Buried Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 1)

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From USA Today bestselling author Roxy Sinclaire comes a dark trilogy.

Camilla is everything I want, but she doesn’t know the real me. All she knows is what she’s heard and read in the tabloids. If I can’t make her see the truth, there’s no telling what will happen.

I want Camilla all to myself, but my reputation as a womanizer has done its work…but it’s not my reputation. It’s my brother’s that she has to be worried about. Adrien is charming on the outside, but when he gets comfortable, people get hurt. Women get hurt.

But I have to let Camilla find that out for herself, no matter how much it hurts to watch her with him. All I can do is be here for her when she discovers the truth, and hope that it doesn’t take too long for her to see him for who he really is.

Buried Obsession is the first book in the Obsession trilogy. The story of Camilla and Samuel continues in Tangled Obsession.

1 review for Buried Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 1)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Roxy Sinclaire writes a highly intriguing story of obsession and jealousy with this first book in her Dark Obsession series. Camilla has done an interview with a high profile businessman. Little does she know how this interview will change her life! Caught up in their lives, it’s a fast paced story including a family dynamic, a high powered obsession and a woman caught up in the middle. Sinclaire always gives a great story line, and I especially enjoyed this one. The balance between brothers is so interesting and how she has the story play out only left me wanting more! I can’t wait to get book two and see how Samuel and Camilla’s relationship evolves!

    Narrated by Amber Bray, the story flows so easily, I became lost in it. She has a very good variety of voices and gives the story that edginess necessary to give it a little evil, but leaves it passionate. She is in the heads of the characters, so you feel their emotions, uneasiness and infatuation. It’s a good performance and I enjoyed it.

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