Carolynne’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 3)

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Bored and lonely New York socialite, Carolynne Forbes, longs to leave her wealthy past behind her and become a musician. She has both the talent and the dedication required, but does not know how to defy her family’s expectations, or Society’s rules. But a chance meeting with an acknowledged rake sparks her courage to find out if she truly does have what it takes. But can she convince him that he is as deserving of happiness and fulfillment in his own life too?

Elliot Grady is wealthy, charming and very clever. But his life has always bored him. Secretly he has always longed for the life of a writer, but has always dismissed it from his mind as he pursued an existence filled with shooting parties and balls, pretty girls and gambling. But his meeting Miss Forbes reminds him that he too once had ambitions, and that he has been a fool to let them go. He takes his own advice, and ignores the conventions that his own wealthy Boston background has dictated and takes to the road. But will he convince himself that he is good enough to wed the woman he loves?

2 reviews for Carolynne’s Destiny (Faith Creek Brides, Book 3)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Karla Gracey continues this series and I really enjoyed this book. Carolynne is a woman with an incredible musical talent. The times do not warrant women in the field, but she is encouraged by Elliot, a gentleman she met one night as he heard her play. After conversing with him, he encouraged her to follow her passion, and also write for a mail order groom. This romance between the two was fun from the start, but will Elliot’s responses to her land him alone? This book was a lot of fun for me for several reasons. I love that Carolynne is an independent woman and while she would love to have a husband, she doesn’t want her music to take a backseat to his wishes. It is refreshing to have a woman in this time period really pursue her dreams. I also liked the way she encouraged her suitor to also go after his own dreams.

    Continuing to narrate this series, Alan Taylor lends his rich baritone voice to the story. His voice is so warm, you immediately fall for the potential groom. He has a vast array of voices, making the performance very pleasing to the ear.

  2. Cindy Nipper

    Sweet Historical Romance

    Another delightful short story. I really enjoyed this narrator and the only thing that threw me, was the beginning story line. Elliot and the Sheriff acted like they met at the wedding in the beginning of this story, yet they met during the train robbery in the previous story. I didn’t care for the cover model’s costume, but it did fit well with the story!

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