Catching Betsy

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Eighteen-year-old Betsy Blake yearns for love and romance, but the unattached men of Virginia City are all ill-mannered ranch hands without the gentlemanly qualities she desires. When her friend Susannah finds a husband by writing a mail-order groom advertisement in the paper, Betsy decides to pen her own ad specifying her wish for a well-dressed, mannerly husband from the East, and she excitedly awaits a response from the man of her dreams.

Roderick Mason’s reputation as an architect in NYC has earned him great success, but he hasn’t been as lucky in love. The women of his circle are perfectly lovely, observing every etiquette with practice and ease, but he longs for adventure and a woman who will challenge him. When he reads an ad in the paper requesting a gentleman groom, he decides it’s time to abandon life as he knows it and head to the Wild West.

Roderick and Betsy are immediately smitten, but they soon discover that not everyone in Virginia City is pleased by their match, especially one man who wants Betsy as his own. As Betsy’s stalker becomes increasingly threatening, Roderick realizes he will go to great lengths to protect his sweet little country girl, including taking her over his knee for some painful discipline when she misbehaves or puts herself in danger. Will Betsy learn to face her problems and accept Roderick’s love and discipline, or will he never succeed at what he desires most – protecting and catching Betsy?

Warning: Catching Betsy is a historical western romance containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline, including punishment spanking. If these themes offend you, please don’t listen to this audiobook.

1 review for Catching Betsy

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Talk about a fun listen, Amelia Smarts has done it again! I love this mail-order groom idea, and Betsy is a delight. Betsy is 18 years old and like her friend Susannah, has decided that ordering herself a groom is the way to find her soulmate. She catches the eye of Roderick, a successful architect in New York. He travels to her but what he finds is not exactly what he expected! With a few embellishments and Betsy’s immaturity, Roderick has his hands full…in more ways than one! I loved this story. The recurring characters of Adam and Susannah, along with their two children is a treat, plus we get to see that alpha presence that Adam is so known for. There were a few scenes that just brought a smile to my face, like with the blueberry pie starting the book off with a chuckle. Smarts infuses a little suspense into the story as well, giving a glimpse of the protective man Roderick is. Amelia’s style of writing is charming and fun, and I can’t wait for the next one.

    This is the first time I have listened to Jack Leonard perform a narration. I really enjoyed his voice, well paced and has a variety of characters that are easily distinguishable. Looking forward to hearing more from him.

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