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4 reviews for Manhandled

  1. Brooke Ehly

    Starts of with heat and only get hotter! Add a little action in there and you will love it. This book does have some triggers in it as stated in the blurb, but I really enjoyed this listen. Meghan did a fantastic job with narration as well!

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  2. Bette

    Terrific Story & Narration🎧A Smoking🔥Hot🔥Listen🎧

    By: Sara Fields
    Narrated by: Meghan Kelly

    Sara Fields pens another hot, out of this world story! She has a great writing style, her stories lure you right in and captivate you from start to end. She has an imaginative and creative mind, her stories are dark and delicious and she takes you out of your comfort zone willingly and has you coming back for more. Fascinating world dynamics in this story, it is set in the future, Earth is no more and humans exist on the different planets and space stations amongst various breeds of aliens from other planets. There is an Intergalactic Coalition, as well as controlling factions in power, the Association and the Syndicate, who do not along. Cara, a human lands on Dryac looking for work, she winds up getting captured by a slaver who wants to have his way with her and have her work as his slave. She tries to fight him but he is too strong but a stronger, more controlling alpha alien stops the slaver and captures her instead. She tries fighting him but is publicly humiliated and forced in to submission as he claims her. He has plans for her and brings her back to his home. She learns more about him, Bane, and what his plans for her are, helping him conduct business. It turns out Bane is good to her and for her, he is unlike the corrupt, evil alien she worked for in the Association. When that alien comes to Dryac to try to make a deal with Bane everything goes array. Can Cara save herself, Bane and her family. I loved how everything played out, there is plenty of drama, action, some thrilling & suspenseful moments as well as some hot D/s scenes. Thank you Sara Fields for another great story!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Meghan Kelly is a terrific narrator and a versatile voice artist. She brings the characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality, as well as heart and attitude. She does an amazing job projecting the emotions of the characters into her performance, she also captures their passion. Her portrayal of the characters were spot on, you could hear Cara’s strength and determination to not give up and Bane’s alpha male attitude. Meghan Kelly is an entertaining storyteller, it is always a pleasure to listen to her work. Thank you for another terrific listen🎧

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    What would you do if an alpha male alien kidnapped you? Cara has found out when Bane has taken her saving her from slavery. But what she gets is a dominant male, ready to dish out the discipline if she doesn’t behave! Fields has begun to create a new world, with strong willed women and powerful men. This story may be short, but it’s action packed, full of passion, spankings and loyalty. Bane at first began to rub me the wrong way, but as we got to see the different sides of him, I definitely softened to him. I love Cara, the spunkiness she has, and her will to survive is amazing. Cara and Bane will surely keep your heart pounding and looking for more. Fields has done it again, brought me a sci fi book I can love.

    Meghan Kelly enhances this story with her performance. She fine tunes herself into the personality of each character. I love her Bane, as she finds his inner most difficulty as well as his emotional side. With Cara, she creates that woman with attitude who adjusts to her mate. It’s a great interpretation of this book, and I loved it!

  4. Debra Anne Boulier

    Smoking Hot 🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this will burn your ears. I love Sara Fields audiobooks. I was captivated from beginning to end. Meghan Kelly does an outstanding job in the narration. Her switching of characters is impeccable.

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