The Fine Line Between Love and Hate

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A hilarious, opposites attract/enemies to lovers romance, The Fine Line Between Love and Hate will have you laughing and swooning at the same time.

She’s not a quiet librarian.

My landlord is infuriating.

He’s uptight and rigid, right down to those dress shirts that do nothing to hide the muscle underneath. Sure, I never read the tenant’s agreement. I have now. In fact, I’ve memorized it and I’m going to use it to my advantage while staying within the bounds of my contract. Is it my fault that those little decorative touches drive Charlie nuts? And who can resist purchasing a few vulgar gnomes to enhance the landscape?

He’s uptight and rigid.

Note to self: Do not allow my mother to choose a tenant for my house ever again.

She’s the opposite of the quiet librarian I’m expecting. My tenant is outspoken, vibrant, and seems to get off on pushing all my buttons.

It drives me nuts, but there’s something there. Something that sparks a fire in me and when we’re not butting heads those flames ignite.

Whatever is happening couldn’t possibly work. We’re too different. I’m too set in my ways.

Evie pushes me out of my comfort zone and she doesn’t seem willing to give up, even though we hate each other more often than not.

7 reviews for The Fine Line Between Love and Hate

  1. Tera Comer

    An adorable story that is an opposites attract/enemies to lovers romance to keep pulled into the plot. This author is new to me but the narrator is one that I truly enjoy listening to. I really enjoyed how the author put so much humor in the storyline. The characters and world building are great and I can not wait to read/listen to more from this author

  2. Bette

    An Awesome, Fun ? Story & Fabulous Narration!?

    The Fine Line Between Love and Hate
    By: Ashley Erin
    Narrated by: Heather Firth

    This book was hilarious, romantic comedy at its best! I will never be able to look at a gnome again with out thinking of Evie and Charlie, well done Ashley Erin well done. You created and wrote a wonderful story with just as wonderful characters. Lots of laughs along with drama and heartfelt moments. The small town charm and camaraderie was a nice touch, as well as the supporting cast of characters. Would be great to hear more about them as well as Evie and Charlie. Thank you for this wonderful read, it was enjoyable and entertaining.

    I listened to the audio edition, Heather Firth is an amazing narrator & storyteller. She performs the voices of all the different characters, switches roles back and forth effortlessly with out missing a beat. She sets the perfect t tone for the story and brings the characters and their story to life from the pages to your ears. Thank you for another great listen!!

  3. Michelle Kettler

    Heather Firth did an amazing job with this narration. This is a new author for me so I was really pleased with that as well. I love with someone just like Charlie so I could totally relate to this relationship. So many times I laughed out loud . I was completely entertained while listening to this . Having the town so involved in this couple was just hilarious. I was definitely one of my favorite audiobooks.

  4. J. Hart

    This was my exposure to author Ashley Erin but I will definitely be checking out more of her work. I absolutely loved this story! Evie is someone that I would love to have a a friend, she is so vibrant and fun, — and don’t get me started on her love of books. Charlie is wound so tight you’re just waiting for him to snap. The two are not instant buddies but, after time are able to open up ,or in Charlie’s case loosen up, to each other. The garden gnomes were hilarious and I found myself wondering if you can actually but them.

    Narrator Heather Firth did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

    I was given this audio book at my request and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion in this review.

  5. Patricia Reichardt

    Sometimes a good laugh and romance is just what I need to listen to. This book came at the right time. From the start, I knew Charley was the man for me. Borderline OCD, he loves to have his orderly life always in line. I can totally relate. In comes Evie, the new tenant. She is beautiful, but nothing like Charley. While he is driving her crazy with his rules, she is pushing his boundaries and wreaking havoc on his life. It’s incredible foreplay to a steamy, hot and ideal romance. These two have banter that left me laughing out loud. From the inappropriate gnomes(who came up with this hysterical idea?) to the romantic dates, to dinner with the parents, this story is off the charts original, funny and charming. Evie and Charley are great characters, with realistic flaws and practical problems. They are easy to relate to and made this listen so much fun!

    Heather Firth is the incredible narrator for this book. She is fast becoming a go to narrator for me. With her ability to switch between roles of male and female characters and her comedic timing in this book, she made the listen fly by and some of the best entertainment I have listened to lately.

  6. Karin Anderson

    The Fine Line Between Love and Hate: The Complete Series

    Evie moves into a rental house that is just perfect for her, at least until her new landlord leaves the first of several irritating notes on her front door. Charlie is shocked when the librarian his mother chose to be the new tenant in his rental house reacts badly to his reasonable requests. The lease on the house clearly states no changes are to be made to the flower beds or the lawn. After one too many notes, though, Evie decides to get revenge. You can only break a rule if you know what the rules are, so she arms herself with the rental agreement. The town of Mistik Ridge looks on in amazement as the rigid Charlie begins to bend to the will of the effervescent Evie.

    If you’re looking for a fun story with a wild librarian and an OCD school teacher, this is the book for you!

    Audio Review:
    Heather Firth gives life to these spunky characters without going over the top.

  7. Maria Fernanda G Lechuga

    LOVED loved loved this book, it is funny, cute, fast paced, well written and will have you grinning the whole time.

    The characters are amazing, Charley & Evie with their very different personalities made things more amusing and entertaining.

    But what was the best: the GNOMES, really, it was so fun to read, they were the best part of the story, it is so original.

    Finally, the narrattion by Heather Firth, was so good, it’s the first time I listened to her, but was surprised by how great her narrattion is, she brings all the characters to life with her different voices, she portrayes all the emotions the characters are going through in a perfect way, and her male voice is top notch, making the book so much enjoyable.

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