Delightfully Deluded

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Can true love win against desperation, animosity, and deceit? Eden Jamison decides to become a mail order bride to escape her lonely life, and ends up with an undesirable intended. She manages to escape him by dressing as a lad and fleeing, but in the process, ends up owing a debt she isn’t able to repay—at least with money. Andrew Mayfield vows she’ll walk all the way to Hays with him, doing all the work along the way to repay him. Andrew is furious with “Eddie”, and Eden finds Andrew bossy and irritating. When he discovers her gender, he softens somewhat, and during their travels they grow closer, however, Andrew already has an intended waiting for him in Hays.9

2 reviews for Delightfully Deluded

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    The premise of misdelivery of a mail order bride is so much fun for me, and this series has been a pleasure to listen to. This twist on the concept has given a fresh perspective on the old west and how things that are meant to be happen. Eden runs from her initial mail order husband to be and finds herself indebted to Andrew, a man who helped her. To repay her debt, Andrew has the intentions of making her work it off while walking to Hays..but this long trip has a different outcome than expected. Problem is, Andrew has Catherine, a mail order bride waiting for his return. Will Catherine understand the situation?How long is she willing to wait for his affection? I love that we get to see Addie, Martin, Sam and Fiona again in this story and that Addie is still up to her matchmaking ways. Her delightful way of subtly..or not so subtly organizing the lives of those she loves is so endearing and the results are perfect!

    The casting of Meghan Kelly is wonderful with this story. Her voice is so easy to listen to, with an even pace, and pleasing voice for each of the characters. The differentiation between each is easily discernible and her gender changes are clear and concise. Wonderful rendition of the story.

  2. Misty

    I loved the story in this book. You always hear about mail-order bride, they fall in love, the end. In this book it took a twist or two. i loved that. Looking forward to reading and/or listening to more of this series. Love the narrator

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