Cadence: Untouched (Cadence Duet Book 1)

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Cadence Riley didn’t have time for boys – no matter how potent their smiles were. School and working at Camp Riley were her only priorities. She knew better than to fall for someone like Fitz Quinn, the spoiled, bad boy son of a wealthy politician. But the second he spoke to her, she knew she was in over her head. He was a gorgeous trouble maker with a cocky attitude. Her heart warned her, but she didn’t listen. There was something protective and good beneath the bad boy exterior that made her insides flutter. Before she knew it, she fell hard and fast.

Fitz wasn’t prepared to meet a girl like Cadence. She was shy and innocent – and nothing like the girls who usually flocked his doorstep. How could he resist her mile-long blond hair and emerald eyes? He knew he shouldn’t want her. His father already had other plans for him, and a relationship with her could never go beyond the summer. He thought their stolen kisses by the lake were only supposed to be a summer fling. Falling for her shouldn’t have happened. But it did.

Now the clock is counting down until Fitz has to return to the life that awaits him in Washington, DC. As September draws closer, how will they survive the end of everything they’ve come to love?

7 reviews for Cadence: Untouched (Cadence Duet Book 1)

  1. Bette

    Great Story & Audible Listen! Heartfelt & Touching!

    Cadence Untouched
    Cadence Duet, Book 1
    By: Dakota Willink
    Narrated by: Zachary Webber, Lacy Laurel

    Wow, just wow!! This is a beautiful story, it captivated my attention from start to end. I adore Dakota Willinks writing style, the way she creates and tells her stories. She draws you right in to the story, brings you along side the characters. The two lead characters, Cadence and Fitz, are from different worlds but they just clicked like they were meant for each other and destined to fall in love. There is so much to this story, it grabbed my heart, wrung it out and then crushed it. Dakota Willink thank you for this great story, I am looking forward to Cadence Defined and for you to mend my broken heart.

    I listened to the Audible edition, Zachary Webber and Lacy Laurel are fabulous narrators and voice performers. They bring the characters to life and give them heart and personality. They are talented storytellers who know how to entertain their listeners.

  2. Jocelyne

    This is the first book in the Cadence Duet. This is a great introduction to Cadence and Fitz’s story! The story is well written, captivating, and heartbreaking. I love Cadence, she is a great and beautiful character. Fitz is an intriguing character. I have a Hate/Love about him. His story is heartbreaking. The story ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next book in this duet, to know what happens next! Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber did an amazing and an emotional narration together. This is a great team author/narrators. I totally recommend it.

  3. Nix Hardy

    I don’t know how to put this review into words , I loved this story , Fitz is made to help out at a summer camp for a bad mistake he made , he seemed a bit cocky at first but was soon showing his sweet side , Zachary Webber really narrated his character well

    Candace was a sweet niave girl who was really brought to life by Lacy Laurel

    the story was written brilliantly and even tho I kind of guessed what would happen at the end it didn’t take away from how much I loved the story

  4. Brooke Ehly

    This story is amazing, aggravating, heartbreaking and loving all at once! These two people found each other by chance because of very sad circumstances that have you feeling pain right along with them. The twists close to the end that explained so much was absolutely heart wrenching. And the ending!!! I need the next book like now!
    Narration was fantastic which made this book a perfect combination of written and voice perfection.

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  5. Shan MC

    So, I didn’t realize this series has 3 things I usually skip on when I pick a book to read; I won’t go into it in this review since it would be spoilers, so I’ll save it for my review on the next book.

    Focusing on this story, loved the connection between Cadence and Fitz. This story is a short read; it’s a prequel to the next book. This one tells the story of how Cadence and Fitz fall in love during a summer at her parent’s camp. Cadence is 18 and Fitz is 22. Fitz got into some trouble and he is there with one of his friends working as maintenance workers for the summer. Fitz has had his wild time in college; girls and parties, but when he meets Cadence, the boy is struck. They are so sweet together. Unfortunately, they are young and don’t think things through, so they allow stupid things to happen and stupid people to get in the way. Fitz should’ve known better; especially with his past with his father.

    I am interested to see the outcome of Cadence and Fitz’s story, so on to the next.

    After listening to the audio, I loved the male narrator; he’s one of my favorites. The female narrator didn’t fit the characters for me, but she gave a solid performance.

  6. M Phelps

    This was an amazing ride. The love and emotions coming through my earbuds were amazing. I was all swoony one minute and then torn to pieces the next. I was not too sure how to feel about Fitz for part of it. It had me tied in knots and anxious. I loved it! Would highly recommend. Lacy and Zachary did amazing!

  7. Patricia Reichardt

    First love, first heartbreak, a love so strong nothing can break it. Or can it? Dakota Willink has taken me back in time to that feeling of finding your soulmate. Cadence never had time for a boyfriend. She is busy getting ready for college and working at Camp Riley with her parents. When Fitz comes to work at the camp from USC (this was funny!), Cadence knew to keep her distance. He is older, rich and definitely a bad boy. But as she gets to know this man, she finds out that things are not always as they seem. Willink captures that innocence of first love in Cadence. She is sweet, trusting and full of emotions, almost starry eyed. She wants to see the best in Fitz and has hopes and dreams of their future. I have to say that I really liked Fitz for most of the book. I thought he turned into a caring and passionate man, with infinite patience and even came through with truth and honesty. But will all these qualities help this couple? There are things that even true love cannot overcome! And these two end up with decisions to make that will effect their individual futures. With those decisions made, I cannot wait to listen to the second book to see where things end up!

    Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber narrate this story with care and emotion. From the start, Laurel gives Cadence just enough innocence to make her believable. She takes you into that time where you can remember all those feelings of love and happiness, right back to those feelings of hurt and despair. Webber gives Fitz that voice where you could feel the warmth and love from your first boyfriend. He makes you trust in what they have and feel his unhappiness life takes it’s turns. They dually narrate the story with precision. You know that when the book is over and you still are feeling, that their storytelling was perfect.

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