The Reality Bride’s Baby

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Can a reality TV marriage have a happily ever after?

Tyler and Laney met under unusual circumstances on a reality dating show, but their love was true. Now, that the fame is gone and it’s after their celebrity wedding, will their love stay strong?

This short story follows The Cowboy’s Reality Bride. While it can be read stand alone, the characters will be more dear to your heart if you read how they met first.

1 review for The Reality Bride’s Baby

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I love catching up with characters and this short lets us see Tyler and Laney after the reality TV show. The two are having a baby, and boy are they happy. But as we know, pregnancy and birth is never as expected and this short has it’s worries and smiles. I really enjoyed their journey to parenthood. Lorana Hoopes continues her narration of their story with her wonderful voice. There is nothing better than hearing the characters as you have come to know them, and she brings it all to life just as it is meant to be. I loved this quick listen.

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