herself. She sleeps wherever she can find a soft surface and roams freely. She doesn’t drink whiskey every night and she only steals when she has to, so it doesn’t seem fair when the marshal insists she give up her freedom to work for Heath. She suspects that the rancher is as humorless as he is handsome. 

Heath and Willow are as different as two people can be, but a tentative friendship forms. Old habits die hard, though, and it doesn’t take long for Willow to engage in familiar shenanigans. When problems arise, will Heath regret bringing trouble home, or will he get to the bottom of it, once and for all? 

Warning: Bringing Trouble Home contains sexual scenes and domestic discipline, including punishment spanking. If you don’t like these themes, please don’t buy this audiobook.

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2 reviews for Bringing Trouble Home

  1. M Phelps

    This was a first for me for the time period in the story. The western manners, talk and lifestyle was really a nice change to my usual stories. It was a steamy one at that. The struggles of both the H and the h was real life and you could relate to their trouble. The kids were sweet too especially his daughter! The narrator did a great job.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    In the old west, what do you do when you have children and your wife dies? You bring home trouble! Heath finds himself in need of help around his house. When the marshal suggests he bring home Willow, a young woman who finds trouble, he is hesitant. Willow is far from interested in this arrangement, but to stay out of jail, she is willing to give it the offered month and see how things go. What we have is a a romance you can’t resist. I love Amelia Smarts. I know I will get a book full of tension, domestic discipline and love. But there is something about this one I really fell for. I think Heath is a great character, a loving father, a devoted husband and Willow took him by surprise. It was Willow for me that stole the show. She is not your typical old west girl. She is tomboyish in dress, crass and destined for disaster, and the way she matures and changes is so endearing. I also love that this story has interconnecting characters from When he Returns, getting a look at things prior to that book. It gives us that homey feeling, and adds to the enjoyment.

    Matthew Keyes does a wonderful job with the narration of the story. He has a slight twang, and he gives Heath that alpha sound. I love that he also has a “father tone” when the marshal comes in. As Willow he could have a little more distinctive female voice, but it is distinguishable from the others. I enjoyed his performance.

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