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Cameron is just like one of the guys to everyone except Jake, her brother’s best friend. When she discovers him using her room to hook up with a girl, the sparks fly between them.

2 reviews for Tomboy

  1. M Phelps

    I really enjoyed this YA listen. It was felt very real dealing with realife teen issues and how life is. I was sucked into this story from start to finish. I found myself smiling most the book. I loved Cam and Jake’s story so much. What made the book was that the author went more into the future and just didn’t end it with no future look. This is a first with this author and I will be looking into more of her books. The narrator did a great job!

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Sweet young adult story
    Cameron is a tomboy, like sports and most of her friends are boys. When her twin brother’s best friend Jake is caught in her bedroom with another girl, she becomes annoyed, but is it because he was in her bed? Or is it because it wasn’t her? This is sweet story of growing up, self realization and figuring out who you really are. I enjoyed Cam as she matured and realized what life would have in store for her. Her journey is one that I found easily relatable, and I fell back into that time of insecurity as a teen. With his family life and his mature outlook, Jake is more complex than I expected. Together, we get a little teenage angst and enjoy watching their relationship grow as they get older. Breakout character is Kyle, Cam’s best friend. What a great personality he brings in!

    Sarah Sampino’s performance of Tomboy is wonderful. I love her voice. She easily modeled her characters with that teen angst using voices that were a good fit for the age of Cam and Jake. I like her pace and style of narration, giving my ears hours of enjoyment.

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