Harriet’s Destiny Faith Creek Brides, Book 6

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Harriet Kirk has spent a lifetime being overlooked. Though she adores her sister, Annalise, who is beautiful and urbane, confident and accomplished in every situation, Harriet is tired of always being compared unfavorably to her. Clever and quick, practical and sensible, Harriet has always felt like an ugly duckling, but it has never stopped her from wanting the happily ever after that her sister always seemed destined for. But an unusual twist in their fates has them taking their destiny into their own hands, but will it end in happiness for Harriet, or for Annalise?

Brandon Willis has never wanted for anything, but he has always been determined to serve his community. He loves his work, driving the stage coach across the state, and assisting his great friend, Sheriff John Kimball, as one of the town’s deputy sheriffs. But he is starting to notice the loneliness that marks his days. But will he ever put himself first long enough to find a woman to love, or will his desire to help be his undoing?

2 reviews for Harriet’s Destiny Faith Creek Brides, Book 6

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    These two sisters will sure to bring a smile to your face from the beginning. Their complete opposite natures are so apparent, it will make you wonder why Harriet is so good to Annalise. Annalise is the socialite, being married off to a man she has no interest in. As a result, a letter to a man in Faith Creek to marry Annalise to is sent with the condition that Harriet goes along too. When the two meet Brandon, there is chemistry but is it with the right sister? I really enjoyed this one, the banter between the sisters is amusing, and the story is very entertaining. Gracey is able to take each of the couples in this series and give them their own personalities, each one completely different from the previous, but just as fun to listen to. With narration by Alan Taylor, you are sure to enjoy it!

  2. Cindy Nipper

    Sweet Historical Romance

    I love how this story was flipped! I look forward to listening to Harriet’s sister’s book!
    The narrator was perfect for this story!

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