Shadowed Rubies: A small-town romance featuring a doctor and a firefighter

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I’m lost in the woods. Our town’s infamous kidnapper just found me. And my apartment’s on fire with my sweet dog, Bruiser, inside.

Dr. Danica Waters had valid reasons for moving away from her quaint hometown of Brunswick Bay Harbor, Maine. 

Sexy firefighter Max Malone is a prime example of the judgmental jerks who made her want to leave and never look back.

When dire circumstances force brilliant Dani to return to the seaside village where she grew up and faced near-constant ridicule, she needs to prove that her tormentors didn’t win. Although notorious bad boy Max keeps rescuing Dr. Waters from precarious situations, the curvy stunner seems immune to his charm.

A tragic fire and the local fugitive bring Dani, Max, and their entire coastal Maine town together in surprising ways. 

Will these delightful, damaged characters be able to heal each other and embrace love, or will the dark shadows of their pasts destroy them? Find out now by listening to Shadowed Rubies.

1 review for Shadowed Rubies: A small-town romance featuring a doctor and a firefighter

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Who thought a walk in the woods in your home town would change your life? Dani is back home dealing with the death of her father and getting some quiet time goes for a hike. But is it safe in Brunswick Bay Harbor? Dani’s life is completely different after this jaunt through the woods. Not only is there danger lurking, but her old crush, Max, from high school will be there to help her out. And what she doesn’t know is his crush on her! Ann Omasta has crafted a suspenseful episode with characters from the past and romance you can’t help but fall for. Dani is an interesting character. She is pretty and smart, yet being tormented as a teen has left scars and effects her relationships. Max has a great personality, and I love how he is patient and loving with Dani. And it’s a lot of fun having the characters from the first books come and make their cameos. It’s like being part of the town. Ann Omasta continues her wonderful narration bringing it all to life! She truly gives it the sound and voices perfect for the story. It’s a great addition to this series!

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