When Hearts Collide

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He’s secretly in love with her, but she’s seeing someone else.

Amanda Adams was too busy to date in high school, so when she meets Caleb West, she is flattered that someone like him could like her. She doesn’t know that Caleb has a checkered past.

Jared Masterson has long suspected Caleb had something to do with his girlfriend, Nikki’s disappearance the previous year, but he’s never been able to prove it. When he finds out Amanda is dating Caleb, his heart drops. Not only can’t he be with her, but now he has to try and keep history from repeating itself.

This book is the first in the Heartbeats University spin-off series and is a standalone book in the Heartbeats series. A must read for mothers and daughters attending college. Don’t miss getting your copy today.

1 review for When Hearts Collide

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Amanda is starting college. She didn’t date in high school, so when she met Caleb and he took a liking to her, she was smitten. Caleb is that one guy that everyone flocks to, good looking, popular and says he is a man of faith. Jared is part of Amanda’s prayer group and has his suspicions about Caleb. This is a fantastic story of coming of age. Amanda and Caleb are both people we all know. Amanda is naïve, and wants to trust, but knows Caleb may not be the one. Caleb is that stuck up, self-indulgent brat we love to hate. It’s real, and gritty and lets us feel how faith can help you live your life and get through the worst of times and celebrate the best.

    Narrated by Ariel Troutman, it will shoot you back to that time and remind you of what is important with just an inflection in her voice. She is a wonderful narrator.

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