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After the incident in Iraq, I found myself at the end of my rope, contemplating the taste of my 9mm. That’s when he found me; they found me.

The Boneyard Brotherhood took me in, gave me purpose. My life became about my bike, my brothers, my freedom. But there was still something missing; something I needed but couldn’t put my finger on.

That something came walkin’ in the door of our club, wantin’ to serve papers to Teddy, the man who brought me to the Brotherhood. She was meek, conservative, shy. What she didn’t know was that she was also going to be mine.

Once I laid eyes on Madi, I knew I had to have her, her curves, her subdued smile, the way her face flushed when I called her sweetcheeks. But before I could make her mine, I had to convince her to look past the tough tattooed biker image she was afraid of and find the real me.

2 reviews for Overhaul

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Not your typical MC romance, this book is a pleasant surprise. Amber Burns has a way of integrating a not so ordinary romance with the hurdles a veteran has to live with when hurt in combat. Sid returns from an IED explosion several years before and has adapted to civilian life with his disabilities. He meets Maddie, and he knows right away, he is “going to put a ring on it!”. I love it when there is love at first sight. Sid is a complex character, with his rough, soldier exterior, it’s thought that he will be a tough man to get to know. His vulnerable side is evident and endearing, Maddie cannot help but fall for him. He is honest and forthcoming with his feelings. Maddie is a little harder to get to know, though as she warms up to Sid, her wildcat side comes out.

    The twist and turns this book takes keeps the book interesting as well as romantic. There is trouble inside the MC Club and circumstances wreak havoc with Sid and Maddie. I love how Amber Burns is able to tie all these threads together and give the story real depth.

    Gideon Welles is the narrator for this book. His raspy, baritone voice is perfect for Sid. He also has a good range of characters both male and female with discernible characteristics for each. He is fast becoming an autobuy narrator for me!

  2. Tom Casey

    Your served in more ways than one, an Interesting read, characters you can easily imagine, bikers and not so many babes, more a nice story of love and how it can all go wrong fast with no fault of your own, but boy the making up can be fun. I enjoyed the story and the narration.
    I felt the narrator helps with the story too, a nice deep voice and It makes me think of a PI.
    Lovely and clear.
    Looking forward to the next book.
    This is an honest review as I received this audiobook for free.

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