Come Back to Me

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From USA Today best-selling author Kathy Coopmans comes a soul crushing story of second-chance love.

What does one do when everyone you love dies?

How much is a woman supposed to take before she crumbles?

How much?

Adriana Jensen is the woman to ask.

She’s lost too many people to count.

The one death that destroyed her the most was her husband’s.

Only…he didn’t die.

What does one do when forced to walk away from his wife?

How much will it take to win her back?

How much?

Blake Jensen, Adriana’s estranged husband, is the man to ask.

He has one question to ask himself.

How much will it take for her to come back to me?

1 review for Come Back to Me

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    So much happens in this book, it’s hard to decide what to write about first. Kathy Coopmans takes the story of love, tragedy, drug addiction and second chance at happiness and rolls it all into one emotionally charged book. Adriana has suffered much loss in her life, and the death of her husband Blake is one of them. When she finds out he is very much alive, there is much they need to overcome, and will there be enough love to get them back together? Dealing with the death of her parents, sister and grandmother and other tragedies we see the strength that Adriana has. Blake I find to be warm and loving, and he has honorable intentions as to why he chose the path that he did. Second chances are hard to come by, and these two really work hard to get through their past. Coopmans makes this story believable and at time heartwrenching. She creates wonderful chemistry between the characters and a few really hot scenes. I love Blake’s way of not taking "no" for an answer and his continual prodding of Adriana to help her see how her life can be and how to live without the guilt she has been carrying for so many years. I also love how Adriana’s grandmother has instilled her wisdom throughout the book, giving her little anecdotes to help her through. Very good listen.

    Logan McAllister and Lacy Laurel are a very good narrating team. They compliment each other with their pacing and voices and always give a ear pleasing performance. I really enjoy this pairing of talents.

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