Love is War (The Clans Book 5)

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I owed Mariana so much. I’d betrayed not only her, but The Clans – my country, my people; my own flesh and blood. With so much lost because of me, when Mariana gave me a chance at redemption I was quick to take it.

I was needed in the Ukraine, and so I went.

But now a vicious woman named Vera is throwing me off my game, and, despite all my preparations and all of my research, I knew nothing of this woman. She was a ghost – a nightmare – appearing from thin air to complicate things. Over time, however, I began to know her for what she was: a thug, a woman lost in her own mind, nothing but a street rat.

How on earth could I be expected to work with such a woman; what happens when you have to barter with someone like that?

I owed Mariana so much, and, though I knew nothing of her, she knew enough about me to make that impossible. She knew that I would sooner die than go back on my word.

All too quickly I’m being taught a valuable lesson by Vera: “love is war”.
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1 review for Love is War (The Clans Book 5)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    This talented team of Elizabeth Knox and Iris Sweetwater will knock your socks off with this installment of the Clans. Rhys is sent to the Ukraine for redemption. He knows he has a lot to make up for, and setting up safe and successful trade routes is the least he can do. But what he finds is that he needs allies, and who better to become friends with than Vera. Vera runs the streets and is in the prime position to influence those that Rhys needs. What he needs now is a plan. Marry her and together they can help each other. Will it work to their advantage? What a story! I was entrenched in the drug war, felt the sadness and grief of losing people, the passion igniting between Rhys and Vera and couldn’t help but love this power couple. They are fierce in their loyalties and their causes. It’s a great installment to this mafia series and I look forward to the next in the series.

    Amber Bray gives an amazing performance as she narrates this story. She has a great male voice, and gives Rhys an edginess that keeps me alpha and strong sounding. She turns on a dime and becomes Vera with strength and tenacity. She engages the story and kept me interested.

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