Rx for Love

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I thought I knew where my life was going. Which goes to show that we don’t know anything.  

I had the perfect life. A husband who loved me, getting the promotion as the head of our cardiopulmonary department, and a life plan that gave me purpose. Then, with one fell swoop, everything was destroyed. Finding your sister in bed with the love of your life puts things in a different perspective. Discovering she’s stealing your dream makes you question every thought you’ve ever had.

I lost everything except my medical career. The one place where my life wasn’t falling apart around me. Until it was. Dr. Eric James was our ER physician, and maybe if I hadn’t had a life plan, I’d never have noticed him in the way a woman discovers a man. Maybe I’d never known what passion was before him. I came to him in a moment of weakness, and he mended a part of me I thought was broken forever. Life has a way of screwing up even the best things that have ever happened to you.  

Trauma. When reality crashes into a fantasy, sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath. I knew the right thing to do, but giving up when a person’s life was in my hands went against everything I was taught. Love doesn’t follow the right rules. Unlike a medical emergency, there is no plan for survival. What I needed was a prescription for love that wouldn’t destroy the tiny part left of me still fighting to live.

5 reviews for Rx for Love

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    My first Michelle Hughes book and I was swept in and caught up in the story. Alexa is a cardiopulmonary manager that catches her husband in bed with her sister. Eric, an emergency room doctor and one of the catches of the staff, makes a move on her and the instant heat is rising. But is this a rebound? There are a few things in this book that kept my interest piqued. The cheating husband and story with Beth, Alexa’s sister was one I wanted to hear more of, and the results were not only surprising, but resulted in sadness and fear. The newly formed relationship with Eric was also on the radar, though at times I couldn’t understand where they were going. There are a few twists and turns that made me question decisions being made, but that is what kept the book interesting! With some steamy passion and a surprise to make you feel warm and good.

    Melissa Stiletto does a wonderful job with the narration. This book is complicated with the different emotions mixed into it and she nails each character and each emotion. She makes the story flow and kept the interest level high.

  2. Brooke Ehly

    There are definitely a couple twists in this book that you may or may not see coming but it is definitely worth a listen. Both main characters get a second chance at love when they both felt that their chance was over. I loved listening to this book. Narration keeps you entertained all the way through.

  3. M Phelps

    This had all kinds of things in one. It was so full of drama. The saying if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have luck at all. Yeah that’s Alexa. Even with all the crazy, I really liked Alexa and Eric. I was glad when things worked for them. Hot Dr. Logan needs a story if he doesn’t have one maybe with a little less angst. Melissa Stiletto and Michelle Hughes are both new to me and I really liked the book and narration.

  4. Paula Easton

    3.5 stars. The heroine is crazy. She is hot and cold so often I got whiplash

    The narration was well done.

  5. chantelle bouffanie

    Awesome! This author is new to me. I had the audio version of this one. This is Alexa and Dr. Eric’s story. Alexa is a cardiopulmonary manger at a Tampa Bay Hospital. Eric is one of the hot Doc’s at the hospital too. Alexa life as she knows it came crashing down when she catches her husband in bed with her sister. Dr.Eric is one sexy doctor, who wants Alexa. This story is one of betrayal, steamy sex, hate, loss, grief, heartbreak, guilt, forgiveness, friendship, and love. I honestly couldn’t put this book down once I started. I’m so ready fro the next one in this series. Keep up the awesome work. I highly recommend reading this one.

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