Lost Memories and New Beginnings

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An accident, a loss of memory, a past that could ruin your future!

She wants to remember who she is after the accident, but when pieces begin to fall into place that point to a troubled past, will she be able to convince Brody she’s changed?

Dr. Brody Cavanaugh thought he was done with love until a mysterious woman appeared in his life, but when her past paints a different picture of her, will that tear him apart?

And what happens when the owner of the black Ford truck returns?

Find out in this gripping and emotional second book in The Men of Fire Beach romantic suspense series by best-selling author Lorana Hoopes.

3 reviews for Lost Memories and New Beginnings

  1. LadyM

    I normally don’t read/listen to many suspense books, but this was interesting. it was fairly short and moved at a pretty fast pace. I enjoyed it even though it’s not my usual pick. I have not read other books in the series, but was not lost at all.

    I love that the author narates herself! she’s actually really good

  2. J. Hart

    As a fan of romantic suspense novels, I was happy to see that Lorena Hoopes had started the Men of Fire Beach series. I really loved book one and book two did not disappoint. I love her books and that she self narrates her stories.

    Lost Memories begins with our heroine waking up in a hospital with amnesia. Her doctor, Brody Cavanaugh, is a handsome widower who feels the need to protect his patient. As she begins to gain her memory, Tia begins to realize that, only wasn’t she a very nice person, but that she is in danger. Can she convince Brody to take a chance on love and escape the danger following her.

    The story grabbed my interest right away (and kept it) and it was the perfect length for an afternoon listen.

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    What do you do when given the chance to start over? This fast paced, romantic suspense story will have you wondering just that! Tia is in a horrible car accident, and when brought to the hospital has no memory. Brody, a widower and the doctor assigned to her case is taken with the unknown woman and is conflicted by his attraction. Now as things come to light, and Tia’s memory returns, she gets the chance to see who she was and who she wants to be. Coupled with the thrilling story of what caused the accident and who can be trusted, this story with have you rooting for the couple and wanting to get the culprit! Lorana Hoopes does it again with her wonderful writing, keeping this series a must listen. She also narrates the story, bringing it to life just as it is meant to be heard. I love that she can give us the exact way she wants it to be enjoyed and love her voices. It’s a perfect choice for the romantic suspense lover in me!

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