Yup! Everything on Audiobooks Unleashed is FREE for listeners to use and enjoy. That means free audiobooks whenever you want!

Authors and narrators put their free audiobooks on Audiobooks Unleashed because they want you to find their audiobooks, fall in love with 'em, and then come back for more! (And they sometimes get paid when you use a code, so everyone wins.)

It's super easy, promise!

1. Pick an audiobook.
2. Enter your email to get a free code.
3. Copy and paste that code into Audible's promo code page.

You're done!

Here's a more detailed breakdown:


1. Go to the homepage and find an audiobook that speaks to you. (Haha, get it? Anyways...) Looking for a historical romance? How about a paranormal thriller? Tick off your desired categories in the filter on the right of your screen and find your perfect listen.


2. Alright, you've picked the one! Click on the image of the audiobook and you'll be brought to its page. Here you'll find more details than you could ever need, and the coveted free audiobook codes. Use the US form if you live in the United States, and the UK form if you live in Great Britain. Just enter your email and BAM! You've got a free audiobook code. No wait time at all!


3. Underneath the code is a big button that says REDEEM. Click it! It'll take you straight to the place you need to enter your free code. You're on Audible's website now. Copy and paste the code you received, and you've got yourself a free audiobook!


Don't have an Audible account? No problem! You can create one.
You do not need to pay anything to have an account on Audible.

No, you don't have to. But we hope you do! Audiobooks Unleashed was created to connect authors and narrators with new listeners. Reviews help to get audiobooks noticed, and it's a nice thing to do in exchange for a free audiobook. So let's promote the audiobook community! But no worries if you forget to review. We won't come knocking on your door, and you won't get any nagging emails from us 🙂


Reviews should be left on Audible first, and then we would love for you to add your reviews to Audiobooks Unleashed as well!

On Audiobooks Unleashed, we have our very own Verified Reviewers! These are reviewers vetted by our team as listeners who write quality reviews on the audiobooks they listen to. You can apply to become one! As a Verified Reviewer, you get access to audiobooks not available to the public, from authors and narrators who want to choose who they give their codes to. You can also become part of our ARC list, or be a beta tester for new features on Audiobooks Unleashed!

To qualify, you need to review at least ten audiobooks on Audiobooks Unleashed. These reviews should be posted on Audible and Audiobooks Unleashed.

Apply here!

That's it! You'll hear from us within a few business days.

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