Southern Comfort

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A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers.

Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared in Facebook messages. They’ve never heard the other’s voice, or seen a photo.

Analise Becke writes romance with western heroes, men she has dreamed up by combining the looks of her favorite western actor with the qualities she discovers in her online chats with the Texas rancher, Riley Morgan. She’s cooked up more than a few fantasies about Riley over the last year, but knows them for what they are – fantasies of a lonely woman whose marriage is falling apart.

Riley looks forward to the online chats more than he is willing to admit but has never considered asking what she looks like. She’s just an online friend. Yeah, they have a connection, but certainly not enough to even consider that a face-to-face meeting will spark anything other than a solidification of their friendship.

Riley Morgan and Analise Becke are in for a big surprise – actually a series of surprises. Their lives are about to be turned upside down as passion and danger come to Cotton Creek, Texas.

And they say nothing ever happens in Cotton Creek.

3 reviews for Southern Comfort

  1. Inishowen Cailín

    A good, romantic suspense with great cast of characters. The story is fast flowing and had me entertained from start to finish. The paranormal element towards the end took me by surprise even though I knew before starting it that it was an element of the book! There was no hint of it before it appeared and I was that immersed in the story that the paranormal aspect felt like a weird, random addition. The twister tornado in the middle of a gun fight and hostage situation was completely over the top but great fun.
    A good, entertaining read!

  2. Tricia Wright

    I am a fan of Ciana’s Cotton Creek stories and this one is the first in a spin-off series Honky Tonk Angels. Southern Comfort is about Riley Morgan a hardworking cowboy, an ex-star of the big screen and internet friend to Analise a writer of western romance.

    In this book, we revisit some characters from previous books and learn more about them but Riley Morgan and Analise Becke are the main stars. Riley has returned to his hometown Cotton Creek, Texas leaving behind his days as Nate Bridges “Movie Star”. He lives and works on his ranch surrounded by people to whom he’s a friend and not a star. Analise made a friend in Riley on facebook while researching her books on cowboys, she has no idea that Riley was once Nate a star she has crushed on for years! Analise’s husband has been unfaithful for years, their marriage is over. So now that her son is settled in college she going to divorce him. She withdraws half the money from accounts held by her husband offshore, this she puts in trust for their son. She also withdraws half of their two joint saving accounts all this totals sixty million. What she doesn’t know is that the off-shore money belongs to the mob and that they want it back.

    Analise has bought an RV and after a series of events decides to go to Cotton Creek and visit her friend Riley. But on arrival, she faints when she sees her longtime fantasy crush, her perfect man, Nate Bridges whom she has based every one of her book heroes on. Feeling that Riley has not been honest she ends up going home with Cody Sweet, another friend she has met online. She becomes fast friends with the whole Sweet family and gradually gets to know Riley better.

    But the mob are becoming impatient they want their money back, her ex is being pressured to get it back or else! Friends of Riley’s in the FBI come to her aid along with Joe a character we have met in other books. How can Analise get the mob and her ex to leave her alone and not bring trouble to the people that mean the most to her?

    This is an exciting story if you like cowboys, and stong and sassy ladies, off the chart hotness, intrigue, and a strong sense of family and friends, and a touch of paranormal then this is a book for you.

    The narration is excellently done by J. Scott Bennett who has a way of bringing all the characters to life.

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    Let me start by saying I love Riley. There isn’t a bad thing to say about that man…how he could have been married 3 times before, those women must have been stupid to let him get away. This was a feel good romance, has a little suspense in it and was very enjoyable. The characters were interesting, pretty well developed(would have loved a little more evil Gina..she seemed pretty wild) and the plot was good. I especially loved the Joe. I believe we all have guardian angels, and he certainly pulled through at the most opportune time. Annie developed well into her own. I think the break from Rick into the western girl she became was well thought out, bringing out the best qualities in her. Loved the fierce momma bear she was protecting her son.

    J Scott Bennett has a great voice for the western romance. His performance was spot on and kept me going!

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