Dungeon Daddy – A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale

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His protection comes at a price: total submission 

Rae: Imprisoned in my tower, shut away from the world, I lived in the pages of my books – and my fantasies. Then he rescued me. Made me his. 

He becomes the best daddy I’ve ever known – caring yet stern.

Ryder: Kept captive her whole life, she’s the perfect combination of beauty and innocence. I bring her to Limits, the high-end, exclusive, members-only club…my home. Now she’s under my roof and my protection. 

I’ll protect her, keep her safe. And all she has to do is obey.

Please note: Dungeon Daddy is a full-length erotic romance novel with BDSM elements and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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3 reviews for Dungeon Daddy – A Rapunzel Adult Fairy Tale

  1. Felicia Steele

    Dungeon Daddy by Jane Henry is a retelling of Rapunzel with mild BDSM themes that I listened to on audio narrated by Matthew Keyes.

    I absolutely love Jane’s books! She does an amazing job making you fall in love with her Dom’s. They are strong alpha males that have a heart of gold. I loved this twist on Rapunzel.

    Matthew did an amazing job on the narration. He did a great job on using different voices for each character. It made it really easy to follow along with the storyline.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves BDSM, Alpha Males, and Modern Day Fairytales.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Fairy tales are one of my favorite listens, and Jane Henry’s take on Rapunzel is incredible! Rae, kidnapped at birth is stuck in her home with her father. Ryder’s car breaks down and when he comes to the house, he is caught up in Rae and now on the surveillance tapes. With imminent danger lurking, Ryder takes Rae to his home and his BDSM club, Limits. Rae is introduced as his submissive to keep her safe, but will that be enough? Henry spins this tale with the delicious dom Ryder. I love him, not just for his alpha maleness, but for the way he sees Rae. I love Rae’s innocence. She is book smart, but when it comes to real life, it’s all new to her, so seeing things through her eyes is intriguing. And let’s not forget the suspense as Rae’s father comes looking for her. It’s high action and tension building, making it so I could not stop listening.

    Matthew Keyes gives a wonderful performance. I enjoy his voices, especially his alpha Ryder. He has a good ability to change up his sound, and makes it easy to tell who is speaking. He is up and coming and look forward to more of his narrations.

  3. D M A

    This is a great version of The rapunzel fairy tale but set in modern times with a healthy dose of BDSM.
    Very enjoyable hot story

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