Mail Order Bride: Bryony’s Destiny

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Bryony Shaw has never before thought of leaving Baltimore and her safe place in service, but things change for her when she is forced to become the nanny of her employer’s son, Edwin. Finally finding the courage of her convictions, she confronts them about their lack of care. An orphan herself, she knows the pain of feeling abandoned and cannot bear the thought of such a young boy feeling that way, too. But what follows, nobody would ever have expected.

Cody Jenkins has always taken his chances, never shying away from things when they get too tough. But his determination has led him to put off many things that every man needs. Secretly he longs for a family, and especially a wife to love, and be loved by. He so nearly had it all, all those years ago, but when it all went wrong he ran away and nursed his wounds alone. Will he ever let anyone in close enough again?

3 reviews for Mail Order Bride: Bryony’s Destiny

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Karla Gracey begins this new adventure with a new cast of characters in a new part of the country! Bryony is woman working in the kitchen of a wealthy homeowner, and temporarily becomes their son’s nanny. Discontented with her life, she randomly reads the mail order bride ads. Cody, a gentleman beginning his dairy farm in Faith Creek, Texas is looking for a partner to become his bride. Love the letters they exchange, falling in love with both of them! These short novellas are packed with well developed characters, each having their own personalities. It is heartwarming to have the beginning of this new series having Edwin, the young boy, coming front and center with his energetic personality and the interaction between Bryony and Cody with him.

    Danielle O’Farrell performs this book to perfection. Love her voice and is well suited for historical westerns.

  2. Cindy Nipper

    Sweet Historical Romance

    Bryony’s Destiny

    A nice way to start the series! I loved the way Bryony stood up to her mistress and the scene at the Botanical Gardens!
    The narrator had a few sections where it was hard to decipher who was speaking and some oddly pronounced words, but overall it was very good!

  3. kayla potthoff

    The narrator was great. These books are fun short reads. They give you everything you want in a book. Love stories with no cliffhangers. It ends with happily ever after. A good quicky!!!

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