The Still Small Voice

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Would you give up everything to follow God?

Jordan Wright’s life was thrown upside down when she ended up pregnant in college. After giving up her son for adoption, she sought to find meaning in her life. As she gave her life to God, she began to receive visions and words to tell others. But can she trust God enough to take on the hardest mission of her life?

Kat Jameson had been a lukewarm Christian for years, but when her best friend died, her world was thrown into turmoil. Dreams haunt her evenings and a strange light began appearing around people. Kat believed she was going crazy until she met someone with a special message for her. Will she let go and finally let God use her?

1 review for The Still Small Voice

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I grabbed this book because I am a fan of Lorana Hoopes, and I was sure it was going to be a sweet romance. Not in her normal style I am used to, I started this story, and was captivated. The story is religious with a little romance and leave you thinking. Kat Johnson loses her best friend, and begins to have dreams where she is talking to her. When it’s determined it’s God’s way of communicating, will Kat take the missions on and relay the messages? Jordan gives up her son and now has visions to pass on to others. If God was talking to you, would you take this on? This story of true faith and opening your heart to God is inspiring. It makes you stop to think of all the little inner voices we hear but ignore. Could there be a message we aren’t paying attention to? Hoopes narrates the story and gives it all the heartache, hope and faith it deserves, and even leaves the story open for a sequel. I am hoping she continues this one!

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