Daring the Judge: A steamy and forbidden opposites attract romance

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One night of sizzling passion in each other’s arms threatens to ruin both of their lives.

Brilliant Sienna Clark was recently appointed as the youngest judge in the history of her district. She has worked tirelessly to earn this honorable post. She can’t let one mistake steal the career of her dreams.

Jake Blackstone is a notorious bad-boy, but he isn’t a criminal. When he’s framed for murder, his only alibi is the sexy judge sitting across the bench from him.

Judge Clark can’t help him without admitting to a crime of her own. Jake can’t prove his innocence without her. Will one night of wild abandon cause both of their downfalls?

Sienna and Jake can’t get what they want without destroying each other. Who will come out on top? Find out now by listening to Daring the Judge.

3 reviews for Daring the Judge: A steamy and forbidden opposites attract romance

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Suspenseful Story! I enjoyed listening to Ann Omasta narrate her story about a female judge who finds herself in a potential compromising situation. This romantic story was suspenseful and will keep your interest as you listen to find out what will happen to Sienna and Jake.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Daring the Judge is the perfect mix of steamy passion and suspense. Sienna is so confident in her job as a judge but when it comes to a personal life, she hides. Maddie, her best friend gives her a challenge and as a result they end up at a sex club. Totally out of her comfort zone, Sienna hooks up with ever so self assured owner of the club, Jake. Their one night ends up to be the best and worst night. Now the only way out their dilemmas is up to the two of them. Or is it? Ann Omasta writes such good stories. She makes Sienna very real, with her ease of what she knows and her fear of the unknown. I love that she gives us Maddie adding that comic relief and Jake is just a swoon worthy man! The suspense is high, the passion heated and it’s an all around good story. Omasta narrated the book so we get to hear it exactly as she intends. I love it!

  3. M Phelps

    I really loved that Sienna was the judge and Jake the bad boy. It is great to see the heroine s super successful. Jake was very smart to unfold things the way he does to snag a HEA. This was steamy and flowed very well. The narrator/author did a great job.

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