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7 reviews for Conquered

  1. Tera Comer

    I found the characters highly engaging and a wonderful love story and all they went through to find their happy ever after. I was sorry for the story to end and can not wait to see what is in store for the next book in audiobook form. The narrator did a wonderful job with this story.

  2. Karin Anderson

    Vakarran Captives Book One

    When Kira Stryke and her sisters were young, the Vakarran warriors took over Earth. After the bombing of major cities and the death of millions of people, humans lost the battle for the planet. Kira has kept her sisters and several other humans safe for several years by hiding in the forest. She devised traps and snares for any wandering Vakarrans, thus killing some of their warriors. Now, Zaavyr, Coltan, Jax, & Aedan are determined to catch the human that their brethren have underestimated for so long. As a captive, Kira’s spirit is not dimmed, but she doesn’t stand a chance against the four aliens holding her. She feels strangely safe with them. However, Kira killed several friends of her captors’ boss, and he is not as gentle as the others.

    If you’re looking for an alien captive menage romance, this is the one for you! However, dubious consent is rampant in this story, so if this is a trigger please do not read.

    Audio Review:
    Heather Firth narrates both male and female voices flawlessly. In fact, I almost like her male voice better than her female one.


  3. Beth Fegley

    Loved this book. Even though it is an `alien – human’ book, you don’t even think or hear about it very much if al all. The banter between the characters and story line keeps you listening and the narrator did a fantastic job. I can’t wait to listen to the others in this series. There is NO WAY to listen to this with out getting your juices flowing.

  4. Jodi Price

    I received a free copy of Conquered for an honest review. I think this book is a good listen, I wish there was more “story” it is mostly just about sex (not that I mind the sex…) just would have loved more story line too.

  5. Patricia Reichardt

    When I was asked to listen to a sci fi romance, I was hesitant. Will it be cheesy aliens and spaceships? Not sure I was ready for that, I dug into my first book by Sara Fields and fell in love. Not only does she capture the essence of sci fi in this reverse harem, but she writes the eroticism with class and true feeling. The Vakarran have taken over earth, and are taking human women as their breeders. Kyra is a human female, taking care of her sisters, and is a true fighter. She is a warrior the Vakarran want to stop, but she has alluded their capture. When she is tricked though, seizing her is not only a surprise, but she has the necessity to escape. The four men have another plan for her. Zaavyr, Jax, Coltan, & Aedan are going to break her down and make her theirs. She will submit! Each man with his own traits, slowly breaks her down. But what isn’t expected is the depth of their feelings for her. When danger does comes to her, will these men save her? Will they let her go? The story is full of passion, steam, and an underlying plot to keep the Vakarran on top. It’s told in 5 points of view and will keep you entranced the entire time.

    Heather Firth is amazing at storytelling. This book with it’s 5 points of view, 4 of them being male was easy to listen to, we knew who was speaking and flowed effortlessly. I really enjoyed her narration of the story and can’t wait for the next in the series.

  6. Vicki

    After escaping capture for many years, Kira is captured by the aliens. The Vakarrans are very dominating and humans are their sex slaves. Kira gave in almost immediately, although she tried to stop herself. Heather Firth did a great job with the narration.

  7. Karen Martin

    Boy this is one set of books you don’t want to miss .
    Each book is set around one of four
    sisters who have been hiding from
    the Vakarrans who think human women are just for breeding there sons.
    Boy how wrong they are when they
    get there hands on one of the Strong sisters .
    Each sister is captured by different Vakarran Who masters each sister.
    Each sister falls in love with their four Vakarrans .
    Each book is steamy the right amount of BDSM in it.

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