The Commander’s Daughter: The Ramelian Saga, Book 2

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Nineteen-year-old Melody hates that her parents make her go everywhere with Liam, the Ramelian warrior who has become her personal bodyguard. She craves freedom, and when Liam informs Melody that her father has given him permission to take her as his mate, she decides it is time to make her escape. But the huge, handsome brute merely tosses her over his shoulder and brings her back home, then takes her over his knee and spanks her thoroughly.

Though over the following days Melody tries everything she can think of to drive Liam away, he assures her they share a powerful bond and responds to her repeated provocations with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom. Despite his stern punishments, when he holds her in his arms afterwards Melody cannot deny her body’s response to his skillful caresses and she begins to secretly yearn for his touch. But can she trust her heart to a man who so firmly insists on her complete obedience and submission?

2 reviews for The Commander’s Daughter: The Ramelian Saga, Book 2

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    After listening to The Commander’s Mate, I knew I was going to have to see what happens to their daughter Melody. This spunky girl is going to be hard to tame, but with Liam, she has met her match. Melody is not happy to be betrothed to this man, but there is much she needs to learn, and he is there to teach her! Morganna Williams again gives us a passionate, erotic romance. It gives us more of look at the Ramelian race and how things are changing. Liam is a strong and incredibly alpha male that is hard to resist, and his subduing of his mate is going to leave you breathless.

    Narrated by the talents of Jack Calihan, the story is sexy and panty melting. He brings out that over protective side of Liam and adds a layer of warmth to him even when you think there isn’t one there! His voice brings this story to life.

  2. Vicki

    Liam, a Ramelian warrior, realized Melody was his mate as soon as he saw her at his commander’s house. So that he could try to get to know her naturally instead of claiming her outright, he was assigned as her bodyguard. Liam wanted Melody to submit and obey him always but she was feisty. When she didn’t obey, the punishments were pretty bad, especially when he washed her mouth out with soap and wouldn’t let her spit it out or rinse her mouth. I don’t see a human woman putting up with that unless she were really, really worn down. The warrior was also very possessive. This was a good book and kept my attention throughout.

    I feel that the narrator can make or break the book. Jack Calihan is an awesome narrator. He had the right tone in his voice for the sexy, possessive warrior Liam. He also did a great job with the female voices. You always knew who was speaking.

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