Theo’s Retaliation

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  • Book Five

Lawson Reed – The Gunners’ SEAL team trainer and best friend to Derrick Rebel.


  • Book Six

Fiona Petit – A strong young woman whose life has been taken from her, and the one woman Theo Drake could not save.


  • Book Seven

Theo’s Retaliation – Theo’s mind has been clouded from the moment he failed to keep his promise to set Fiona Petit free. His job of infiltrating a crime ring and becoming one of them has turned Theo’s once-happy demeanor dark. Now he has one purpose, and one purpose only…to find Fiona. If she’s still alive.

Rebel builds the Gunners with new team members and gains intel on another organization whose crimes resemble those committed by geNetics. This time, it’s almost right outside his own back door. The Gunner team will go into battle against a familiar force that leaves none of them unscathed.

Will it lead Rebel to help Theo find Fiona, or will it dig Theo’s grave deeper? Will Rebel die trying to save them all, or will he lose Fallon in the process?

Will Theo get his retaliation?

1 review for Theo’s Retaliation

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    There is nothing better than starting a book and getting sucked into the story from the first chapter. This anthology of short interconnected stories had me on the edge every minute! The first of the four books focuses on the relationship between Theo and Derrick Rebel. These two have been through a lot together, and their friendship is unbreakable. Next we have Fiona’s story. We met her in the first book of this series, Rebel’s Retribution, and we learn of her tragic life as a victim of human trafficking. The third and fourth novellas focus on finding Fiona and taking the ring down. It’s action packed, heartbreaking and thrilling. Kelly Moore writes her stories with such passion and realism, it’s impossible not to get involved in the books. I love the interconnecting stories, the characters I love and the ones I love to hate and how it all comes down at the end with some closure and some surprises! And she left me with just enough of a taste that I can’t wait for Thorn’s story!

    Brad Gilliam continues his narration of this series. He does an incredible job with the characters, focusing on their personalities and finding the best voices for them. I was totally wrapped up in the book, which only goes to prove what a great performance he is giving.

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