Bernadette Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides, Book 4)

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Bernadette Havering is a vivacious and independent woman. She knows her mind and never intends to let a man dictate what she should or should not be able to do. In a world where women having a job is frowned upon, she longs for a profession and wants to make history by becoming one of the very first women in the United States of America to gain a law license. But why should she give up a husband and family in order to do so? Can she truly have both?

Edward Grieve has worked hard. He has come from nothing and managed to gain an education, becoming a skilled veterinarian in great demand. But this is not the only thing that makes him unusual. He also believes passionately that women deserve more than they get from men, society, and the law of the land. But will he ever trust anyone enough to explain why?

1 review for Bernadette Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides, Book 4)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    A new spin on this Mail Order Bride book found me smiling right through. This is the first of a new series and Karla Gracey gave it a little twist. Catherine is a maid and begins her correspondence with Dylan, a widower living in Texas. Dylan is looking for companionship for himself, but more importantly a woman who will love his son as her own. As their letters go back and forth, their feelings grow, but as we all know, text is not always the easiest way of communication. This to me is where the surprise comes in. Arriving at her house, Catherine is shocked to find Dylan there ready to take her to dinner! Not your usual ticket to Texas to see if you suit! He came to her! I love this story, it is so fun and heart warming, and Dylan’s son is so adorable. This is a great start to this series!

    J Scott Bennett is the narrator of this historical western. He is so perfect for a series like this, his voice and cadence lend a soothing tone to your ears and really make the story enjoyable.

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