Finding Justice

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Justice Weathers has his hands full with the ranch and his twin boys. A widower whose love life is pretty much non-existent and maybe that’s for a reason. His family doesn’t seem to have much luck with happily-ever-after.

He’s not looking for love. Heck, he runs from it.

He might have a bit of running to do. Someone’s on her way to Cotton Creek and when she gets there she’s gonna stir up a whole lot of feelings he’s spent the last three years trying to forget.

Yeah, that bit about nothing ever happening in Cotton Creek? So wrong.

3 reviews for Finding Justice

  1. Inishowen Cailín

    I am so pleased to have found this series. Ciana Stone is a new author to me and after reading this i am looking forward to listening to the rest of her books.
    I loved this book. There is just the right balance between romance and suspense. I got to know the characters very well and I couldn’t wait to see the pair work things out. There were also quite a few interesting side characters and I’m itching to read their stories as the series progresses.

  2. Tricia Wright

    This is the second book in the Honky Tonk Angels series which is the second series set in a place I wish was real, Cotten Creek. Every single person in Cotten Creek seems real, I just love this place invented by Ciana Stone

    This book is mostly about J.D. (Justice Dillon) and Jo (Jolene) but we do get to visit again with people we have already met. Jolene works for a TV station and has been doing a story on the Nash family and a curse which they have been under for years, that story brings to her attention Jason Weathers aka Jedediah Nash. He left home when he was very young, he changed his name and lost touch with his family (no more about that – spoilers you understand).

    J. D.( Justice) Weathers is Jason’s eldest son, a widower who has twin sons. Jolene has come to Cotton Creek to interview the Weathers family about the Nash curse and what happened to his father. She has given Jason further news about the events in his youth which lead to his need to flee and change his name.

    J. D. is against the interview and shocked when he finds out that Jolene is Jo a woman who has haunted him for three years because he was with her on the night his wife committed suicide. Undeserved guilt can change a person and Jo shocked by the changes she finds in the man she has never forgotten.

    As Jo makes friends with his family and the people of Cotton Creek further truths are revealed and J. D. learns to accept the truth about his late wife and comes to accept that he needs Jo in his life. When a man attacks Jo he becomes terrified of losing her and it forces him to accept his need and love for Jo. But then the man kidnaps both Jo and one of his sons and the whole town becomes involved in the search for them. Can J. D. save his son and the woman he loves in time or will the Nash curse strike again?

    A wonderfully moving and powerful story of love, acceptance of the truth and letting go. It ‘s also a story of new beginnings and the importance of friends and family, and how love makes you stronger. This was an emotional rollercoaster which made me laugh at the banter, cry for the heartache and get goosebumps when Joe appears yet again. I’m waiting for the day the Red Hats get their comeuppance though!

    The narration by the wonderful J. Scott Bennett is excellent bringing warmth and depth to Ciana’s incredible characters.

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    I began this with the Whisperer series which was extremely fun to listen to. The Nash family always brought fun, controversy and a little paranormal to the mix to be totally entertaining. Ciana Stone is not letting us down with this series. This is book two, though it can stand alone. A little background is seen from previous books, but you can follow if you have not read the others. Justice Weathers, a widow with teen twin boys finds his fling of 3 days showing up in his town to do a tv show about his family. He has real issue with this, as he blames Jolene for the death of his wife(you will have to read to find out why!). Through several twists and turns, Justice realizes how much Jo means to him, but will it be enough to keep her in Cotton Creek? I love the appearance of Joe again, he is full of love and comfort.

    J Scott Bennett is the perfect fit to narrate this series. His voice is soft, smooth, emotional, angry..fits every scene and character. Looking foward to book 3!

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