Clara’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 7)

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Clara Warburton is strong willed and determined that being female should not hold her back. As a student at Stanford, she wishes she could continue to enjoy the freedoms she has found there. But Society frowns upon clever and ambitious women, and her Papa is determined she will now learn her place. But Clara is not the kind of girl to take ultimatums lying down and so sets a course of her own making. But will it all end well? Has she finally been too clever for her own happiness?

William Gilbert has travelled far and wide as an itinerant preacher and academic, but has finally found a place to call home. When asked to take up the role of minister in Faith Creek’s newly built church he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He’s seen many of the townsfolk find the love of their life, and wants to be the one facing the altar for a change, but will he get everything he dreams of?

2 reviews for Clara’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 7)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Smart women always make for a good listen, and I love that these women moving to Faith Creek are just that. This story introduces us to Clara, who is a graduating senior from Stanford University. Women just do not go to college in 1894. Clara’s parents in Philadelphia are ready for her to come home now and get married…yes an arranged marriage. How things have changed in the 21st century! Clara does not want to go, so she writes to the mail order bride section of the paper, and we get to meet her future husband…but will he be the one to win her heart? He is a surprise when she realizes who he is. Will her parents let her marry him? So many things are up for grabs, you will need to listen to find out how it ends! Another fun novella listen with Alan Taylor’s warm baritone voice.

  2. Cindy Nipper

    Sweet Historical Romance

    I was disappointed in this story. If William would have had any other profession, it would have been fine. But to be a minister? They barely discussed the Bible or God, Jesus or even her faith. The closest they got was him saying he was an Anglican Minister and that Clara attended Bible study at the Baptist church where she wanted to marry. How can a man of the cloth not even consider his bride’s faith? It seemed way to superficial to me.

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